Album Review: Raised As Wolves – An Ocean On Fire

imageA blend of melodic vocals with some heavy sounding double bass and guitar riffs, Raised As Wolves are another UK band coming out of Yorkshire with a nice mixture of heavy and melodic music.

25/09/11’ starts off the five track EP as a slow piano with added acoustic guitar; coming in, it slowly builds up to lead into the riff filled ‘Conversations’. The second track is full of melodic leads and some not too heavy sounding guitar chords, with vocals in the more singing camp it’s a nice vocal tone that works for the song.

Next up is ‘It’s In Our Blood’ which can be described as a more commercial sounding song as the main guitar riff sounds like it fell off the Alter Bridge wagon which is of course a good thing. With some crooning vocals with added screaming backing vocals they mix well and the riff really is catchy.

Then this is where the EP takes a different turn slowing right down and a change in sound. ‘Aggressive Gentlemen, Not Reckless’ is a more melodic pop sounding song. Clean guitar riffs, melodic lead guitar with some guitar solos and some added heavy riffs at the end it’s an interesting mix.

Last track on this short five song EP is ‘Reflections’ an echo sounding slow lead guitar intro it lulls you into the song with some added bass lines. As the vocals are sung really low, it slowly builds up to a massive crescendo of heavy sounding riffs and lead guitar. Add some repetitive lyrics and a guitar solo at the end, and the EP finishes on a big high.

This EP shows off all the best parts of the band; slow guitar work, heavy riffs and some croon style vocals. Overall it’s a nice little EP but a little bit more diversity with the songs would have made it better. However they have made a heavy EP that doesn’t overstep the mark.


An Ocean On Fire’ by Raised By Wolves is out now and can be downloaded for free here.

Raised As Wolves links: Facebook|Twitter|BigCartel

Words by Aaron Wilson (@soundslikeajw)


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