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On Monday November 3rd, Midland hardcore punk band We Fight Like Kids release their
debut EP, 'Superficial Behaviour'. However we're premiering their new video for 'Falconer'
right here on Already Heard.
For Scottish quartet Alburn, their latest EP ('Mouthful of Glass') has been a longtime coming. Having undergone a slight line-up since their formation in 2007, 'Mouthful of Glass'
showcases a significant amount of growth and maturity. We spoke to Pete Duthie to ask him about the bands background, that inevitable Brand New comparison, the Scottish music
scene and more.
On first listen we fell in love Noyo Mathis and knew that 'Endure' needed to be heard. It's post hardcore meets emo meets indie meets math rock. Take a listen to the full EP right here.
Without a doubt Neck Deep are one of this years breakout bands. After kicking off the year
with the release of their debut LP, 'Wishful Thinking', the Wrexham pop-punk five piece
haven’t stopped touring since. From festival appearances throughout the UK and Europe to 2 months in North America as part of the Vans Warped Tour. We caught up with vocalist Ben Barlow and bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans at the Leeds Festival. They discussed their past festival experiences, supporting Blink-182, their up and coming UK headline tour and being
“leaders” of the UK pop-punk movement.
Packing stadium sized rock anthems with an incredibly striking emotional punch, and graced with one of the most staggeringly unique vocal talents to have graced the UK Rock scene in a long time, Cambridge’s Lonely The Brave have become one of the single most talked about new bands to emerge in recent years. With their debut album ‘The Day’s War’ finally released this week, Already Heard caught up with lead guitarist Mark Trotter and Bassist
Andrew Bushen at last weekend’s Leeds Festival.
We've got a full review, live photos and interviews from one of the highlights of the summer - Leeds Festival.

Rolo Tomassi Confirm UK Dates with Brontide and Split 7” with Stockades

Rolo Tomassi will be playing a short run of shows with Brontide next month.

The shows will be the first opportunity to hear new material from the bands fourth full-length. The album is due to be released in spring 2015.

There will also be a brand new track on a split 7” with Stockades to be released on Tangled Talk.

Friday 17th JT Soar, Nottingham
Saturday 18th Epic Studios, Norwich
Sunday 19th Bleach, Brighton

Interview: Gnarwolves


We first met Brighton skate punks Gnarwolves two years ago at Hevy Fest 2012. Back then we called them “one of the fastest rising bands the UK has to offer.” And two years on, they’ve been just that.

Having played a ton of shows and festivals in that time, the trio are now set to release their debut full-length. Simply titled 'Gnarwolves', the record takes the thriving punk elements of the bands previous EPs and combines it with a plethora of raw hooks along with the occasional introspective number.

We caught up with Thom Weeks and Charlie Piper at the Leeds Festival after they defeated the monstrous task of opening up the Main Stage. Along with Senior Editor Sean Reid, the pair discussed at length a range of topics; the step up to the Main Stage, their growth as a band, being a strong example of independent music in the UK, what UK bands we should know about, working with producer Lewis John again, their up and coming debut US tour and more.

AH: Earlier on you played the main stage. How was the transition from playing the Lock Up stage last year?
Thom: It was a transition.

Charlie: It was great step up. The Lock Up last year is such a hard show to beat. It was so brilliant. One of the best shows I’ve ever done in my life. Still until this day, when they told us we were doing main stage, we were like “really? As if we are going to do this?” But it still paid off. Obviously the barrier gap is a barrier gap, there was last year as well, but you kind of forget about it. It took the last 3 songs for kids to get into today but it was still really good. We were having so much fun. I was pulling away from vocals and I could hear people singing along and stuff.

Thom: It was amazing. It was a cool experience. We are really privileged to be able to do it.

Charlie: It felt so good after the set. It was really fucking rad!

AH: By playing on the main stage, did you find it daunting at all?
Thom: Yeah it’s really nerve-racking. I imagine anyone you ask that opens up that stage tells you the exact same thing because mostly it’s bands who play small club shows. It’s terrifying. How do you know if you’re going to fill up that space? I’m 5ft 5 and a half, it’s not an easy feat really but it was really fun to give it a go.

Charlie: It’s interesting to see how everyone is going to act. It’s a surprise isn’t it?

Thom: But then every show should be a surprise. It’s very rare you go into a show and you’re like “I know exactly how this is going to go.”

Charlie: We always go into shows not knowing. We always try and guess but you can never judge.

AH: Did you find it difficult taking that intimate show you have and putting it on the big stage?
Thom: I think we just did the same thing we normally do and hope for the best really.

Charlie: Well for a while we spoke about certain things we would change then in the end we toured for the last few weeks, then at the end of the tour we thought “why don’t we just do this on that stage?” So we did that instead.

Thom: I think that is what went well about it. We didn’t try and turn into a “main stage band” or throw it all out of the window just because we’re on a stage the size of a football pitch.

Charlie: Kids can’t stage dive, so crowdsurf. Things like that here and there. We just want to see people having fun, that’s all we really care about. We don’t want to be like what you said structuring a set to make it everyone sits down and stand up and everyone jumps up and down. If we feel people should be jumping at any point we go “oi! Jump! Go on! Do it!” And if they don’t do it then fair enough.

Thom: It’s all about spontaneity.

Charlie: It’s like we say “it’d be nice to see some of you guys go a bit mental” but if not don’t worry, thank you very much.

Thom: Do what you want.

AH: I think also you get seen by people who may have not heard you before.
Thom: Absolutely.

Charlie: Definitely. If you think about the amount of people walking at the back of the crowd…

Thom: Seeing our stupid faces on those screens. (all laugh)

Charlie: “He looks a bit weird.”

Thom: “He’s got a creepy face.”

Charlie: “His hair is a bit long. He needs a haircut.”

Thom: “He’s not your typical handsome indie NME male.”

Charlie: “He’s not some weird dressing gown.” (all laugh) Zebra print trousers - get off!

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Gnarwolves Stream Debut Album

Next Monday Gnarwolves release their self-titled debut album through Big Scary Monsters / Tangled Talk. However the trio have launched a full stream of the album, which can be heard by clicking read more.

30th Clwb ifor Bach, Cardiff
1st Cavern, Exeter
2nd Fleece, Bristol
3rd Talk, Birmingham
4th Kingston College, Kingston
5th Underworld, London*
6th Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes*
7th Rescue Rooms, Nottingham*
8th Audio, Glasgow*
9th Brudenell Social Club, Leeds*
10th Sound Control, Manchester*
11th Epic Studios, Norwich*
12th The Haunt, Brighton*
* = Prawn and Public Domain supporting

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Gnarwolves Posts New Song (‘Day Man’)

With just over a week until Gnarwolves release their debut full-length, the Brighton based trio have posted another track from the record. Click read more to hear 'Day Man'.

30th Clwb ifor Bach, Cardiff
1st Cavern, Exeter
2nd Fleece, Bristol
3rd Talk, Birmingham
4th Kingston College, Kingston
5th Underworld, London*
6th Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes*
7th Rescue Rooms, Nottingham*
8th Audio, Glasgow*
9th Brudenell Social Club, Leeds*
10th Sound Control, Manchester*
11th Epic Studios, Norwich*
12th The Haunt, Brighton*
* = Prawn and Public Domain supporting

'Gnarwolves' is released on 15th September through Big Scary Monsters / Tangled Talk.

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Gnarwolves Preview S/T Album with ‘Boneyard’

Gnarwolves are gearing up for the release of their self-titled LP on September 15th, and have now posted the second track from the record - 'Boneyard'.

The track can be streamed after the jump, and the record will be released through Big Scary Monsters / Tangled Talk. Fans can pre-order the record here.

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Gnarwolves Announce Debut Album, Unveil New Track ‘Smoking Kills’

Gnarwolves have revealed details of their hotly-anticipated debut full-length. The album will be self-titled and will be Big Scary Monsters and Tangled Talk will be released in September.

The lead single, 'Smoking Kills' was premiered on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show last night, and now a video of the track has been released and can be viewed by clicking read more.

Guitarist and vocalist Thom Weeks says of the track:

"Smoking Kills, on a personal level is about my relationship with my father, but it’s also about the way society demonizes the young” dispelling the myth that all Punk bands write about is pizza and old Hot Water Music records. “Lyrically, the songs are snapshots of my own neurosis, trying to capture those moments where you stop being rational and become a slave to your own thought process. The moments where you think you’ve completely fucked everything, before you speak to someone and they put life back into perspective."

1. Prove It
2. Boneyard
3. Everything You Think You Know
4. Bottle to Bottle
5. Smoking Kills
6. Day Man
7. Hate Me(Don’t Stand Still)
8. Ebb
9. Flow
10. Eat Dynamite, Kid

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Pariso and Svalbard Stream Collaborative Split LP

The forthcoming collaborative split LP from Pariso and Svalbard is streaming ahead of its release through Tangled Talk next Monday (7th July).

The album includes four Pariso tracks, three Svalbard tracks and two collaborative efforts. Fans can stream the record on Rock Sound or by clicking read more.

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Pariso Stream New Song

London hardcore mob Pariso are streaming their new song 'Helios, The Demise'

The track is taken from their upcoming collaborative split LP with Svalbard, due for release on the 7th July on Tangled Talk Records.

You can listen to the song by clicking read more.

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Svalbard and Pariso Announce Split LP Plans

Svalbard and Pariso have announced plans to release a split LP that will include 2 collaborative tracks.

The record will be released on 7th July on Tangled Talk in the UK, Holy Ground in the USA, Swarm of Nails in France and Through Love in Germany.

1. Floating Anchors – Pariso & Svalbard
2. Howl Of The Forest - Pariso
3. Underground Notes - Pariso
4. Helios, The Demise - Pariso
5. Delirium - Pariso
6. Ripped Apart - Svalbard
7. Grayscale - Svalbard
8. Allure - Svalbard
9. Faceless – Svalbard & Pariso

The first of the 2 collaborative tracks, 'Floating Anchors' can be streamed on Thrash Hits or by clicking read more.

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Tangled Talk Release Free Compilation ft Gnarwolves, Moose Blood, Nai Harvest and Many More

UK independent label Tangled Talk have relaunched their website and to celebrate the occasion, they have released a free 40 track compilation entitled 'Radical Friends'.

The compilation includes tracks by Goodtime Boys, The JCQ, Gnarwolves, Moose Blood, Nai Harvest, Katie Malco, The Story So Far, Baby Godzilla and more.

Download 'Radical Friends' for free here.

The label is also offering 15% off all orders for the next week, using the discount code ‘finally’.

Goodtime Boys - Callous
The Long Haul - Black Dog
Listener - Good News First
Gnarwolves - Melody Has Big Plans
Darkshaft - Free Ben Shunna
Svalbard - Flightless Birds
Pariso - Tower of Genus
Vales - Scripted
The Prestige - Ballroom
Stallone - Nailed Myself To The Cross
The JCQ - Plainview
Let’s Talk Daggers - Humannequin
Battle For Paris - Here’s To Swimming With Bowlegged Women
Blak Nite - Understnd
Tigerscout - Never Knows Best
Moose Blood - Bukowski
The Story So Far - Empty Space
Hop Along - Tibetan Pop Stars
Katie Malco - His Face Is A Map
Nai Harvest - Whatever
Dikembe - Apology Not Fucking Accepted
CityCop - Hospital Beds
Brontide - Coloured Tongues
Holland - Everything You Know Is Lost, But Us
We Never Learned To Live - Crow’s Feet
BATALJ - Snail Satan
Andrew Thomson - Bus Pass
Otto - Clouds
Hey, Joni - Isabelle
The American Scene - Just Say It
Shark Bait - Crippled Youth
Baby Godzilla - A Good Idea Realised
Weak Teeth - ‘I Do Believe We’re Naked’ by Funky C, Funky Do
BATS - Astronomy Astrology
The Physics House Band - Titan
Spirit Moves - Afterglow
Anteater - Vague Unrest
The Tidal Sleep - Failures/Off
I Kill Giants - Part 3
Thom Weeks - The Following Is My Eulogy

Album Review: Stallone - Mire


The harsh and abrasive chaos from the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge and The Chariot are just ‘harsh and abrasive chaos’ to some ears. The latter usage of that phrase was those who don’t get it and that ‘it sounds like a lot of noise’, whereas the former usage was for those who see the phrase as a compliment; music is music, no matter how it comes across.

The technical ability, aggression and intensity is all thrown into a grinder and then carefully placed back together in a jigsaw like fashion; 'Mire' is the album that the previous metaphor belongs to and Stallone seem to know what they’re doing. My first listen didn’t quite get it, but sitting down and actually concentrating it all makes much more sense. It’s this need for a deeper level of concentration that still makes me think to this day that technical music is only appreciated by the more intelligent and creative minds (no offence to everyone else in this pretty little world). I think it’s because a creative mind is able to process the music for what it is, and not just “noise”, as well as appreciate the technicalities at play.

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Let It Die, Pariso, MINE and Svalbard Announce ‘Cover Buzz’ 7”

Let It Die, Pariso, MINE and Svalbard have anniunced they will be releasing a four-way split titled 'Cover Buzz' on 14th October. It will consist of covers celebrates punk, hardcore and powerviolence.

The release will be handled by Dog Knights Productions, Enjoyment Records, Tangled Talk, Cult Culture and Moshtache Records.

It will be pressed on limited jukebox vinyl for a one-time pressing of 250 copies.

A1) Let It Die – War In The Head (7 Seconds)
A2) Pariso – Straight Hypocrisy/Images (Witch Cult/Weekend Nachos)
B1) Svalbard – This Is The End (Victims)
B2) MINE – Everybody Hates Me (Tear It Up)

New Gnarwolves Video (‘Limerence’)

imageHaving spent the summer playing numerous festivals, Gnarwolves have released their new video for 'Limerence' which documents the bands time on the road.

The track appears on the bands 'Funemployed' and is available now on Big Scary MonstersTangled Talk and Day By Day.

The 'Limerence' video can be viewed after the jump below.

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Album Review: Listener - Time Is A Machine


Listener has evolved from a macbook toting duo into a full band and have produced their third full-length, ‘Time Is A Machine’, a deliberate, cohesive effort that is devoid of filler and is completely self confident.

If you’ve never listened to Listener, the first thing you’ll note is the frantic, sometimes erratic, spoken-word style vocals from Dan Smith, and this style is either something you’ll really love or really not love. Regardless, there’s no way you could deny the absolute passion behind every single word of every single lyric. The lyrics are powerful, vibrant, and full of imagery that make it easy to connect to the songs.

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Gnarwolves Reveal ‘Funemployed’ EP Details

Gnarwolves have revealed details of their new EP 'Funemployed.' The four track EP will be released on 17th June through Big Scary Monsters, Tangled Talk (digital release) and Day By Day Records (vinyl release.)

1. Melody Has Big Plans
2. Tongue Surfer
3. Limerence
4. High on a Wire

Two songs; 'Melody Has Big Plans' and 'Limerence' can be heard by clicking read more.

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