Live Review: Bangers, Slingshot Dakota, The Static Age, Calvinball & Caves – The Bay Horse, Manchester - 13/08/12 - Already Heard
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Live Review: Bangers, Slingshot Dakota, The Static Age, Calvinball & Caves – The Bay Horse, Manchester - 13/08/12

Despite Model Radio pulling out and a late start, tonight’s DIY show is a classic example of how such mishaps are miniscule in comparison to the solid positive performances from tonight’s roster of great punk bands.

Kicking things off on the double are the brilliant Caves from Bristol who deliver a fuzzy buzz of indie punk melodies. The toing and throwing vocal harmonies of bassist Minty and Guitarist Lou provide an enjoyable tight set. They have provided a brilliant head turner of a performance and awakened the anticipation for the night ahead.

As we go further into the early parts of tonight’s show, Sheffield pop punkers Calvinball provide the gruff melodies that produce mixed feelings of being rather enjoyable one minute but quite tedious the next. As well as a few sing alongs from a few fans, the band plays a slurry entertaining cover of ‘Pacifier’ by Kid Dynamite. They are a fun band to drink to but there are tints of sloppiness creeping in; a bit more polish and we could have something.

Speaking of polish, The Static Age play a superb stand out set of well-trimmed post punk with such ease that it’s impossible to find anything wrong about them. There’s a Dischordesque ethic to them that just creates a sense of something hidden and mysterious, music that is just full of artistic brilliance but has a clean edge like a sharply smooth knife. In other words, there’s more to them than meets the eye; casually terrific stuff.

Due to loss of time, Bangers kindly agree to swap sets with headliners Slingshot Dakota who couldn’t be more happier to be able to play an uncut set to their audience who show nothing short of a warm welcome to the indie pop duo who have come a long way from home.  By the first key note and beat of the drum, you can immediately tell that a marvellous sight and sound of hooking melodies will float around the small room. Carly Comando’s voice is so soothing that it just soars into the air taking everyone’s ears with it; with the aid of drummer Tom Patterson helps to slam this symphony into the air with such firm force that it’s hard to smile in this beautiful aura.

Having become the band to end tonight’s set at the last minute seems so straight forward to Cornish trio Bangers that it helps to fulfil the promise that tonight has been an enjoyable one through and through. Power gruff charging through a blistering tight set of catchy punk choruses, Bangers truly define how they are one of the best bands in the UK punk scene right now. Playing a mix of old and more recent material including ‘Good Livin’ and ‘Making Friends,’ the band with the aid of some charismatic fans help to close tonight’s set with pure alcoholic glee.


Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooranloohan)

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