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With a whole load of live photos, a full review and interviews to come, check out our full coverage from Leeds Festival 2014.
Check out our full coverage from this years Hevy Fest right here!
Bloody Knees are the latest band to emerge from the UK lo-fi punk scene. On August 25th the quartet release their new EP, 'Stitches' which promises to be a catchy and raw in equal measures. We spoke to vocalist Bradley Griffiths to discuss the new EP, joining Dog Knights Productions, being part of the UK emo and lo-fi resurgence and more.
If metalcore is your thing then say hello to From Her Eyes. The Welsh quartet are exclusively streaming their debut EP 'Demons' right here on Already Heard.
During their recent first ever run of the UK with Citizen and Headroom, Justin Gilman and
Sam Trapkin of Diamond Youth met up with Already Heard ahead of the band’s London show
to record an ‘Already Heard Session.'

Already Heard Track Guide: Alburn - Mouthful Of Glass EP

This week Scottish emo alt-rockers Alburn release their new EP - 'Mouthful of Glass' through Split Lies Records. The four-track release sees the quartet mixing up their influences; Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, and a host of Deep Elm Records bands, to produce a dynamic take on the quiet / loud style.

From the explosive 'The Nurses Can’t Help Me' to the delicate 'Sweetheart', 'Mouthful of Glass' is a thorough and raw EP that leaves you hungry for more.

As part of our on "Track Guide" feature, the band recently talked us through the four songs on 'Mouthful of Glass'.

If your band would like to set up a ‘Track Guide’ feature for Already Heard, please email Sean Reid.

1. The Nurses Can’t Help Me
This was the first song we wrote together as a band and it’s frankenstein of different ideas we all had previously penned for other songs. We wrote it in one night and was really the result of a conscious effort to write a straight up rock song. A lot of our previous material has been very dynamic and progressive and we felt like we just needed to kick off this EP with some in-your-face riffs and shouting.

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Leeds Festival 2014 - Already Heard Instagram Roundup

Missed Leeds Festival this past weekend? Want to see a snapshot of what we got up to? Well if you do, click read more below to view a roundup of our Instagram activity.

View more of Already Heard's Leeds Festival coverage here.

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Versus: Blink-182 - ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’ vs ‘Untitled’


Often in music the word “legend” is thrown around too easily but in the pop-punk world Blink-182 are just that - legendary!

Since forming in 1992 through mutual friends, bassist Mark Hoppus and guitarist Tom DeLonge have gone on to become icons of the genre, and along with second drummer, Travis Barker, are one of the most influential bands in pop-punk.

Having released a couple of releases within the underground scene during their early years, Blink-182 started making momentum with their 1997 LP, 'Dude Ranch', with its lead single, 'Dammit (Growing Up)' receiving national airplay but its with their 1999 follow-up, 'Enema of the State' which is when things really picked up for the trio.

Led by the worldwide hits that was 'All the Small Things' and 'What's My Age Again?', the record truly broke Blink-182 into the mainstream. Two years later, the band repeated the success with 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket'. The 2001 record peaked the US Billboard 200 at number 1, and saw the band continue to tour in more arenas globally.

2003 saw the band take a somewhat change in musical direction. 'Untitled' took a more personal and darker approach which saw the band more away from their standard pop-punk sound. Nevertheless the change was welcomed by both fans and critics.

However in February 2005, the band confirmed an “indefinite hiatus”, with DeLonge become frustrated with creative freedom and the band’s heavy touring schedule resulting in time away from his young family.

The resulting breakdown in communications led to Delonge starting a new atmospheric arena-rock band called Angels and Airwaves, whilst Hoppus and Barker continued to work together in a new alt-rock band known as +44. Whilst both bands had an enthusiastic following from fans, critics were mixed about both AVA’s 'We Don't Need to Whisper' and +44’s 'When Your Heart Stops Beating'.

In February, 5 years on from confirming their hiatus, DeLonge, Hoppus and Barker appeared together at the Grammy Awards and announced they would be reuniting. After a North American reunion tour that year, followed by European festival appearances a year later, the bands released 'Neighborhoods' in September 2011. Much like the album’s recording sessions, the band’s returning effort was disjointed and lacked consistency of previous efforts.

In 2012 the band celebrated their 20th anniversary with a UK and European tour and ended the year with the release of 'Dogs Eating Dogs', a self-released and self-produced EP which saw the band work together in the studio. The EP benefitted from this by being a more focused set of songs that had elements of progression yet were distinctive Blink-182 at the core.

Now, as the band are set to play and headline the Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend, we’ve decided to bring back our "Versus" for a brief cameo appearance as Senior Editor Sean Reid and contributing writer Dane Wright battle out as they discuss their favourite Blink-182 albums.

Sean explains why 2001’s 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' is not only the band’s best album but one of the best pop-punk albums ever! Whereas Dane tells us why their 'Untitled' effort is their magnum opus.

What do you consider to be Blink-182’s best album and why? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (by Sean Reid)
I’ll start off my defence of my chosen album by saying I consider Blink-182 being the first band I was an all-round fan of. They were the first band I saw live and the first band where I would go out and buy every album. Sure they’re not the most perfect band in the world but as a teenager they were “my band”.

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Festival Preview: Reading and Leeds Festival 2014 - 20 Must-See Acts

It’s no doubt it has been an incredible summer of music, and it’s not over yet as the legendary Reading and Leeds Festival takes place this weekend.

For many its the highlight of the festival season and rightly so. With major acts showing their worth on the main stage, to up and coming bands showcasing themselves on one of the many smaller stages. There is no doubt that Reading and Leeds Festival has plenty to offer and then some. With dozens of acts playing across 8 stages over 3 days, there is lot to choose from.

As always the Already Heard team has got together to pick out what we think are the 20 must-see acts at Reading and Leeds 2014.

Preview | Line-Up | Festival Info

A Day To Remember
Making their first R&L appearance since 2010, Ocala Florida’s pop-punk metalcore crossover heavyweights A Day To Remember will unleash chaos on the main stage. Expect major circle pit action and fist pumping carnage as Jeremy McKinnon and co breakout tracks from killer most recent album 'Common Courtesy'. Since their last visit to the festivals ADTR have become one of the world’s biggest bands and with full blooded breakdowns and lyrics more life affirming and positive then a self help book Florida’s finest will give the most euphoric set of R&L 2014. (DW)

Where and When: Main Stage (Friday 22nd - Leeds / Sunday 24th - Reading)

Since making their R&L debut on the Lock Up stage in 2006, have come on leap and boundaries in the past 8 years. Having climbed their way up the bill each time, the Tennessee trio will be playing the main stage for the 4th time and this time round they’re sharing top billing with Queens of the Stone Age.

Despite being co-headliners, for vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York, it should be a walk in the park as Paramore have become an arena-conquering force that has the infectious tunes to back it up. Expect all the “hits” and more as Paramore will certainly bring their A-game to Reading and Leeds. (SR)

Where and When: Main Stage (Friday 22nd - Reading / Saturday 23rd - Leeds)

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Already Heard Recommends: Bloody Knees

Bloody Knees are the latest band to emerge from the UK lo-fi punk scene following the likes of Nai Harvest and playlounge. On August 25th the quartet release their new EP, 'Stitches' which promises to be a catchy and raw in equal measures. The recently released title track and lead off single 'Daydream' suggests 'Stitches' will be a combination of sludgy garage-punk, lo-fi guitars and somber lyrics yet delivered in bitter, energetic tone.

The EP release will be preceded by an appearance at the Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend, but before then we spoke to vocalist Bradley Griffiths. The singer discussed the new EP, joining Dog Knights Productions, being part of the UK emo and lo-fi resurgence and more.

Already Heard: Hi can you introduce yourself and your role in Bloody Knees?
Bradley: I’m Bradley, I am the singer and guitarist in Bloody Knees.

AH: Let’s kick off with an easy one. What’s the backstory behind Bloody Knees formation?
Bradley: Bloody Knees started as a one man project in my university house in Southsea where I was just writing songs and recording them into my laptop and programming shitty drums and stuff. I came home from uni for a bit and saw all the boys (Sam, Chris and Tom) and everyone seemed dead keen on making it a ‘real band’. We booked a practice room, learned the songs, then played Southsea Fest as our first show that September.

AH: Later this month you’re releasing an EP called 'Stitches'. What can new listeners expect from the EP in terms of sound/style?
Bradley: New listeners can expect some fun, melodic, aggressive grunge/garage punk. New listeners should also definitely make the effort to come and see us at a show because that’s where it’s most fun.

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Exclusive Song Stream: Friends W/O Benefits - Senators’ Wives


In an exclusive stream we present to you 'Senators' Wives' from San Francisco’s Friends W/O Benefits.

With a release of comics books for rather than CDs for their latest collection of songs 'This Is Real', you can expect some rather unique offerings from this masked duo in the future.

Friends W/O Benefits links: Official Website|Facebook

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Already Heard Recommends: Of Allies

Despite being together for less than a year, Hull, Yorkshire quartet Of Allies have already catches peoples attention as their debut EP, 'Tempers' is a mix of bold riffs and soaring choruses that is bound to easily win people over.

With hints of Arcane Roots, Twin Atlantic, and Young Guns, the four piece look to follow in their footsteps and with tracks such as 'Ghosts' and 'In Screens' demonstrating their knack for writing hook-filled, edgy numbers, they’re going to right away about doing that.

We recently grabbed a quick word with vocalist and guitarist Rich Nichols to find out more; the new EP, what makes a “big hook”, the Hull scene and more.

Already Heard: Hi can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do in Of Allies?
Rich: Hey, I’m Rich and I sing and play guitar in Of Allies.

AH: Let’s jump right into your latest EP, 'Tempers'. For those who have yet to hear it, what can they expect?
Rich: It’s a mixture of all our influences really. There’s 5 tracks on there which encompass a years worth of work. It’s a mixture of melody and big riffs with some softer moments in places. If you’re into Deftones or Lower Than Atlantis you’ll probably like it. Best way to find out is to have a listen!

AH: It seems you’ve been compared to a lot of familiar names such as Arcane Roots, Twin Atlantic, Young Guns etc. What do you make of those comparisons? Do you consider those type of bands as influences?
Rich: It’s amazing to be compared to those bands. We have a tonne of respect for them all and what they have achieved, we just hope we can do the same! I think the emerging British Rock scene that those bands are in is an influence. There’s some amazing bands coming out at the moment and to be mentioned alongside them is very humbling. I think we’re of the same thought process in that we want to bring British rock music back to the forefront of music.

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Live Photos: Blink-182 - O2 Academy Brixton, London - 08/08/2014

Photos by Connie Taylor Photography.

Live Photos: Neck Deep - O2 Academy Brixton, London - 08/08/2014

Photos by Connie Taylor Photography.

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Already Heard Video Exclusive: Suzerain - Manhattan

Last month London five piece Suzerain released their latest double A-Side single, 'Dark, Dark / Manhattan'. The double header sees the quintet take a darker more industrial sound compared to their previous releases.

Today Already Heard is pleased to be premiering the video for 'Manhattan' from the double A-Side single. The video can be viewed below and the track is an atmospheric number that is reminiscent of bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Tool.

Suzerain are currently putting the finishing touches to their second album, which is expected to be released in early 2015.

'Dark, Dark / Manhattan' by Suzerain is available digitally now and will be released on 12” vinyl in September via Brainzone.

Suzerain links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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Already Heard Podcast: Episode 1 - Albums Of The Year So Far 2014

Today we launch our podcasts at Already Heard, showcasing conversations and discussions between various members of the Already Heard team on anything and everything within and around the music we love.

'Episode 1 - Albums of the Year So Far 2014' is as it says on the tin, as we discuss the albums that we’ve been listening to so far within the first half of 2014. In the playlist above we’ve also included some of the tracks from albums we mention within the podcast.

Have a listen to the podcast and let us know your thoughts; if you agree, disagree or think we’re completely on the wrong track. You can let us know at the links below;

Already Heard links: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

Episode 1 Team: Mikey Brown|Ollie Connors|Aaron Lohan|Sean Reid

Studio Report: Homebound - Coming of Age EP

Having honed their sound for 12 months since forming in late 2012, rising UK pop-punks Homebound released their debut EP, 'Coming of Age', last month to much praise. Our very own Dane Wright described the EP as "a bold and striking debut".

Its release comes as the UK pop-punk scene continues to rise, and Homebound are certainly one of the brightest emerging bands from the scene in recent months. It’s no doubt 'Coming of Age' hits all the right marks as wall-to-wall of feel-good, bouncy pop-punk that is filled with lyrical passion.

To give us a behind the scenes insight to the EP, vocalist Charlie Boughton talked us through the making of 'Coming of Age' in the this "Studio Report" feature. Charlie spoke about the triumphs and struggles in the making of 'Coming of Age'. Here is what he had to say.

If you’re interested in setting up a future “Studio Report” feature, please contact Sean Reid.

The process for this EP turned out to be one which was longer than our original predictions, and with it being a first time experience for 4/5 of us, we saw this as a real growing point for the band and ourselves, as musicians. A lot of decisions were made and altered along the way, overall the process of recording varied a great deal from how we first felt it would go. We originally intended to record ‘Turning Point’ as the first single for the EP, and so booked our first session with Ian Sadler (ROAM, Anavae) of Emeline Studios in Kent. But at a later date we decided against this, feeling we had stronger songs on the EP.

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Already Heard Track Guide: Algernon Doll - Omphalic

Having abandoned the solo route in favour of a full band, the third album from 24 year old Ewan Grant aka Algernon Doll, 'Omphalic' was recently released through Struggletown Records. Ewan has now be joined by Wull Swales, Owen Wicksted, and Tom Mitchell, and in 'Omphalic' they have created a record that is rooted in 90’s alt-rock with brooding, fuzzy numbers that thrive of Grant’s emotional lyrical prowess.

Since its release we’ve been spinning 'Omphalic' a lot at Already Heard HQ, so much so we gave it a 4 out of 5 rating last month.

Now as a treat Ewan recently spoke to us to talk us through 'Omphalic' track-by-track.

If your band would like to set up a ‘Track Guide’ feature for Already Heard, please email Sean Reid.

Spilt Milk Perfume
This song, as many on this record, came together in the studio. I had a riff idea with a bunch of 7th inversions that I was playing about with and the bones of a song I’d written on an acoustic the night before. We jammed out the bridge and really had fun with it and I like what that adds to the song as it did turn out to be pretty poppy.

The lyrics are about having to assume a smell or persona to get by in this world with the least amount of hassle. I feel very disconnected from our species and our acts and behaviours embarrass me.

I came into the studio with this song only and the idea of recording an EP so this was the only song on the record that I had fully worked out before hand.

The song is named after Kirsten Dunst’s character in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and the lyrics are about realising your place in the universe and the implications of that. The more you realise you’re meaningless in the scale of everything: that insignificance comforts me but the idea of being alive, forever living repeat lives, or dead forever after this life terrifies me and leads me to spiralling depressive turns. I imagine death is a lot like it was before I was born… that’s the only comfort I can find in this train of thought.

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FIVES: Must Hear August 2014 Releases

August is here and even though festival season is coming to an end, we’ve got another month full of exciting releases. With a whole load of much anticipated albums and EP lined up, August has a lot to offer.

As always, the Already Heard team have picked out 5 releases we think are essential listening for the coming month.

What album and EP releases are you looking forward to hearing this month? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Twin Atlantic - Great Divide
Few bands have enjoyed quite such a meteoric rise on the back of the success of their debut album as Glaswegian’s Twin Atlantic did as a result of the stellar ‘Free’. Packed with rousingly anthemic and superbly written radio ready rock gems; ‘Free’ quickly established the band as major players in the British Rock establishment. Now Sam McTrusty and company have the rather daunting task of trying to better it with sophomore album, and one of the summer’s most highly anticipated releases, ‘The Great Divide’.

Once again working with Gil Norton with additional input from Jacknife Lee, Twin Atlantic set about producing songs big enough to match their new stature, while losing none of the heart or lyrical prowess which made ‘Free’ so special. Judging by the swagger and pomp and the strospheric chorus of lead single ‘Heart and Soul’, the band have achieved their goal and then some. While the recently released ‘Brothers and Sisters’ shows success hasn’t affected Twin Atlantic’s ability to turn out heartfelt understated, yet powerfully uplifting alt-rock anthems. Roll on the 18th of August when we can all finally hear what could well prove to be the best British Rock album to be released this year in full. (DW)

‘The Great Divide’ by Twin Atlantic is released on 18th August through Red Bull Records.

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