Album Review: Matt Churchill – Cause / Affect EP

image‘Cause / Affect’ is the first of three EPs that London based singer-songwriter Matt Churchill is aiming to release this year, with ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Overseas’ following in the summer, and it takes a few listens to really appreciate the detail.

Matt’s soft vocals and chilled acoustic, almost shoegaze at times, vibe is a pleasant listen but you find yourself waiting for the big chorus that never arrives. The title track is a perfect example of this – it’s a light, dreamy and well written song that hints at a game changing upswing throughout. The same could be said for ‘Of My Time’ too. It’s a moodier and thought provoking three minutes but I’m left frustrated that nothing more contagious breaks out. Both tracks would sit well on a longer release in truth – to act as the breather between more adventurous moments.

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Closing track ‘Colourblind’ adds nothing new to the mix here, aside from some initial worries that we’d be treated to a cover of the Darius Danesh song by the same name, as it’s another slow ebbed song.

Matt Churchill’s ‘Cause /Affect’ is perfectly inoffensive and an agreeable listen throughout. It will leave some listeners longing for a surge of energy and some much needed bravado though.


‘Cause / Affect’ EP by Matt Churchill is released on 5th May.

Matt Churchill links: Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Tom Beck.


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