Feature: "If I..." with SIRS - Already Heard
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Feature: “If I…” with SIRS

Having released their new self-titled album released this week on Topshelf Records, New York punk band SIRS provide a scrappy, energetic sound that is at home alongside their label mates. The band consists of Justin Jurgens, Dave Benton, Kyle Seely and Hart Seely. 

With split releases alongside Chalk Talk and run, WALK! under their belt, the full-length is an explosive assault of rugged, screeching punk rock. This summer the band will be touring the US with Spook Houses.

Already Heard recently caught a quick word with SIRS to see what song they would re-record, what they would be doing other than music and more. 

If I could re-record one song it would be…
SIRS: “Beaver Fever” off our first split 7”. We like the song, but that recording just doesn’t sound very good at all. Also we play it a lot different now than we did when we recorded it.

If I could re-live one tour/show it would be…
SIRS: Sirs/Spook Houses Summer 2012 baby (it hasn’t happened yet)! We got a ton of awesome shows lined up for this summer including a few festivals with bands we all really like, and it’s with our best buds Spook Houses. It’s gonna be a really good time for sure.

If I could play with one band it would be…
SIRS: I really don’t know. We’ve been so lucky to play with as many awesome bands as we already have, and I don’t want to throw out some crazy name.

If I could bring back any band that have split up, it would be…
SIRS: We all grew up listening to Bear Vs. Shark so that could be cool, but they’re half reincarnated in Bars of Gold, who we got the chance to play with last year (and it ruled so much). Probably them or The Marked Men.

If I wasn’t playing music, I would be…
SIRS: Brewing beer (drinking beer), going to school still.

If I could play a different genre it would be…
SIRS: 80’s electro-pop.

If I could have written any song it would be…
SIRS: ‘Tears of Rage’ by Bob Dylan.

If I could have written any album it would be…
SIRS: ‘In Casino Out’ At The Drive-In.

If I could play any other instrument, it would be…
SIRS: I mostly just want to learn to sweep pick on guitar.

'SIRS' by SIRS is available now on Topshelf Records.

SIRS links: Facebook|Bandcamp

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