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FIVES: Must Hear August 2015 Releases

With the festival season reaching its climax with Hevy, Arctangent and the beast that is Reading and Leeds taking place in the coming weeks, we were spoilt for choice when it came to picking five releases to recommend for your listening pleasure this month. The likes of Frank Turner, NeckBuy Valium Sydney

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FIVES: 5 Bands That Influenced HeyRocco

With its mix of grungy guitars and slacker pop hooks, ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’, the debut album from Charleston, South Carolina trio HeyRocco, has the makings of being at the centerpiece of the current wave of 90s alt-rock revivalists. With comparisons to Weezer, Mudhoney, Pavement and Smashing Pumpkins, tracks like ‘LoserBuy Real Diazepam Uk

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FIVES: Must Hear July 2015 Releases

So we’re in the midst of a heatwave and July 2015 could prove to be a landmark month for the music industry. First there is the launch of Apple Music then on Friday July 10th, a global release date comes into place. The change will see albums simultaneously being releasedBuy Valium Europe

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FIVES: 5 Bands That Influenced Of Allies

With the release of their second EP, ‘Fragments’, Yorkshire rockers Of Allies showcase their more darker side yet build on their skill of producing anthemic songs along the way. The end result is a band with plenty of promise and potential. From listening to ‘Fragments’, it’s clear the quartet haveValium Online Canada

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