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Album Review: In Fear And Faith - In Fear And Faith

Post-hardcore rockers In Fear and Faith are known for their classic hardcore elements, theatrical piano and dramatic vocals, and all around epic sound, have released their fourth full length, ‘In Fear and Faith,’ is the first release with original band member Jarred DeArmas since the band’s split with the then-singer-now-bassist in 2007.

Since their last release in 2010, In Fear and Faith has made line-up changes that include making Scott Barnes the clean singer and screamer. This element is an incredible asset to the band and makes every track dynamic and different. The contrast between Barnes’ screaming and singing bleeds into the rest of the elements in the band, and this marriage between the hardcore elements and the softer dramatic piano and clean vocals is really what makes this album great.

‘A Silent Drum’ is an example of this marriage of sounds, with soft moments that reflect the restraint the band displays. One moment, Barnes will be singing a catchy melody and the next he will absolutely explode with a powerful scream.

Another example of the band’s talent in contrast is in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, which has gritty, dirty sounding drums and guitars that lends it to a dark sound with the screaming really taking control. And then, cheesy as it is, Barnes parts the dark clouds with his clear, dramatic voice and brightens the song.

Piano doesn’t usually get much time to shine in this style of music – the guitars and drums usually overshadow anything more delicate. This is not the case in ‘In Fear And Faith’, taking this to the next level by including a four-minute track of pure piano. ‘Enigma’ is classical piano with a twist, but is undeniably beautiful, simple, and emotional. Not only does it show how much talent this band has, but how much confidence they have in their sound to be able to include this non-traditional track amidst screaming and intense drums and guitars.

It’s hard to pick the best track on this album. It is extremely well written, and you can tell how much time and thought into each song and even to the album as a whole. No track sounds like any other, and each is placed perfectly to balance out the heavier from the more theatrical, and nothing is heavy handed. It takes a long time for a band to get to this point, and ‘In Fear And Faith’ proves that this band has staying power and will continue to produce creative and complex music.


'In Fear And Faith' by In Fear And Faith is out now on Rise Records.

In Fear And Faith links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jenny Gagas.

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