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This week Canterbury emo-rock four piece Moose Blood release their debut full-length.
Entitled 'I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time', the record contains eleven songs that
wear their hearts on their sleeves and is wrapped in a plethora of catchy hooks. We spoke to two fourths of the band as drummer Glenn Harvey and bassist Kyle Todd discussed the
album, working with Beau Burchell, joining up with No Sleep Records, and more.
The new EP from Manchester's Hora Douse, 'Crash' is streaming right here on Already Heard. Give it a listen and relive those older days when post hardcore could be a little bit twangly.
Last month we were spoilt for choice when it came to picking our must hear releases for September, and October is no different. Find out what the Already Heard team picked out as their five essential releases for October.
On Monday November 3rd, Midland hardcore punk band We Fight Like Kids release their
debut EP, 'Superficial Behaviour'. However we're premiering their new video for 'Falconer' right here on Already Heard.
For Scottish quartet Alburn, their latest EP ('Mouthful of Glass') has been a longtime coming. Having undergone a slight line-up since their formation in 2007, 'Mouthful of Glass'
showcases a significant amount of growth and maturity. We spoke to Pete Duthie to ask him about the bands background, that inevitable Brand New comparison, the Scottish music
scene and more.
On first listen we fell in love Noyo Mathis and knew that 'Endure' needed to be heard. It's post hardcore meets emo meets indie meets math rock. Take a listen to the full EP right here.
Without a doubt Neck Deep are one of this years breakout bands. After kicking off the year
with the release of their debut LP, 'Wishful Thinking', the Wrexham pop-punk five piece
haven’t stopped touring since. From festival appearances throughout the UK and Europe to 2 months in North America as part of the Vans Warped Tour. We caught up with vocalist Ben Barlow and bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans at the Leeds Festival. They discussed their past festival experiences, supporting Blink-182, their up and coming UK headline tour and being
“leaders” of the UK pop-punk movement.

Already Heard Tour Tales: My Extraordinary - September 2014 UK Tour

Last month Newcastle Upon Tyne rockers My Extraordinary follow dup the release of their debut mini-abut, 'The World We Live In' with a short tour round the UK.

For the five date tour, the band grabbed their cameras and documented their time on the road especially for Already Heard.

It was amazing getting back out on the road after not playing any shows in so long. Seeing people come to the shows was incredible and we’re so thankful! We kept a diary of the tour for Already Heard… We hope you enjoy!

'The World We Live In ' by My Extraordinary is out now.

My Extraordinary links: Facebook|Twitter

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Live Photos: Blitz Kids - The Garage, London - 09/10/2014

Photos by Connie Taylor Photography.

Live Photos: Natives - The Garage, London - 09/10/2014

Photos by Connie Taylor Photography.

Already Heard Recommends: Flights

In this day and age it’s far too easy to pigeonhole bands into a certain genre or “scene” however for Flights that is not the case. Their debut full-length, 'History Be Kind' proves to be an expansive collection that varies between angular moments (see 'The Ghost of Things'), melodic bursts ('Yellow Bentines') and the occasional hint of post-rock. By combining various elements, 'History Be Kind' is a captivating listen that is layered and smartly produced. At times it overwhelms you and you can’t help but applaud the quartet for they’ve achieved on the course of ten songs.

To find out more about 'History Be Kind', we quizzed Joel Pearce from the band. He discussed the making of the record, bot being tied down to a certain genre, and more.

AH: Hi. For starters can you introduce yourself and your role in Flights?
Joel: Hey, I’m Joel and I sing and play guitar in Flights.

AH: For those who haven’t heard of Flights before, can you bring us up to speed on the bands history and your sound?
Joel: We formed back in 2009 after meeting through school, university and various friends. We then released a self-titled EP in 2011, a few singles in 2012, and the rest of our time has been spent touring or writing and recording our debut album.

I don’t know if we’ve got a particular ‘sound,’ just drums, bass, big distorted guitars, cleaner guitars and some singing.

AH: Let’s move on to the album - 'History Be Kind'. This is your debut album that has been a longtime in the making. How does it feel to finally get it out there?
Joel: Yeah it’s a relief! Like you said it’s been a long time in the making so we’re just excited to finally be putting it out. I’d like to say that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this album…but it’s mainly been tears.

AH: In comparison to previous releases, how has the band grown on 'History Be Kind'?
Joel: Well for a start we’re all five years older (sadly no wiser) than when we first started writing so our tastes have changed. That’s definitely filtered down into our music. On ‘History Be Kind’ we tried to expand upon what we’d already done on previous releases without aping them. We also wanted to focus more on melody than we had in previous releases, be it a vocal line or a guitar motif – we didn’t want to throw something in just because we could, we wanted to it compliment the song.

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Exclusive EP Stream: Hora Douse - Crash


Alternative rock in an early Biffy vein with a Mancunian twang and a dash of pop punk thrown in because always there for good measure; hello then, by this description, to Hora Douse.

Their latest EP 'Crash' is streaming here on Already Heard, just below these here paragraphs. Give it a listen and relive those older days when post hardcore could be a little bit twangly. Be sure to let ourselves and the trio know what you think of 'Crash' and make sure to check them out live as we’ve heard it’s an even better occasion!

And of course, you can pre-order the very EP here.

'Crash' by Hora Douse is out on 20th October.

Hora Douse links: Facebook|Twitter

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Already Heard Recommends: Ocasan

For Buckinghamshire pop rock trio Ocasan they decided to take a different route with their latest album. Entitled 'Elixir', they decided to release in over a series of three EP’s and they’ve just released the final instalment - 'Confessions'.

Whilst 'London Town' and 'Whitey Two Step' came off as upbeat and, to an extent, light hearted, 'Confessions' takes a more direct alt rock approach with the title track, along with songs such as 'Invincible' and 'Dark Cloud' coming across as more edgy than previous releases.

Despite completing the 'Elixir' series, Ocasan have already begun work on their next record. We hope it picks up where 'Confessions' left off; big choruses and strong riffs endlessly on repeat.

To find out more about 'Confessions' and 'Elixir', Already Heard spoke to drummer Luke McDonnell. He discussed the advantage of releasing new music regularly, how the concept came together and more.

Already Heard: Hi. Can you introduce yourself and your role in Ocasan?
Luke: My name’s Luke, I’m the drummer in Ocasan. Like many other bands out there I also do the artwork, music videos, tour managing, songwriting, merchandise etc etc. There aren’t enough hours in the day but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

AH: The band has been together since 2007. Can you give us a brief history about Ocasan?
Luke: We met in Bath in a rehearsal studio and began writing immediately. We’ve probably written enough material to release about 8 albums now. We’ve officially released 2 solid records that we’re very proud of. We’ve toured around the world and had some of the most insane experiences together.

Having lived all over the country we’re now based above the Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes. We live in the hotel above the bar and help out with the recording studio and music venue that are all part of the mighty Craufurd empire! This place is the nuts, there’s never a dull moment - I strongly recommend a visit.

AH: 'Confessions' is the final part of a three EP series called 'Elixir'. Can you tell us how the concept came together?
Luke: We decided to release it this way in order for fans to slowly digest the whole album over a year. This way every song has its chance to shine.

The model has worked really well and not only has our exposure rocketed but we’ve sold 10 times as many units compared with releasing it as one solid record.

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Live Review: Me Vs Hero, Roam and Hometown Hero - Red Room, Nottingham - 22/09/2014

imageWhilst the Red Room isn’t the biggest of venues for a show hosting two of the most promising UK pop-punk bands, it’s the ideal setting. Local openers Hometown Hero begin the night off with an impressive display. Musically they showcased plenty of drive whereas vocalist Kayleigh Kokkinos was equally impressive but at times was not loud enough. Although the band packed out their set with a couple of cover; a straightforward rendition of Neck Deep’s ‘Part of Me’ and an high-tempo take on ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, I walked off taking note and will keep an ear out for the band’s future activity. (2.5)

The main support for this run of shows is Roam. Depending who or what you believe, then you might know this five-piece are tipped to do good things in the coming months, and despite tonight’s small turnout, they’re still able to back it up. At first they come off as your standard (The) Story So Far type, however, having played throughout the UK and Europe in recent months, the young band win us over with a fiery and energetic display. With vocalists Alex Costello and Alex Adam sharing duties throughout, Roam blast their way through tracks from their first two EP’s and give us a preview of their next EP. From start to finish it is urgency that the crowd and also the band feed off, and leaves us with the feeling that Roam are ones to watch out for. (3.5/5)

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Already Heard Video Exclusive: We Fight Like Kids - Falconer (Lyric Video)

On Monday November 3rd, Midland hardcore punk band We Fight Like Kids release their debut EP, 'Superficial Behaviour', but today we have an exclusive premier of one of it’s track.

Already Heard has teamed up with the band to premier the lyric video for the EP’s opening tack - 'Falconer'.

'Superficial Behaviour' by We Fight Like Kids is released on 3rd November.

We Fight Like Kids links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|YouTube

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Already Heard Recommends: Alburn

For Scottish quartet Alburn, their latest EP ('Mouthful of Glass') has been a longtime coming. Having undergone a slight line-up since their formation in 2007, 'Mouthful of Glass' marks the bands first release since 2012’s 'Engines'. The four-track release showcases a significant amount of growth and maturity with tracks such as 'The Nurses Can’t Help Me' and the title track displaying the bands versatility.

The band, made up of original members Pete Duthie and Gee MacPhee and recent recruits Danny Kelly and Christopher Hunter, are certainly fans of American emo-infused alt rock bands like Brand New, Balance and Composure, and Thrice yet 'Mouthful of Glass' also displays the bands passion with the end result being a captivating release that leaves a strong impression and plenty of promise for the future.

We spoke to Pete Duthie to query him about the bands background, that inevitable Brand New comparison, working with Neil Kennedy at The Ranch in Southampton, the burgeoning Scottish music scene and more.

Already Heard: For starters can I get your name and role in Alburn?
Pete: My name is Pete and I play guitar and share vocals with Gee.

AH: I know the band has been together for a number of years. Can you bring up to date with the history of Alburn?
Pete: Alburn started off as a name I’d use to post up tunes on (RIP) that I’d recorded in my flat in Edinburgh. That was around 2007 and just after myself and Gee’s childhood band had ceased. We started playing shows on and off for a few years with our old drummer and got to experience some pretty awesome things. In 2012 Gee and I got a bit restless, so we recorded and released the ‘Engines EP’ with our friend Tom Mitchell, in our hometown of Perth. Sean Campbell (Thin Privilege, In Wrecks) was kind enough to fill in on drums. After recruiting Danny and Chris on Drums and Bass at the start of 2013 we then started taking things a bit more seriously - we played a fair number of shows in 2013 including a couple of local festivals, then began writing for the new EP. We researched a few different studios but after hearing the Departures record and some other stuff he’d done, we settled on Neil Kennedy at The Ranch. It also happened to be the other side of the country… so we did our thing there and that pretty much brings us up to where we are now! Released ‘Mouthful Of Glass’ at the end of August, played a sell out show at King Tut’s with our pals wecamefromwolves and then embarked on a Scottish tour!

AH: You’ve recently released your second EP ('Mouthful of Glass') From reading the track-by-track it seems you pushed yourself this time round?
Pete: We definitely pushed ourselves this time. Our older stuff was quite progressive and built up from a quiet intro into a heavy ending - we still love that kind of thing, but felt like we needed to refine our sound a bit on this EP and I’m sure we’ll continue to work on creating our own unique sound. We experimented more with timings and dynamics in Golden. Different drumming and vocal styles in MOG and less complicated stuff on Nurses.

AH: This is the first time you’ve wrote together with this line-up. How did you adapt to this change compared to previous writing sessions?
Pete: The writing of this EP all happened in our rehearsal room. It brings up it’s challenges when you’re set on an idea for a song but then the other guys have something different in mind, but in the end it makes for a better song when it’s more than just one person involved. Danny, our drummer, actually wrote a guitar part for Nurses! We’d all come to rehearsal with the bare bones of a song and we’d work on it relentlessly. If someone didn’t like a part, they’d speak up. It makes it more enjoyable to play the songs live as well, knowing that everyone had a part in it and they aren’t just playing someone else’s songs.

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Free Will Stream New EP ‘Where Will The Rats Feed’

Norwich hardcore mob Free Will are streaming their new EP 'Where Will The Rats Feed'. Physical copies of the EP will be available to pre order soon through the band’s label Powertrip Records.

You can listen to 'Where Will The Rats Feed' after the jump.

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Already Heard Session: The Front Bottoms - Jim Bogart

A UK tour and some festival appearances this summer keep The Front Bottoms in our ears and in our minds with hooks a plenty and reminding us that music is fun, yeah! Of course it is! In this here session we have for you Brian makes his way through 'Jim Bogart' from the band’s latest EP ‘Rose’.

Produced by Future Epic Productions.

'Rose' by The Front Bottoms is out now on Bar None Records.

The Front Bottoms links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

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Interview: Papa Roach


On paper Papa Roach aren’t your typical Reading and Leeds Festival band, so it’s no surprise their appearance on the main stage last month was their first time playing it since 2001.

Back then they were one of the hottest new names in the “nu-metal” world, but in the years since the quartet have become a mammoth hard rock band with the songs to match. In recent years they’ve made a smattering of UK appearances, so when they played on the main stage at Leeds Festival, it wasn’t something to miss.

Having thoroughly delivered on their return to Leeds Festival earlier in the day, we grabbed a quick word with bassist Tobin Esperance where he discussed the band’s return to the festival, taking a different approach at a festival and more importantly, the band’s new album.

AH: First of all can I get your name and role in the band?
Tobin: Yo! I’m Tobin and I’m the bass player in Papa Roach.

AH: This is your first time back at Leeds Festival since 2001. How does it feel to be back here?
Tobin: It feels great. We had a really good show and we made a lot of new fans, playing in front of a different kind of audience because we’ve been doing a lot of different festivals like Download and Sonisphere, the more heavier side. This is what we wanted to do this time and it’s really exciting to be back. Finally!

AH: How do you think the set went?
Tobin: I think it went over well. Obviously playing this early is something we’re not used to but I think we warmed them up, then halfway through the set they were going crazy. I don’t think they’re going to forget about us.

AH: You’ve been playing some European shows recently. How have they been?
Tobin: It’s been great. We started a week ago, just doing a quick run. I mean touring Europe and doing the UK is where we have our best shows. We always look forward to coming over. We’re actually coming back in October. We’re doing a tour with In Flames and While She Sleeps. We’re going to be doing Scandinavia, Germany and some other places.

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Already Heard Track Guide: When We Were Wolves - Heartless EP

Emerging from the South Wales post-hardcore scene, When We Were Wolves are set to release their second EP next week. Entitled 'Heartless', the quintet display a ferocious and intense sound that has been likened to bands such as While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow, and Bleed from Within.

2013’s 'The More Things Change, The More We Stay The Same’ EP received widespread national praise, and it looks like they’re set to complete the same feat with 'Heartless'.

Before the release of 'Heartless' EP on September 22nd (Imperial Music), When We Were Wolves begin a run of headline dates which will be followed up with a tour supporting The Blackout in November.

In the meantime, vocalist Mitch Bock has provided Already Heard with this detailed account to tell us what 'Heartless' is all about.

If your band would like to set up a ‘Track Guide’ feature for Already Heard, please email Sean Reid.

1. Dying On The Inside
This was probably the easiest song to write and probably my favourite. I do all the demoing so it all started with me and Matt jamming some ideas. He started playing this riff and at first I thought he was just warming up with another band’s song but it turned out it was something he had come up with and we went from there. Within an hour we had the basic structure for the track. We intentionally did a lot of work on this song in the studio, we wanted it to be very raw and real so we left certain parts of the song as they were, then re-wrote them in the studio. It definitely came out the way we wanted. Lyrically, this song sums up the EP, it’s a huge middle finger to those who have done us wrong and a big thank you to those who have stuck by us.

2. The Devil You Know
We wrote this song about a year ago. We were in the practice room and the intro just fell into place from a lead line we were messing with while taking a break from rehearsals. From there we spent a few hours working on the basic structure and the song was virtually there. Musically, it didn’t really change except the odd tweak here or there. Vocally, it has changed a lot since the first draft. I wrote a few different versions of the chorus, gave them a go in the studio and it was obvious, when it came to it, which one was best.

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