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We are incredibly pleased to stream 'Ugly', the new EP by The Sinking Feeling. Straight out
of Glasgow, the band combine 90s emo with hints of grunge and dual male/female vocals
for a tastier treat on the ears. It’s a huge wave of 90s nostalgia from this Scottish 3 piece.
After taking a break last year, Hevy Fest is back for 2014 and even though it’s downsized
from 3 days to 2, there still loads of awesome bands on offer. With over 40 bands playing
over the 2 days, there’s bound to be some clashes. Already Heard is here to give you 10
must-see bands to see at Hevy Fest next month.
Influenced by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids, Sheffield quartet O Captain have bucket loads of potential of their debut EP is anything to go from. Entitled 'Ghetto Hikes', the bands lyrical sentiment mixed with a stirring indie-pop sensibility quickly won us over. We spoke to bassist Ryan Smith to find out more about the band, their influences, what Sheffield bands we should be listening to and more.
Ww've got reviews and a whole load of live photos from UK Tech Fest 2014.
Having reached over the half way mark, July is a good time to reflect upon the smorgasbord
of great albums that have come out so far this year. Read on to find out what the Already Heard team picked as their favourite releases of the year so far.
After 2 years away, Sonisphere makes it return to the UK. Check out our full coverage of the festival.
In the latest edition of our "Industry Insight" feature, we speak to Jake Round as his label,
Pure Noise Records, celebrates it's 5th anniversary.

Disconnect Disconnect Records Release ‘Disconnected’ Compilation

Disconnect Disconnect Records have released a new compilation entitled 'Disconnected.'

The 18-track collection includes songs from Rivalries, Counterpunch, Placeholder, Home Advantage, Hold Tight!, Forrest and more.

1. Counterpunch - Blue State Blues
2. Pull Strings - Pipe Dreams
3. The Fear - The Bitter Taste
4. Great Lakes USA - No Boyfriends
5. Rivalries - Safest Spaces
6. Luther - An American Gothic
7. 7 Years Bad Luck - I Still Know When To Take My Shoes Off
8. The Stereo State - Ahhgust
9. The Reveling - Domino
10. Thieves - Quarter Life Crisis
11. Placeholder - Wait
12. Home Advantage - Markers From Home
13. Hold Tight! - Go
14. Versus The World - We Were Alive
15. Curbside - Dragged Away
16. PJ Bond - Radiator
17. Foxtrot - The Pecking Order
18. Forrest - Hearts and Minds

'Disconnected' is available as pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp, and can be streamed by clicking read more.

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New Rivalries Video (‘Built To Last’)

London Post-Punks Rivalries have released their new video for 'Built To Last' and can be viewed by clicking read more.

The track appears on the bands latest EP; 'Out of Town and Back Again' available now through Household Name Records.

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New Rivalries EP Released (‘Out of Town and Back Again’)

London Post-Punk band Rivalries have released their new EP, 'Out of Town and Back Again' through Household Name Records.

Purchase 'Out of Town and Back Again' here.

Live Review & Photos: Southsea Fest 2012 - 15/09/2012

From small acorns grow mighty oaks and every year we dedicate a Saturday to celebrating the tree of Southsea, Albert Road. Southsea Fest has grown to include 14 stages ranging from the established, like the Wedgewood Rooms and Kings Theatre, to the temporary like The Magick Bean coffee shop. The range of acts available is similarly eclectic with metal, punk, spoken word, acoustic, reggae and more being represented. With this in mind, please understand that the review that follows is only an insight into a small section of this sprawling festival. If we chose a completely different set of bands then, well, who knows how it could have turned out. Onwards to the first band…   

Photos by Richard Heaven.

Due to Cycle Schmeichel experiencing gear difficulties we started the day with the London pop punk four piece Rivalries. They’ve come on a long way since I first saw them at the beginning of the year and it seems a shame that the venue was only half full as their brand of catchy pop punk really suits such a warm, sunny day. (4/5)

Photos by Richard Heaven.

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Feature: Something For The Weekend (10/8/2012)

Welcome to week 6 of Something For The Weekend. This week we explore two sides of the emo spectrum with the twinkly goodness of Nai Harvest and the crushing aggression of I Don’t Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. We also have super catchy pop punk from London’s Rivalries to help lighten the mood.

As per usual, if you want to be involved with a future edition of SFTW feel free to get in touch with us at

Nai Harvest
FFO: Algernon Cadwaller, Football Etc, and Snowing.

Nai Harvest differ from many of the current UK emo bands in the sense that this is a two piece. The White Stripes of emo? Not really. Nai Harvest play twinky, shouty emo with strangely catchy hooks. Having already shared splits with Manbearpig, Papayar, Five Leaf Nettles and Reno Dakota amongst others it seems like the only way is up for this Sheffield band. Check out their most recent EP on Pinky Swear Records/Struggletown Records/A Mountain Far Records and their newest split out on Enjoyment Records.

Nai Harvest on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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