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Next week Philadelphia indie punks The Menzingers release, 'Rented World,' one of the
highly anticipated records of 2014 so far. In parts, it picks up where 2012's 'On The
Impossible Past' left off but it also shows the bands growth as songwriters and musicians. We recently spoke to Greg Barnett to discuss the album, the pressure of following up 'On The Impossible Past', their forthcoming London show and the Grozerock Festival.
Despite only forming last year, Essex rockers New City Kings have already gathered plenty of attention from their debut EP - 'Change.' Their radio-friendly rock sound that has seen them compared to a range of bands; Foo Fighters, Deaf Havana, and The Gaslight Anthem.
Already Heard spoke to Mark Kovic to find out more about New City Kings.

With their return to the UK imminent, the latest edition of "Versus" sees us putting the
focus on Alkaline Trio. Self-confessed Trio MEGA fan Jay Sullivan tells us why 'From
Here to Infirmary' is the band’s finest work. Whilst Alex Phelan explains how 'Maybe
I'll Catch Fire' is a superb example of musical catharsis.
12 months from releasing their debut EP, we speak to Blackpool pop-punk/emo
quintet Boston Manor to discuss their influences, achievements so far and thoughts on their contemporaries.
With their latest EP 'Change Nothing, Regret Everything.', Woking five-piece Employed
To Serve have produced 12 minutes of frantic, unrelenting hardcore that finds the band somewhere between The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Chariot. We spoke to Justine from the band to find out how the band has transitioned from a duo to a quintet and she discussed
being part of the Holy Roar! roster, they chaotic yet contained live shows and more.
In the latest edition of our "Tour Tales" feature, Irish doom-punk band Hornets talk us
through their recent UK tour where they played 8 shows in 7 days.
Leeds-based four-piece Walleater are set to digitally release their debut self titled EP next Monday (14th April) through Close To Home Records. We've got the exclusive first play
right here on Already Heard.
As festival season fast approaches, a wealth of notable album releases are happening
in the coming months. We take a look at five must hear releases for April.
This edition of SFTW includes a heavily hyped Canadian punk band, a Philadelphian
lo-fi emo band and a brand new punk rock trio from the States who have recently released their first song.
In the first edition of our new "Industry Insight" feature, we talk to producer Lewis Johns
to find out his beginnings, his recent work with Funeral For A Friend, and Southampton's
Ranch Production House.

Feature: Southsea Fest 2012 - 10 Must-See Bands

Traditionally September would mark the end of festival season but, with the emergence of Southsea Fest and WTFest! The South Coast can enjoy another month of live music and brilliant party atmospheres. This weekend see’s Albert Road in Southsea become a true melting pot of music with 14 stages, many constructed where you’d least expect it. With so much on offer it’s too easy to only catch 10 to 15 minutes of somethings and nothing of others so a plan is necessary. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Well not to worry, because here’s a few recommendations… 

Cycle Schmeichel
Cycle Schmeichel are a two piece who formed in 2009 whose rare live shows have gained them a slightly cultish following. They play a noisy brand of indie/punk/emo and their graphics are always lovely. 

Where and When: The Fat Fox, 12.40

El Morgan
El Morgan plays country influenced folk with a captivating amount of honesty. Having caught her playing the gatehouse at Wtfest earlier this month I can confidently say that she can make even the most open environment feel intimate.  El is also one quarter of Livers And Lungs.

Where and When: One Eyed Dog, 14.05

Rex Domino
Rex Domino is the hip hop/poetry side project of Portsmouth’s Huw Olesker. Mixing social commentary with varied beats, Huw brings a youthful edge to the proceedings and gets people thinking with his street smart lyrics and sarcasm.

Where and When: magick bean cafe, 15.45

Our Time Down Here
Our Time Down Here started off as a youth crew style hardcore band before evolving into the gothic Alkaline Trio - meets - early AFI entity you see today. With two exceptional full-lengths and a good few years of touring behind them, expect a high energy show and plenty of gang vocals whilst discovering one of the souths best kept secrets.

Where and When: The Loft, 16.45

Lucky Ones Die First
Lucky Ones Die First play fast, angry punk rock. If this set is anything like their album release show then anyone who sticks around for these guys are in for a treat.

Where and When: The Loft, 17.30

Huw Olesker & The Bare Backers
If you’ve never seen Huw Olesker & The Bare Backers before then let me sum them up in one word: Fun. Last time they played Southsea Fest they had a crowd of around twenty. By the end of the set the print store had filled to bursting point with people dancing with shoes on their hands whilst others watched from the street. Don’t miss them!

Where and When: The Wedgewood Rooms, 18.00.

Witch Cult
Witch Cult make powerviolence as dark as their name suggests. Crushing rifts, intense vocals and mountains of feedback awaits anyone who sticks around for the Bournemouth based seven piece.

When and When: The Loft, 19.00.

Great Cynics
Great Cynics (formerly known as… Cynics) should be common knowledge to you all by now. Years of playing as many shows as possible (both as a solo artist and a three piece) has helped them form a large grass roots fan base and with the follow up to their debut album 'Don't Need Much' awaiting release who knows what 2013 holds for them?

Where and When: One Eyed Dog, 19.15

Vales have had a fantastic year with their debut EP earning five represses and their current EP 'Clarity' being released by Tangled Talk Records. Their raw lyrics and no bullshit attitude has won the hearts of many (as their live shows show) so this promises to be an explosive set.

When and When: The Loft, 21.30.

Bastions hail from the top of Wales. Shortly after forming in 2009 they released their debut EP Kingdom of Dogs and followed it up in 2010 with the 'Island Living' 7”. 2011 saw the release of their debut album 'Hospital Corners.' The ten songs on offer blew all the nay sayers away with its refusal to be musically defined and intelligent lyrics. Time to limber up, because The Loft won’t know what hit it.

Where and When: The Loft, 22.20.

Southsea Fest 2012 takes place on September 15th 2012.

Further information can at SouthseaFest.com and on Facebook.

Words by Richard Heaven 

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