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Next week Philadelphia indie punks The Menzingers release, 'Rented World,' one of the
highly anticipated records of 2014 so far. In parts, it picks up where 2012's 'On The
Impossible Past' left off but it also shows the bands growth as songwriters and musicians. We recently spoke to Greg Barnett to discuss the album, the pressure of following up 'On The Impossible Past', their forthcoming London show and the Grozerock Festival.
Despite only forming last year, Essex rockers New City Kings have already gathered plenty of attention from their debut EP - 'Change.' Their radio-friendly rock sound that has seen them compared to a range of bands; Foo Fighters, Deaf Havana, and The Gaslight Anthem.
Already Heard spoke to Mark Kovic to find out more about New City Kings.

With their return to the UK imminent, the latest edition of "Versus" sees us putting the
focus on Alkaline Trio. Self-confessed Trio MEGA fan Jay Sullivan tells us why 'From
Here to Infirmary' is the band’s finest work. Whilst Alex Phelan explains how 'Maybe
I'll Catch Fire' is a superb example of musical catharsis.
12 months from releasing their debut EP, we speak to Blackpool pop-punk/emo
quintet Boston Manor to discuss their influences, achievements so far and thoughts on their contemporaries.
With their latest EP 'Change Nothing, Regret Everything.', Woking five-piece Employed
To Serve have produced 12 minutes of frantic, unrelenting hardcore that finds the band somewhere between The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Chariot. We spoke to Justine from the band to find out how the band has transitioned from a duo to a quintet and she discussed
being part of the Holy Roar! roster, they chaotic yet contained live shows and more.
In the latest edition of our "Tour Tales" feature, Irish doom-punk band Hornets talk us
through their recent UK tour where they played 8 shows in 7 days.
Leeds-based four-piece Walleater are set to digitally release their debut self titled EP next Monday (14th April) through Close To Home Records. We've got the exclusive first play
right here on Already Heard.
As festival season fast approaches, a wealth of notable album releases are happening
in the coming months. We take a look at five must hear releases for April.
This edition of SFTW includes a heavily hyped Canadian punk band, a Philadelphian
lo-fi emo band and a brand new punk rock trio from the States who have recently released their first song.
In the first edition of our new "Industry Insight" feature, we talk to producer Lewis Johns
to find out his beginnings, his recent work with Funeral For A Friend, and Southampton's
Ranch Production House.

Tangled Talk Release Free Compilation ft Gnarwolves, Moose Blood, Nai Harvest and Many More

UK independent label Tangled Talk have relaunched their website and to celebrate the occasion, they have released a free 40 track compilation entitled 'Radical Friends'.

The compilation includes tracks by Goodtime Boys, The JCQ, Gnarwolves, Moose Blood, Nai Harvest, Katie Malco, The Story So Far, Baby Godzilla and more.

Download 'Radical Friends' for free here.

The label is also offering 15% off all orders for the next week, using the discount code ‘finally’.

Goodtime Boys - Callous
The Long Haul - Black Dog
Listener - Good News First
Gnarwolves - Melody Has Big Plans
Darkshaft - Free Ben Shunna
Svalbard - Flightless Birds
Pariso - Tower of Genus
Vales - Scripted
The Prestige - Ballroom
Stallone - Nailed Myself To The Cross
The JCQ - Plainview
Let’s Talk Daggers - Humannequin
Battle For Paris - Here’s To Swimming With Bowlegged Women
Blak Nite - Understnd
Tigerscout - Never Knows Best
Moose Blood - Bukowski
The Story So Far - Empty Space
Hop Along - Tibetan Pop Stars
Katie Malco - His Face Is A Map
Nai Harvest - Whatever
Dikembe - Apology Not Fucking Accepted
CityCop - Hospital Beds
Brontide - Coloured Tongues
Holland - Everything You Know Is Lost, But Us
We Never Learned To Live - Crow’s Feet
BATALJ - Snail Satan
Andrew Thomson - Bus Pass
Otto - Clouds
Hey, Joni - Isabelle
The American Scene - Just Say It
Shark Bait - Crippled Youth
Baby Godzilla - A Good Idea Realised
Weak Teeth - ‘I Do Believe We’re Naked’ by Funky C, Funky Do
BATS - Astronomy Astrology
The Physics House Band - Titan
Spirit Moves - Afterglow
Anteater - Vague Unrest
The Tidal Sleep - Failures/Off
I Kill Giants - Part 3
Thom Weeks - The Following Is My Eulogy

Album Review: Stallone - Mire


The harsh and abrasive chaos from the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge and The Chariot are just ‘harsh and abrasive chaos’ to some ears. The latter usage of that phrase was those who don’t get it and that ‘it sounds like a lot of noise’, whereas the former usage was for those who see the phrase as a compliment; music is music, no matter how it comes across.

The technical ability, aggression and intensity is all thrown into a grinder and then carefully placed back together in a jigsaw like fashion; 'Mire' is the album that the previous metaphor belongs to and Stallone seem to know what they’re doing. My first listen didn’t quite get it, but sitting down and actually concentrating it all makes much more sense. It’s this need for a deeper level of concentration that still makes me think to this day that technical music is only appreciated by the more intelligent and creative minds (no offence to everyone else in this pretty little world). I think it’s because a creative mind is able to process the music for what it is, and not just “noise”, as well as appreciate the technicalities at play.

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Let It Die, Pariso, MINE and Svalbard Announce ‘Cover Buzz’ 7”

Let It Die, Pariso, MINE and Svalbard have anniunced they will be releasing a four-way split titled 'Cover Buzz' on 14th October. It will consist of covers celebrates punk, hardcore and powerviolence.

The release will be handled by Dog Knights Productions, Enjoyment Records, Tangled Talk, Cult Culture and Moshtache Records.

It will be pressed on limited jukebox vinyl for a one-time pressing of 250 copies.

A1) Let It Die – War In The Head (7 Seconds)
A2) Pariso – Straight Hypocrisy/Images (Witch Cult/Weekend Nachos)
B1) Svalbard – This Is The End (Victims)
B2) MINE – Everybody Hates Me (Tear It Up)

New Gnarwolves Video (‘Limerence’)

imageHaving spent the summer playing numerous festivals, Gnarwolves have released their new video for 'Limerence' which documents the bands time on the road.

The track appears on the bands 'Funemployed' and is available now on Big Scary MonstersTangled Talk and Day By Day.

The 'Limerence' video can be viewed after the jump below.

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Album Review: Listener - Time Is A Machine


Listener has evolved from a macbook toting duo into a full band and have produced their third full-length, ‘Time Is A Machine’, a deliberate, cohesive effort that is devoid of filler and is completely self confident.

If you’ve never listened to Listener, the first thing you’ll note is the frantic, sometimes erratic, spoken-word style vocals from Dan Smith, and this style is either something you’ll really love or really not love. Regardless, there’s no way you could deny the absolute passion behind every single word of every single lyric. The lyrics are powerful, vibrant, and full of imagery that make it easy to connect to the songs.

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Gnarwolves Reveal ‘Funemployed’ EP Details

Gnarwolves have revealed details of their new EP 'Funemployed.' The four track EP will be released on 17th June through Big Scary Monsters, Tangled Talk (digital release) and Day By Day Records (vinyl release.)

1. Melody Has Big Plans
2. Tongue Surfer
3. Limerence
4. High on a Wire

Two songs; 'Melody Has Big Plans' and 'Limerence' can be heard by clicking read more.

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Interview: Let’s Talk Daggers


Eastbourne’s Let’s Talk Daggers are ready to open their doors even further to a flood of music fans. Armed with a new mini-album ‘Fantastic Contraption,’released next week via Tangled Talk Records, this trio shows no limits to their brand of noisy chaotic punk.

We caught up with drummer Steven Berry and bassist/second vocalist Jim Francis to talk about their new release, work on their upcoming debut album, and their thoughts on the British music scene.

Hello, who am I speaking with and can you please tell us your roles in the band?
Let’s Talk Daggers: Hello! Steven (Drums) and Jamie (Bass/2nd Vocal) here.

For those who are unfamiliar, can you give some background info on the band from the very start?
LTD: We became friends at school and played in other bands without really taking it too seriously. We used to be a 5-piece playing different music and eventually heading toward the direction we’re at now. Other members lost interest and we tragically lost our front-man David in 2008. It was a very difficult time for us but after a long period of confusion and being undecided about the future, we felt that we should carry on doing what we love but that we’d never replace David. We’ve been a 3-piece ever since.

Your newest mini album ‘Fantastic Contraption’ is about to be unfurled on the 25th March. How have the reactions been to this record so far?
LTD: The album has been very well received so far. We’ve had some glowing early reviews, air play, and exclusive features with Rock Sound and Front Magazine. I’m not sure people get what we’re all about straight away.

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Interview: Gnarwolves

Did you hear about Gnarwolves at Hevy Fest? They opened up the Main Stage on the Friday and were playing to about 8 people. Why so? Well, whoever it was at the arena entrance said that ‘no bands were playing’ and that nobody could enter, even though everyone could CLEARLY hear Gnarwolves. Cue super punk moment of everyone rushing the gates and storming in to watch one of the fastest rising bands the UK has to offer. Believe the hype.

Despite the alcohol we managed to chat to Gnarwolves about their previous musical endeavours, their involvement with Tangled Talk and watching movies with either ‘a chick or dudes’…

'CRU' by Gnarwolves is out now on Tangled Talk Records.

Gnarwolves links: Facebook|Twitter|BandCamp

View more of Already Heard’s coverage of Hevy Festival 2012 here.

Questions by Rosie Kerr (@Rosiekerr)

Interview: Vales

Vales provided one of the highlights in the Red Bull tent at last month’s Hevy Festival but before they did so we sat down (literally) with Ollie and Chlo about the reception to their debut EP, their involvement with Tangled Talk and which Glassjaw album is the best.

'Clarity' by Vales is out now on Tangled Talk.

Vales links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Questions by Rosie Kerr (@Rosiekerr)

Album Review: Gnarwolves - CRU EP

Gruff, fast and pop. Equally fitting of an unlikely brand of cereal, these qualitatives also conveniently fit Brighton punk outfit Gnarwolves. EP 'CRU' is a showcase of the warm-hearted aggression they wear on their sleeve through half a dozen fast-paced and rowdy tracks of pop-punk goodness. The band find their spot somewhere between the songwriting of early Against Me! combined with a style along the lines of Basement, a cocktail that surely has a bunch of people foaming at the mouth.

Opener ‘History Is Bunk’ is a short, sweet and triumphant blast as it sprints out of the starting blocks all crashing cymbals and raucous guitars before cutting with an effortless suddenness into a rousing chorus of gang vocals as they iterate again and again that ‘it’s not the same thing’. All credit should be due to the superb songwriting on display here as ‘We Want The Whip’ is another little gem that sees the band weave shouty verses with charming choruses ready to be shouted back at the band.

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Kerouac Discography Vinyl Release Announced (‘Heavy Hearted: Collected Recordings 2009-2011’)

Kerouac and Holy Roar/Tangled Talk have announced details of ‘Kerouac - Heavy Hearted: Collected Recordings 2009-2011’ which will consist of everything Kerouac have released including early demos, ‘Cold and Distant, Not Loving’ mini-album, split releases with The Long Haul and Pariso and unlisted bonus live recordings.

The LP release will be limited to 500 with 250 being split between Holy Roar and Tangled Talk.

100 x ultra clear vinyl
200 x white vinyl
200 x black vinyl

Further details can be found on Holy Roar and Tangled Talk.