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Album Review: Freeze The Atlantic - Speakeasy

Now then… a super group of sorts, you say? I think we should dismiss that altogether! I mean, how dehumanising to these musicians that we expect so much from them due to past experiences, that we expect them to be bloody brilliant and even better if they’re British and that we want them to write an album that’s a pretty decent debut with plenty of hooks and even moments that reminisce of their past bands! It makes me sick.

However (yes, however) I’ll let you off this time, just because it’s you. ‘Speakeasy’ by Freeze The Atlantic is a pretty decent debut with plenty of hooks and even moments that reminisce of their past bands. Oh, and those past bands are Hundred Reasons and Reuben. Got your attention? Of course it has. Let’s progress, shall we?

I’m pointing out now that I’m a big Reuben fan and (unfortunately, but will rectify it very, very soon) haven’t really heard Hundred Reasons. Still, I can hear the Reuben-esque influences within 'Speakeasy' with tracks like 'Le Track' with it’s absolutely thunderous intro and 'Loses All The Romance' with that opening riff that darts between the high and low ends of those guitar necks, with the second verse slimming it down to just drums and that bass tone that scream ‘REUBEN!’

Despite these obviously beautiful moments I want you to forget that Freeze The Atlantic boast all these former talents. It’s a fact that isn’t really a necessary thing to know when listening to music and will only make you presume and judge something beforehand. The point I’m making is that we should regard this as a new band because they are! New minds melding together, jamming, throwing around ideas and hopes and all of this passion.

With this in mind, it is a pretty good debut. It’s got light and heavy moments, it’s got choruses that you’re going to sing along to and moments where your head’s going to bop along and that. It’s still a debut though and with that there’s plenty the band can build on as they’re craft out their own sound and shake off this ‘supergroup’ malarky. Oh, and this is a British band. There’s certainly a British charm effortlessly floating about in there. I mean, another British band for us to boast about?! Well I’m pretty damn pleased about that as always.

Now then… a super group of sorts, you say? We should dismiss that altogether. Freeze The Atlantic are there own band and when listening to ‘Speakeasy’ it sounds like they’re here to stay.


'Speakeasy' by Freeze The Atlantic is out on Alcopop! Records on the 17th September.

Freeze The Atlantic links: Facebook|Twitter|YouTube|Bigcartel

Words by Mikey Brown (@MikeyMiracle)

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