Album Review: Neither Scene Nor Herd – How It Ends EP


Neither Scene Nor Herd are a small time American alternative rock band hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina. ‘How It Ends’ is a fantastic alternative EP collaborating the rock style with punk and indie elements. The tracks have a fresh new sound and the melodies are truly mesmerising, and display awesome instrumental talent.

The record begins with ‘Relapse’, an upbeat speedy rock track with fantastic melodic guitar riffs and a heavy beat. The band has an original punky style, and the unique vocals from leader singer have a fresh raw edge. The guitar is ingeniously playful and effortlessly flows through the track. This follows with ‘May 8’, a stunning hit which has a similar style. The song stars punchy powerful vocals and outstanding instrumental flair. The melody is cleverly catchy and has absolutely fantastic poetic guitar work.

The favourite is ‘We Rob Banks’; it has a hardcore edge with the heavy rapid beat of the drums. The song showcases an amazing guitar instrumental solo that completely grabs your attention. The track flows into a slower pace with an ambient harmonious rhythm, with soft vocals and soothing elegiac guitar riffs. Neither Scene Nor Herd have created a powerful emotional track with pure passion, which then breaks back into the heavy rock sound to finish.

The EP closes with ‘Try, Try Again’ an exciting upbeat song with a tremendous instrumental introduction. The track has a melodious rock style with an ambient rhythm, which suddenly smashes into overwhelming heavy rock moments that star fantastically influential drums and hard-hitting riffs. The tune has the same style as ‘We Rob Banks,’ it slows into a poetic soft rhythm and comes back full force with the deep drums and guitar riffs.

Neither Scene Nor Herd are a talented bunch that have created a yummy EP that makes you hungry for more. The tracks have a unique original flair and style that make the band truly enticing. The music smoothly flows between heavy rock to a more ambient slow-paced poetic sound. Every track is diverse and expertly combines different alternative elements to create smash-hits.


‘How It Ends’ by Neither Scene Nor Heard is out now.

Neither Scene Nor Herd Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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