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Slam Dunk Bites: Grumble Bee

Over the coming weeks, Already Heard will be highlighting a variety of bands set to play the Slam Dunk Festival later this month. The Slam Dunk Festival covers a diverse mix of genres, alongside providing a platform for emerging bands and acts to be seen by new audiences. 12 monthsBuy Valium Sydney

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Slam Dunk Bites: Set It Off

Over the coming weeks, Already Heard will be highlighting a variety of bands set to play the Slam Dunk Festival later this month. With their latest album, ‘Upside Down’, Tampa, Florida’s Set It Off pull from a variety of pop, hip-hop and R&B influences. The end result is a slickValium Online Spain

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Slam Dunk Bites: Boston Manor

Over the coming weeks, Already Heard will be highlighting a variety of bands set to play the Slam Dunk Festival later this month. A lot can happen in 12 months for any band. For Boston Manor, the past year has been full of positives. From releasing their exceptional debut album,Valium Australia Buy

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Slam Dunk Bites: Vukovi

Over the coming weeks, Already Heard will be highlighting a variety of bands set to play the Slam Dunk Festival later this month. When you’re a band on the rise with praise coming from all sides, expectations are certainly going to grow. Nevertheless, Vukovi are full of confidence. Their self-titledBuy Real Diazepam Uk

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Interview: Slaughter To Prevail

“Without music, I would die” In music, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out from a crowd, to do something that no one else has thought of before or just not sound like every other band out there. This rule is even more relevant in the deathcore genre, whichBuy Valium Europe

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Interview: Bullet Height

Today, electronic-rock duo Bullet Height release their debut album, ‘No Atonement’. It sees Sammi Doll and Jon Courtney team up to produce a pulsating blend of industrialised electronica, hard rock, sweet melodies, with a hint of dark avant-garde. Although they call Berlin home, the path both Sammi Doll and Jon1000 Valium Cheap

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Slam Dunk Bites: Milk Teeth

Over the coming weeks, Already Heard will be highlighting a variety of bands set to play the Slam Dunk Festival later this month. Stroud quartet Milk Teeth have been earmarked as one of the UK’s most promising rock bands. Following on from appearances at festivals such as Download, Reading andValium Order Overnight Delivery

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Slam Dunk Bites: Shvpes

Over the coming weeks, Already Heard will be highlighting a variety of bands set to play the Slam Dunk Festival later this month. In the two years since making their Slam Dunk Festival debut, Birmingham’s Shvpes have gone from strength to strength with last year’s debut full-length, ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy.Buy Msj Valium Online Uk

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Interview: Dead Bars – Bar Necessities

There’s nothing straight forward about the story behind Seattle’s Dead Bars. Formed by two New Jersey natives living in Seattle, by way of semi-successful gigging bands and plenty of missed opportunities, it’s a story that breathes life into the group’s debut album, ‘Dream Gig’. It’s also a story of hard-luck,Buy Diazepam From Mexico

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Interview: Terror – Breaking Walls

“Terror is positive aggression” For more than a decade, Los Angles hardcore kings Terror have been searching for the positives in the world’s many negatives. And with their new EP, ‘The Walls Will Fall’, the quintet has continued on in this vein, and with the state of American politics atValium Online Europe

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Interview: Gojira

“I kind of enjoy the fact that we’re not the same band, we’ve always surprised people.” Today, we sit in the bowels of the o2 ABC with Gojira’s own Mario Duplantier. Despite the vast critical acclaim that has been placed upon the band since the release of the band’s latestBuy Cheap Valium Uk Online

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Interview: Code Orange

“We’re just writing music that we love and we want it to all make sense together. We’re trying to not just be a one colour band” “Took the crown and now we break it” – a particularly powerful line from the title track of ‘Forever’, the breakthrough album from PittsburghCheap Valium For Sale

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Interview: Greg Graffin

Photo Credit: Svenski – St. James “When I write a song, I want to identify something that is puzzling or interesting and try to relate it to a feeling” Punk rock legend, country music lover, author and college professor, Greg Graffin has many strings to his bow. The latest ventureValium Sales Online Uk

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Interview: Vukovi

“We’re so glad we didn’t release an album a few years ago because it would have been a disaster,” admits Vukovi vocalist Janine Shilstone, as one of Britain’s hottest new rock talents opens up to Already Heard about the imminent release of her band’s debut full length. “We didn’t wantBuy Valium Sleeping Tablets

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Interview: Sundressed

“I want people to find the hope and motivation to be the best version of themselves, and be OK with who they are and their imperfections and their flaws,” considers Sundressed’s Trevor Hedges when asked what he wants people to take from the Phoenix group’s debut full-length, ‘A Little LessValium Prices Online

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Interview: Tim Kasher

We’re sat in the deceptively large beer garden hidden behind Guildford’s Boileroom. What starts as a fresh spring evening turns into a bitterly cold night – and one in which a light windbreaker would be more use if used as fuel for a campfire. Tim Kasher’s a hardier sort though.Buy Diazepam Online Canada

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Interview: Brutality Will Prevail

“We’ll probably have a few beers after the show and sing the Welsh National Anthem in a pub somewhere. It’ll probably confuse a lot of people, but we can also represent our great nation.” It’s St. David’s day and Nick Rix, guitarist and chief songwriter of Cardiff’s most ferocious bandBuy Valium Australia

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Interview: Holding Absence

For some musicians, it can take years dropping in and out of bands to find the right chemistry with other musicians. On paper, Cardiff newcomers Holding Absence have seemingly appeared out of nowhere in a short space of time. However, as bassist James Evans explains, their formation comes after spendingOrder Cheap Valium Online

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Interview: Sorority Noise

With mental health issues seemingly pushed front and centre in today’s media, there is still no real understanding for many people of what those affected by these issues go through. With arguably their most personal album to date, Sorority Noise are a band that have never shied away from theValium Online Next Day Delivery

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