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Let’s be clear here; 100 Years aren’t going to be soundtracking your relaxing pedalo trip in Magaluf this summer. Since forming back in 2012 as a supergroup of sorts with members coming from some of Scandinavia’s most disconcerting musical vessels, the band have been crafting their downtrodden and desolating brand of indie metal to bring out the highest level of darkness that they can. This self-titled effort is the result and it ain’t half bleak.

In the world of 100 Years, there is no happiness, or cheer, or joy, or laughter. Their music feels heavily influenced by Sweden’s death metal and goth scenes, yet they have portrayed these in a more accessible but no less palatable manner. ’The Medicine Knows My Name’ and ‘Too Far From Goodness’ stomp about and spasm uncontrollably with downtrodden atmospheres and viciously dark vocal cuts, while closer ‘Concrete Eden’ batters at the eardrums with apocalyptic tones.

Though it may all be doom and gloom, it certainly isn’t all one paced – ‘All Grey’ is a slice of fast and thick gothic punk while ‘All The Fools And Me’ lives up to its title with jovial percussions to complement its deranged and devastating overtones. This is a record made for lonely winter nights and days of torrential downpour, it is for when you want to lose yourself in the darkness and let your deepest fears and insecurities come out to play. It is a fountain of dark emotions that spews its guts for 35 minutes before leaving you weakened and insecure.

‘100 Years’ is dark, twisted voyage into the unknown and unfamiliar. It is tranquil and uncomforting in equal measure. Swirling together gothic undertones with classically metal clicks of the heel 100 Years have created a soundtrack to you getting lost in the fog, unsure of how to get out or what you may in contact with. Listen with the lights off.


’100 Years’ by 100 Years is out now via Suicide Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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