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We are incredibly pleased to stream 'Ugly', the new EP by The Sinking Feeling. Straight out
of Glasgow, the band combine 90s emo with hints of grunge and dual male/female vocals
for a tastier treat on the ears. It’s a huge wave of 90s nostalgia from this Scottish 3 piece.
After taking a break last year, Hevy Fest is back for 2014 and even though it’s downsized
from 3 days to 2, there still loads of awesome bands on offer. With over 40 bands playing
over the 2 days, there’s bound to be some clashes. Already Heard is here to give you 10
must-see bands to see at Hevy Fest next month.
Influenced by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids, Sheffield quartet O Captain have bucket loads of potential of their debut EP is anything to go from. Entitled 'Ghetto Hikes', the bands lyrical sentiment mixed with a stirring indie-pop sensibility quickly won us over. We spoke to bassist Ryan Smith to find out more about the band, their influences, what Sheffield bands we should be listening to and more.
Ww've got reviews and a whole load of live photos from UK Tech Fest 2014.
Having reached over the half way mark, July is a good time to reflect upon the smorgasbord
of great albums that have come out so far this year. Read on to find out what the Already Heard team picked as their favourite releases of the year so far.
After 2 years away, Sonisphere makes it return to the UK. Check out our full coverage of the festival.
In the latest edition of our "Industry Insight" feature, we speak to Jake Round as his label,
Pure Noise Records, celebrates it's 5th anniversary.

New Trash Boat Video (‘Boneless’)

Emerging pop-punks Trash Boat have followed up the release of their recent 'Look Alive' EP by releasing the music video for 'Boneless'.

Click read more to view the video, or head on over to Punktastic.

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The Damned and The BossHoss to Support Motörhead on november UK Dates

The Damned and The BossHoss have been announced as support for Motörhead's short UK run in November.

Tue 04 02 Apollo, Manchester
Thu 06 NIA, Birmingham
Sat 08 SSE Arena, London

Foo Fighters Announce UK Return; Set To Headline Invictus Games Closing Concert

Foo Fighters will make their long overdue return to the UK on Sunday September 14th, as they will headline the Jaguar Land Rover Invictus Games Closing Concert, which will take place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

Joining Dave Grohl and company will be Kaiser Chiefs, Ellie Goulding, Ryan Adams, The Vamps, Rizzle Kicks, James Blunt, Diversity and Miltary Wives Choirs.

The Invictus Games was launched earlier this year by Prince Harry and is designed for wounded soldiers from around the world to compete in various sports over 4 days (September 10th - 14th).

Tickets for the Invictus Games Closing Concert go on sale on Friday 1st August at 9am and are priced at £49.

You Me At Six Premier ‘Room To Breathe’ Video

You Me At Six have premiered their new music video for 'Room To Breathe' and can be viewed after the jump below.

It is the fourth single to be taken from the bands latest album, 'Cavalier Youth' and the single is set to be released on 1st September. Fans can pre-order the single here.

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Lonely The Brave cover Bjork’s ‘All Is Full of Love’

With the release of their much anticipated debut album now just over a month away, Lonely The Brave have posted a video of them before a cover of Bjork's 'All Is Full of Love'.

It is the latest video from the bands series of videos recorded at Angel Studios in London.

The video can be viewed by clicking read more or on NME.

'The Day’s War’ will be released on 1st September through Hassle Records.

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Minus The Bear Set to Release Rarities LP in the UK through BSM

Minus The Bear have revealed plans to release a collection of previously unreleased material through Big Scary Monsters in the UK and Europe on October 6th.

The LP is titled 'Lost Loves' and is made up of 10 tracks rare recorded over the past 7 years.

01 Electric Rainbow
02 Surf-N-Turf
03 Broken China
04 Walk On Air
05 Patiently Waiting
06 Cat Calls & Ill Means
07 Invented Memory
08 South Side Life
09 Your Private Sky
10 The Lucky Ones

Acoda Announce September UK Dates with Death and the Penguin and Weathered Hands

Following on from their superb set at UK Tech Fest earlier this month, Acoda have announced they will be touring the UK in September.

Support comes from Death and the Penguin and Weathered Hands.

5th Corby - Rocked Up @ Cafe Con
6th Wakefield - Wakefield 23
7th Dundee - Buskers Bar
8th Aberdeen - Downstairs
9th Edinburgh - The Electric Circus
10th London - The Islington
11th Tunbridge Wells - Forum
12th Sheffield - Corporation
13th Bridgend Wales - Hobos
14th Portsmouth - Drift Bar Southsea
15th Southampton - Joiners

Already Heard Track Guide: A New Day - Forever Tonight

In the latest edition of our "Already Heard Track Guide", we catch up with emerging Essex pop-rockers A New Day as they talk us through their new EP - 'Forever Tonight'.

The three track release sees the light of day next week, and sees the young band continue their growth with lead single 'Boyfriend' being an insatiable, radio-friendly number that is certain to attract fans of bands like All Time Low.

To give you a better impression of what to expect from 'Forever Tonight', here’s the bands guide to the EP.

The track is like a fragmented old memory brought back to life with a lighting bolt. We wrote the song in parts and it has the same lyrical theme and it was pieced together like it was meant too. We happen to stumble on this theme and the music just flowed. ‘Boyfriend’ came upon us like an exposed nerve, it was fast pain and very strong! This song has a lot of emotion which we tried to catch - whilst still staying with our own identity.

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Album Review: Within the Ruins - Phenomena

Taking into mind Within The Ruin's high regard with metalcore fans worldwide and the success of previous album 'Elite', there’s sure to be a sizeable mob of followers who would strongly contend with every blow i’m about to deliver to this band. But music is subjective of course. And this album just so happens to be my personal hell.

From the sheer speed and progressive tendencies of WTR's fourth album it's fair to say that, for the large part, the Massachusetts quartet are undeniably capable musicians from a strictly technical point of view. But from the overly gated guitar chops to the indiscernible screaming to the constant goat-fuck of programmed kick pedal, glitches and bleeps ripping into your ears like a hacked off pitbull, nothing about this album feels organic or original.

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Album Review: Crown The Empire - The Resistance: Rise of the Runaway

Dallas six-piece Crown The Empire have had to take the step of building upon a commercially successful debut album that crept into multiple charts and earned them a place on this year’s Warped Tour. Although a concept album, such as ‘The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways’, has the potential to be weak and drag on, sometimes not actually following a story, this 13-track concept album has been carefully crafted under the watchful eye of producer Dan Korneff (most notable for his work with MCR, Pierce the Veil). Crown The Empire have undoubtedly stepped up to the plate with this album, building upon the success of their sophomore effort.

‘The Resistance…’ opens with ‘A Call to Arms (Act I)’, with its dark spoken voice. This track highlights the growing maturity of the band with their clever deployment of synthesisers and choir vocals to add emotion and tension to the track. It is too often seen with metalcore for bands to simply attach synths that sound out of place rather than complementing the other instruments, yet this is not the case here. By the end of the track we are given a flavour of the vicious guitars and screaming vocals symbolising a literal “call to arms”.

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Album Review: Colt 45 - The Tide Is Turning

With a name like Colt 45, you might expect this band to deliver something powerful, energetic and maybe even something with enough forward momentum that it might bowl you over. Alternatively, you could be hoping for material as good as the Afroman classic of the same name. Once you hear new album ‘The Tide Is Turning’ however, you’ll know it is anything but, as you vow to never let linguistic similarity get the better of you again.

Colt 45 has managed to craft 38 minutes of some of the most painfully generic rock in recent times. Full to the brim with unoriginal, uninspired power chord riffs, it would be easy for this album to pass you over. Sadly, it’s so overwhelmingly vapid it’s actually capable of being noticed and heard above the groans it should induce on anyone with functional ears.

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Album Review: Versus You - Moving On

As soon as the opening moments of Verses You’s fourth album ‘Moving On’ kicks in, it immediately brings to mind the bratty sun-soaked bay area punk scene that produced such luminary acts as Green Day among many others. It seems, however, that sounds can be deceptive, as Versus You are now the one thing that this writer can name to have originated in the tiny western European nation of Luxembourg.

How a punk band quite this catchy, or composed have, not broken out of their homeland to enjoy recognition here in the UK, or further abroad, is a bit of a mystery. One thing is for certain though, the band’s attitude, substance and hook laden classic punk sound makes for a perfect soundtrack for the glorious heatwave that we are currently enjoying. Every track on offer here may not be particularly long or complex, but every single one grabs your inner punk kid firmly by the scruff of the neck and makes it want to bounce up and down like a crazy person for every distortion drenched euphoric moment.

The frenetic if oddly named ‘If The Camels Die, We Die’ provides an early powerchord driven highlight as is the super bouncy ‘A Way With Words’. ‘On The Town’ joyfully hammers home the importance of however dull your hometown may be to still live life to the full and enjoy every available moment. ‘Be Better Than Me’ provides a rare reflective moment, eulogising on using loss to inspire yourself to be the best person you can be, before ‘Skinny and Distracted’ takes a punchy if conflicted sideswipe at modern values of attractiveness and body image.

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Already Heard Recommends: The Sun Never Set

With elements of post-hardcore, post-metal and metalcore, the debut EP from The Sun Never Set is one of the most solid and thorough releases of its type we’ve heard all year. From the opening moments of the self-titled effort, the London five-piece showcase a raw, powerful style that is brilliantly combined with passion and ambience. Lead off single 'One Drop of Blood and We'll All See Red' demonstrates exactly what TSNS are all about; structured chaos with subtle atmospheric moments that adds to the bands sheer force.

Despite forming in early 2013, TSNS have allowed themselves to grow and find their feet as a band before releasing their debut release. Now with 'The Sun Never Set' set to see the light of day in early August, TSNS have a bright future ahead of them if they’re to continue producing songs as good as 'Valiant' and 'Wildcard'.

To find out more about their beginnings, the debut EP and how they treat their music as therapy, Already Heard recently caught up with vocalist Luke Tyson.

Already Heard: To start with, can you tell us who you are and your role in the band?
Luke: My name is Luke Tyson and I am the vocalist of The Sun Never Set.

AH: Ok let’s get the usual stuff out the way. How did The Sun Never Set come together?
Luke: The Sun Never Set came about when Joey, [former guitarist] Callum and I moved to London from our hometown of Lancaster. We had previously been in a band together in our hometown, and were actually planning on going our separate ways musically when we got to London. However, I met Tom (guitarist) on my first day of university and we just hit it off from day one. I told the guys about Tom and we all decided to meet up and jam some demos and riffs Tom had already written, and it all just clicked so perfectly. The same week I met Pavel (guitarist) at the Blessthefall gig in Camden, who was eager to join a band having left his home-country Lithuania, and so The Sun Never Set came to be.

We spent about 6 months working on demos and figuring out our sound and each other as musicians, and just as it was all coming together and what would be about half of the EP was written, we found out Callum wouldn’t be coming back to London after the summer. This was probably the hardest time any of us have had in a band so far since we’re all like brothers, and Callum is the youngest one. We kept working and looking for a new guitarist, but really didn’t want to replace Callum with somebody who didn’t get our style and the feeling behind the music. So after a while of weighing it up we decided that the best idea for us as friends and the music was to bring Pavel off bass and onto guitar, and Ell Pratt onto bass for us. Since Ell is Tom’s brother we knew him anyway; he had never really played bass, but we just didn’t care, we needed the band to be a unit to keep it going and so far so good.

AH: From hearing the self-titled EP, your sound is deeply rooted in post-hardcore and metalcore. How would describe your sound to new listeners?
Luke: I’d probably have to say we’re an emotional metal band. We can be heavy and fast paced in places and also stripped down to our bare bones. Plus, we’ve also got some quality hooks if I do say so myself.

AH: Who do you consider as influences?
Luke: We’re all into various elements of metal and rock and I think it comes out in our sound. We’re into bands like Architects, Devil Sold His Soul, Brand New, Dillinger Escape Plan, Letlive., A Lot Like Birds, Basement, While She Sleeps, Comeback Kid and Touché Amoré.

AH: Some bands release their debut EP within 6 months of being together. You’ve taken 18 months. Is there any reason for this?
Luke: We decided we wanted to work on our sound and figure out exactly where we were going before we released an EP. We’ve definitely written an album worth of songs, but the first few were kind of thrown together just to get practicing and as we started understanding each other more, the sound developed. It would have taken a lot less time but with losing Callum and studying, we just taken it slow and let the songs grow organically.

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Album Review: Anberlin - Lowborn

'Lowborn' will be the last prize from Florida band Anberlin. The record will pay homage to their avid fan-base which have followed them since their inception in 2002. The members of the act will go on to create more instrumental music and it’s great they’re not bowing out forever.

The music is everything. Anberlin have never suppressed their sound to fit the mould, they’ve embraced their opuses with the same sincerity and drive. The haunting vocals and powerful riffs have lit the minds of many people. Style and proper attributes and talent have certainly cemented the band as frontrunners in their genre.

'Lowborn' is a record that is calm at times then it rallies home the nails. It’s colossal and euphoric, personal and pessimistic. There are cries, there are emotional bellows. The band tap into new sounds and they experiment enforcing monumental key notes.

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Album Review: You Blew It! - You Blue It

Weezer’s self-titled 1994 release needs no real introduction. Nicknamed 'The Blue Album', it’s responsible for sparking the careers of hundred bands, You Blew It! included. So it seems fitting that during the 20th anniversary of the album’s release that You Blew It! chose to release a covers EP of songs from that iconic album.

Of course it can be a tough challenge to cover such well known songs, so You Blew It! have played it safe. There’s no ‘Buddy Holly’ or ‘Sweater Song’ here, instead they’ve stuck to album tracks ‘Surf Wax America’, ‘In the Garage’, ‘Only in Dreams’,My Name is Jonas’ and a B-Side, ‘Suzanne’.

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