Album Review: Rodeo Ruby Love – The Pits


Pop-country band Rodeo Ruby Love have been quite open about the fact that they take their inspiration from real life stories and things happening around them; making them a band that should be easy to connect with and will create significant meaning between themselves and their fans. Their music combines a mixture of pop, rock, country, soul and gospel, which can be uplifting whilst also being thought-provoking.

Despite being catchy, you wonder with ‘The Pits’ whether it has any real direction. Opener ‘Made It Marion’ is definitely an addictive track, but you find yourself consistently wondering what’s missing; perhaps, it just feels too stripped back in parts – which can often be good but in some instances such as this, it just doesn’t feel right.

My main issue with this record is that it has plenty of potential but it feels like it’s failed to reach it; in fact, it reminds me of Fun.’s first record, but more lacklustre. Tracks such as ‘The Pits’ feel lazy, and by the time you get to ‘Where You Find It’ – which isn’t even the halfway point of this album – you begin to notice that they are relying on gang vocals/harmonies to create momentum. I find that they can often make a track better once, but using it over and over again across the album is quite suggestive of the fact that you probably couldn’t think of anything else.

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On the upside, ‘Sweet Adam’ is reflective of it’s track title – it’s sweet, uplifting and the use of percussion, brass and piano create the track that I really think they failed to create in the first few tracks of the record. Despite the group harmonies, which really are becoming annoying, it’s a great pop song.

There are upsides to this record the deep and personal lyrics are something that is always something I – and I won’t be alone in this – appreciate in a band. It helps create a better connection with them and when you can form a relation to a track or an album, you won’t ever really forget it.

Unfortunately, a lot of the songs on ‘The Pits’ can be quite forgettable; ‘Christina’ amongst others, sound like every other song. It’s odd because sometimes a band can keep consistentsy in their music and you won’t get bored of it, but with Rodeo Ruby Love, it seems that they should be better off mixing it up a bit.

Overall, it isn’t a completely terrible album – it’s listenable and it’s mood lifting; but if you’re looking for something that will change your life, this isn’t the one.


‘The Pits’ by Rodeo Ruby Love is out now on Pentimento Music Company

Rodeo Ruby Love links: Tumblr|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Sarah Russell (Sarahrusselll_)


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