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We are incredibly pleased to stream 'Ugly', the new EP by The Sinking Feeling. Straight out
of Glasgow, the band combine 90s emo with hints of grunge and dual male/female vocals
for a tastier treat on the ears. It’s a huge wave of 90s nostalgia from this Scottish 3 piece.
After taking a break last year, Hevy Fest is back for 2014 and even though it’s downsized
from 3 days to 2, there still loads of awesome bands on offer. With over 40 bands playing
over the 2 days, there’s bound to be some clashes. Already Heard is here to give you 10
must-see bands to see at Hevy Fest next month.
Influenced by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids, Sheffield quartet O Captain have bucket loads of potential of their debut EP is anything to go from. Entitled 'Ghetto Hikes', the bands lyrical sentiment mixed with a stirring indie-pop sensibility quickly won us over. We spoke to bassist Ryan Smith to find out more about the band, their influences, what Sheffield bands we should be listening to and more.
Ww've got reviews and a whole load of live photos from UK Tech Fest 2014.
Having reached over the half way mark, July is a good time to reflect upon the smorgasbord
of great albums that have come out so far this year. Read on to find out what the Already Heard team picked as their favourite releases of the year so far.
After 2 years away, Sonisphere makes it return to the UK. Check out our full coverage of the festival.
In the latest edition of our "Industry Insight" feature, we speak to Jake Round as his label,
Pure Noise Records, celebrates it's 5th anniversary.

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Already Heard Track Guide: A New Day - Forever Tonight

In the latest edition of our "Already Heard Track Guide", we catch up with emerging Essex pop-rockers A New Day as they talk us through their new EP - 'Forever Tonight'.

The three track release sees the light of day next week, and sees the young band continue their growth with lead single 'Boyfriend' being an insatiable, radio-friendly number that is certain to attract fans of bands like All Time Low.

To give you a better impression of what to expect from 'Forever Tonight', here’s the bands guide to the EP.

The track is like a fragmented old memory brought back to life with a lighting bolt. We wrote the song in parts and it has the same lyrical theme and it was pieced together like it was meant too. We happen to stumble on this theme and the music just flowed. ‘Boyfriend’ came upon us like an exposed nerve, it was fast pain and very strong! This song has a lot of emotion which we tried to catch - whilst still staying with our own identity.

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Already Heard Recommends: The Sun Never Set

With elements of post-hardcore, post-metal and metalcore, the debut EP from The Sun Never Set is one of the most solid and thorough releases of its type we’ve heard all year. From the opening moments of the self-titled effort, the London five-piece showcase a raw, powerful style that is brilliantly combined with passion and ambience. Lead off single 'One Drop of Blood and We'll All See Red' demonstrates exactly what TSNS are all about; structured chaos with subtle atmospheric moments that adds to the bands sheer force.

Despite forming in early 2013, TSNS have allowed themselves to grow and find their feet as a band before releasing their debut release. Now with 'The Sun Never Set' set to see the light of day in early August, TSNS have a bright future ahead of them if they’re to continue producing songs as good as 'Valiant' and 'Wildcard'.

To find out more about their beginnings, the debut EP and how they treat their music as therapy, Already Heard recently caught up with vocalist Luke Tyson.

Already Heard: To start with, can you tell us who you are and your role in the band?
Luke: My name is Luke Tyson and I am the vocalist of The Sun Never Set.

AH: Ok let’s get the usual stuff out the way. How did The Sun Never Set come together?
Luke: The Sun Never Set came about when Joey, [former guitarist] Callum and I moved to London from our hometown of Lancaster. We had previously been in a band together in our hometown, and were actually planning on going our separate ways musically when we got to London. However, I met Tom (guitarist) on my first day of university and we just hit it off from day one. I told the guys about Tom and we all decided to meet up and jam some demos and riffs Tom had already written, and it all just clicked so perfectly. The same week I met Pavel (guitarist) at the Blessthefall gig in Camden, who was eager to join a band having left his home-country Lithuania, and so The Sun Never Set came to be.

We spent about 6 months working on demos and figuring out our sound and each other as musicians, and just as it was all coming together and what would be about half of the EP was written, we found out Callum wouldn’t be coming back to London after the summer. This was probably the hardest time any of us have had in a band so far since we’re all like brothers, and Callum is the youngest one. We kept working and looking for a new guitarist, but really didn’t want to replace Callum with somebody who didn’t get our style and the feeling behind the music. So after a while of weighing it up we decided that the best idea for us as friends and the music was to bring Pavel off bass and onto guitar, and Ell Pratt onto bass for us. Since Ell is Tom’s brother we knew him anyway; he had never really played bass, but we just didn’t care, we needed the band to be a unit to keep it going and so far so good.

AH: From hearing the self-titled EP, your sound is deeply rooted in post-hardcore and metalcore. How would describe your sound to new listeners?
Luke: I’d probably have to say we’re an emotional metal band. We can be heavy and fast paced in places and also stripped down to our bare bones. Plus, we’ve also got some quality hooks if I do say so myself.

AH: Who do you consider as influences?
Luke: We’re all into various elements of metal and rock and I think it comes out in our sound. We’re into bands like Architects, Devil Sold His Soul, Brand New, Dillinger Escape Plan, Letlive., A Lot Like Birds, Basement, While She Sleeps, Comeback Kid and Touché Amoré.

AH: Some bands release their debut EP within 6 months of being together. You’ve taken 18 months. Is there any reason for this?
Luke: We decided we wanted to work on our sound and figure out exactly where we were going before we released an EP. We’ve definitely written an album worth of songs, but the first few were kind of thrown together just to get practicing and as we started understanding each other more, the sound developed. It would have taken a lot less time but with losing Callum and studying, we just taken it slow and let the songs grow organically.

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Already Heard Session: Citizen - It’s Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better (Piebald Cover)

During their recent first headline UK tour, Mat Kerekes of Citizen met up with Already Heard ahead of the bands London show to record an "Already Heard Session".

To make it even more special, Mat performed a cover of Piebald's 'It's Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better' especially for us.

Produced by Future Epic Productions.

'Youth' by Citizen is out now on Run For Cover Records.

Citizen links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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Already Heard Recommends: O Captain

Formed through drunken nights in shitty “rock clubs” and influenced by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids, Sheffield quartet O Captain have bucket loads of potential of their debut EP is anything to go from. Entitled 'Ghetto Hikes', the bands lyrical sentiment mixed with a stirring indie-pop sensibility quickly won us over.

Although it is still early days for the four-piece, they’re still gaining plenty attention especially in the local area; they’re set to play 3 slots at this weekends Tramlines Festival in Sheffield. In addition as bassist Ryan Smith tells us, new material is in the works and if 'Ghetto Hikes' is just the beginning, we expect future O Captain releases be more versatile yet as compelling.

To find out more about O Captain, Ryan took some time out from preparing for Tramlines to tell us how the band came together, their influences, what Sheffield bands we should be listening to and more.

Already Heard: For starters can you tell us who you are and your role in O Captain?
Ryan: O Captain is Thomas Bower on lead vocals and guitar, Michael Watson on drums and vocals, Paul Bamforth on guitar and I’m Ryan Smith and I play bass and also sing.

AH: Can you tell us a bit about the bands background?
Ryan: Back in early 2013 none of us were performing music. So we just decided to get together in a practice room and see what happened. With the exception of Mike, we’ve all known each other for years through drunken nights at shitty “rock clubs” in Northern England. After our original drummer departed to work in China, we recruited Mike who’d recorded our first demo in his bedroom. Since then we’ve had a lot of fun, performing and writing music we love.

AH: So you’ve recently released your debut EP called 'Ghetto Hikes'. For those haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe it to them?
Ryan: For fans of sad songs and sad songs disguised as happy songs.

AH: From hearing the 3-track release, I hear a strong early-2000’s indie/emo influence, am I right?
Ryan: For sure, that was our musical education. We were in college throughout this period and really just learning how to play our instruments, so you can’t help but have this influences ingrained in you for life. Bands like Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids are bands we’ve always loved and still do. Emo is enjoying a bit of a resurgence at the moment with all the twinkly influenced bands around. And while I don’t think we really sound like them, I think we still fit into that pigeon hole. But there are a whole lot of other influences from the indie rock world too, which I think bleeds over.

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Interview: Palm Reader


Although it hasn’t been long since we last spoke to Palm Reader at Hit The Deck, we thought it’d be good to catch up with the band as they spend the summer playing numerous festivals and shows.

Even though work on album number 2 is ongoing, the Woking quintet have still found time to play festivals such as Festivile, Ghostfest and Sonisphere, which is where we spoke to vocalist Josh Mckeown and guitarist Sam Rondeau-Smith.

Having played the Jägermeister Stage on the final day of the festival, the pair discussed their festival highlights, what they have learned from playing festivals, and more.

AH: Can we get your names and role in the band?
Sam: I’m Sam. I play guitar.

Josh: I’m Josh. I shout.

AH: So how has Sonisphere been for you so far?
Josh: Fantastic. We got here on Friday and we’ve just been chilling out until we played.

AH: How was your set earlier today?
Josh: Yeah we played at 1 in the afternoon on the Jägermeister stage. It was good, bloody warm though. I had shorts on as well for fucks sake.

Sam: It was nice. It’s the first festival where we actually stayed for the whole thing. Normally we’re just off having to do something else, or we’re not allowed to stay. So its nice being here for the whole thing.

AH: What bands have you seen since being here on Friday?
Sam: Deftones, Baby Metal.

AH: What did you think to them?
Sam: Fucking brilliant.

Josh: We also saw Hang The Bastard, 65Daysofstatic for a little bit, The Hell.

AH: What have been your highlights?
Sam: For me Deftones. They are just fucking shit hot aren’t they? I saw the majority of Krokodil earlier, they were on after us. They were heavy as balls! I tried to catch a bit of Gallows on the way over here, but we had to come and do interviews.

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Interview: Silverstein


With 7 full-lengths and a handful of EPs to their name, Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein have become one their biggest alternative musical exports since forming in 2000. However, after a lack of UK shows in recent years, the five-piece made a brief stop over for the recent Sonisphere Festival.

Having spent the past few weeks touring mainland Europe, guitarists Josh Bradford and Paul Marc Rousseau were in high spirits when we spoke to the pair ahead of their appearance on the Satellite stage.

The apologetic duo discussed the comparison between UK/EU and North American festivals, picking a festival setlist, being part of Hopeless Records and then apologised again for not coming to the UK more often. Thankfully they will be appearing at the Hevy Festival in August. Until then take a read of our interview.

AH: Just for the record, can I get your names and role in the band?
Josh: I’m Josh and I play guitar.

Paul Marc: I’m Paul Marc and I also play guitar in the band Silverstein.

Josh: Boom! Silverstein!

Paul Marc: Which is the same band he’s in.

Josh: I’m also in the band Silverstein with my friend Paul Marc who plays guitar, while I play guitar. Together we play guitar.

AH: You’ve been round Europe, so I guess you’ve not seen much of Sonisphere so far?
Paul Marc: No we got here a few short hours ago.

AH: How was the trip over?
Paul Marc: Not long actually.

Josh: My favourite part is always the ferry. I think I do some of my best sleeping whilst rocking and rolling on those gentle seas.

AH: You get rocked to sleep?!
Josh: Yeah. It’s quite nice.

AH: Where have you come from?
Paul Marc: We’ve come from Munster, Germany.

Josh: But originally we live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (laughs).

AH: So you’re back in the UK for the first time in quite awhile. How does it feel to be back here?
Josh: You know better than I thought, its quite nice actually.

Paul Marc: It’s not raining yet.

Josh: There’s a bit of sunshine. There are some great bands playing today.

Paul Marc: It has been a little easier to understand the general chatter around us.

Josh: Same language.

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Already Heard Track Guide: Versus You - Moving On

Next week Luxembourg punk quartet Versus You release their new album, 'Moving On' in the UK through Bomber Music, and not only that they’re coming for a whole bunch of headline dates.

'Moving On' combines power pop elements with a punk rock edge that sees the four-piece sticking to their roots. Tracks like 'When It All Goes Down' and 'A Way With Words' have a sense of nostalgia, whereaas lead single 'Be Better Than Me' and the concluding 'You Are My Friend' are filled with sentiment.

To give us a better insight into what 'Moving On' is all about, vocalist/guitarist Eric Rosenfeld has provided Already Heard with a track-by-track account into the album.

When It All Goes Down
The lyrics are no big mystery. It’s about best friends and hanging out when I’m not on tour. It’s also about how we’re not only band mates but also best friends. We’ve known each other for years.

This song was written in about five minutes. I recorded the demo acoustically in one take, showed it to the band and everybody liked it instantly.

If The Camels Die, We Die
I wrote this about life on the road, hours and hours of driving to play in front of twenty people. It never really mattered to us to how many people we play though as long as we’re having fun and believe in what we do. It’s also about past mistakes we made as a band and learning from them and move on.

This is a pretty old one so I can’t really remember much about writing it except that I didn’t sit down to write it, it just kind of happened. I hardly ever sit down and try to write a song.

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Tour Reminder: Already Heard Presents: Versus You July 2014 UK Tour

This week Luxembourg’s Versus You kick off their Already Heard-sponsored tour. We’re teaming up with Hit The Floor Magazine to present tour.

July 21st marks the UK release of their 4th album, 'Moving On' through Bomber Music. The record is vibrant, honest punk rock record that has an instant appeal and accessible lyrics.

To support the release, the quartet will be playing 8 UK dates next month. Like 'Moving On', the tour is one not to miss.

18th Camden, London @ The Underworld w/ Leftover Crack
19th Brighton @ Bermuda Triangle
20th Nottingham @ Doghouse
22nd Newcastle @ Think Tank w/ Morning Glory
23rd Peterborough @ Met Lounge
24th Derby @ The Hairy Dog
25th Norwich @ Owl Sanctuary
26th Plymouth @ Tiki Bar

'Moving On' by Versus You is released on 21st July on Bomber Music.

Versus You links: Facebook|Twitter

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Exclusive Song Premier: Byron Street Social - We Breathe It

In the first of three exclusive tracks here on Already Heard, we present to you 'We Breathe It' from Huddersfield based reggae group Byron Street Social.

The band, formed in early 2012, combine reggae with hip hop, rock, funk and soul in a collective hybrid that has won over many audiences and has seen the band strive to be a strong and prominent upcoming force within their scene.

Having supported the likes of Jaya the Cat, The Hoosiers and Extra Curricular, the band are now ready to release their debut EP 'Take Note' on the 1st August. Check out the song below and remember to come back next week for another exclusive.

'Take Note' by Byron Street Social is released on the 1st August.

Byron Street Social links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|SoundCloud

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Interview: The One Hundred


For a new band like London quartet The One Hundred, playing a festival such as Sonisphere is a huge opportunity to get seen by many new faces. However, having witnessed their 30 minutes of genre-mashing blend of metal, rap and electronica, it is safe to say The One Hundred made a significant impression to those who woke up early on Sunday to see their set in the Satellite tent.

Having successfully made their festival debut, we spoke to vocalist Jacob Field and guitarist Tim Hider to find out what they thought to their festival debut. The pair also discussed their forthcoming debut EP and we find out what lessons they’ve learned from Sonisphere 2014.

Already Heard: So Sonisphere is your first ever festival?
Jacob: Yeah, first proper festival. It’s been incredible, that’s all I can say. It has been a pleasure, more than a pleasure.

Tim: It’s been a crazy experience. So many great bands and then we’re playing as well.

Jacob: It’s an added bonus. You see these festivals and you go, “I’d love to go there” then they tell you “you’re playing it” and you go “ok cool.” I get to see some bands and I’m playing it. Brilliant!

AH: Have you been here all weekend?
Tim: Yeah I’ve been here since Thursday.

Jacob: The party animal has been here since Thursday morning.

Tim: I’m still going strong. He’s been here 2 days and he’s already tired and wants to go home (laughs).

Jacob: I don’t want to go home. I’m just bit of a princess, I’m not gonna lie. I need my beauty sleep, that is how I see it.

AH: You can’t beat having your own bed.
Jacob: No, exactly and I don’t live too far out so I might as well drive back home, have a little nap and come back again later, haha.

AH: What bands have you seen over the past few days?
Jacob: (Limp) Bizkit!

Tim: Yeah Bizkit, The Prodigy on Friday night. They were wicked.

Jacob: They were spot on.

Tim: Saw Iron Maiden last night. I saw Baby Metal on Saturday, that was interesting (everyone laughs.) Yeah they were an experience.

Jacob: You also saw The Hell.

Tim: Yeah I did.

Jacob: I saw Glamour of the Kill. They were really, really good. That was the first time I’ve properly seen them. They smashed it. So yeah we’ve seen some good bands. Today has been a bit of a write off though hasn’t it?

Tim: Yeah we’ve been busy.

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Interview: Black Dogs


Self-proclaimed Northern Bastards Black Dogs have been turning heads up and down the UK for quite awhile now. Last year’s debut full-length, 'Grief', contained some of the most punishing splices of metalcore we’ve heard in sometime. Songs like recent single '13 Bastards' and 'Savages' are incredibly intense yet we just can’t get enough.

Currently on tour once again in the UK, and having played numerous festivals in recent months, we caught up with 3 fifths of the band at Sonisphere to discuss the video for '13 Bastards', becoming a five-piece, and the follow-up to 'Grief'.

Already Heard: To begin with can we get your names and role in the band?
Gollo: I’m Gollo. I’m the vocalist.

Zakk: I’m Zakk. I play bass.

Canty: I’m Canty. I play drums.

AH: You played earlier today on the Jagermeister stage. How was it?
Gollo: Sick mate!

Canty: Wicked!

Zakk: Absolutely awesome. We were well received. A full tent of people and we got a wall of death to finish off the set.

AH: Is this your first time at Sonisphere?
All: Yeah.

AH: Enjoying it so far?
Gollo: Yeah, good mate.

Canty: It’s pretty well laid out.

Gollo: And the weather as well. You can’t ask for better weather.

Zakk: I’m a bit too hot if anything.

AH: We hear you’ve got a new video/single out?
Gollo: Yeah for '13 Basatrds'. We shot it in Wales. It’s had a really good response. It’s a pretty dark video.

Zakk: It’s very cinematic. Even if you’ve not heard the band before, it’s worth checking out.

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