Album Review: Shouting Signals – Stand Your Ground EP

Album Review: Shouting Signals – Stand Your Ground EP

imageEssex born Shouting Signals, formed in 201,1 are looking to breakout and make a big impression in 2013 with the release of this their ‘Stand Your Ground’ EP.

First up is ‘Never Run Away’, and with heavy style riffs intertwined with some catchy lead guitar riffs, it’s a good start. As the sweet vocals come in with a seriously catchy chorus sounding perfect for a live setting you can just imagine it being sang back in volumes. ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ comes in next with a big guitar tapping hook, as the staccato riffs come in it leads to another whopping massive chorus hook “keep your breath in, till you breathe out” as the rock rhythm comes in as simple but effective guitar solo comes in to lead to one final chorus push to the end.

Third song in on the EP and the band bring out some heavy chugging riffs and double bass on ‘One Forty’. ‘All My Answers’ is another straight down the line rock song, with plenty of rhythm and lead guitar parts it allows the band to power through with a breakdown right at the end of the song.

Final song of the EP and the (so called) first single from the band, ‘The Penitence’ starts with a guitar tapping lead guitar hook, moving into a catchy chorus backed up by some gang vocals, it’s by far the heaviest sounding song of the EP. With the double bass, heavy guitar riffs, sweet vocals and emotive lyrics it’s a song that showcases all aspects of the band well.

Overall it is a good little catchy EP with some heavy moments and catchy vocal lines any fan of bands like Decade, Anavae and I Divide would easily latch on to this band and love what they’re doing.


‘Stand Your Ground’ by Shouting Signals is out now to buy or on iTunes on the 1st April.

Shouting Signals links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|YouTube

Words by Aaron Wilson (@soundslikeajw)