Album Review: The Long Run – Homebase


Reviewing music every week introduces me to lots of new music, which has its ups and downs. More often than not I will be listening to the overdone pop punk music that has long since evolved, which makes me hesitant every time I have to listen to another. This time I have The Long Run, a band that have evolved and moved on, which made this task much less arduous.

Cliché guitar riff? Check. Cliché whiny America accent? Check. Chanted vocals? Check. Okay, I may be jumping straight into being negative, but give me a chance. The Long Run do stand out, and ‘Letter Of Approval’ seems to fit the paint by numbers style pop punk that I hear constantly, but there’s something different. The sound is very impressive, very professional, and this helps. The drums bring a different level to it, which is why I’m more inclined to say I like this song. What makes me lose a little faith is the breakdown. It has everything it needs, although it just doesn’t have the weight needed to make you want to move.

‘Departure’ is heavier than the previous song, making me much more interested. Joshua Torres’ vocals sound like a less shit version of Craig Mabbitt, and brings the music forward, moulding with everything else. Reminding me more of A Day To Remember now but still sounding like themselves, the heavier side to The Long Run is their better side. This song has made me a fan of these guys. The breakdown in this song is exactly what I wanted to hear, and the vocals are perfect for it. 

As it started, I was worried ‘No Sleep’ was going to be a below par effort at a pop punk song, but it kicked in and destroyed all notions of that. The chorus brings them up another level, being catchy and memorable. The more aggressive vocals work well for the music too, it’s just a shame that they’re not included in the music more. 

Starting off a little poor in my eyes, the EP gained momentum and finished on a high. The cliché pop punk influenced by Blink 182 and other bands from that era isn’t that interesting when attempted by The Long Run. When the heavier elements are introduced, the music becomes more interesting, and that is where the qualities of The Long Run present themselves. The drumming on these songs are incredible, I’ve heard similar efforts before and I’m sure I will again, but there’s no denying that this guy is a force to be reckoned with. Majorly impressed with this EP, and I’m hoping to hear more soon. 


‘Homebase’ by The Long Run is out now.

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Words by Callum McPhee (@Callum0510)


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