Album Review: Tilian – Material Me

Tillian is the side project of Tillian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance fame. He’s been in a few other bands too like Tides Of Man and he also tried out for Saosin. So it’s fair to say he has plenty of experience. If you are looking for similarity to these bands though, I’m afraid that isn’t what you will find on ’Material Me’.

‘Material Me’ is an expertly crafted pop record. It’s one you can imagine hearing on the radio. The record starts out strong with ‘Now Or Never’, with it’s relaxed melody and driving beat, it plainly sets out what to expect throughout the record.

‘Chemicals’ is the stand out track on ’Material Me’. Pop melodies, passionately sung with hooks that are catchy and get stuck in your head. It’s a relatively simple track but as with most great pop songs its simplicity and catchiness are what makes the track so strong.

My main problem with ’Material Me’ is that all the stronger tracks are grouped together within the records first half. After the half way point the record seems to be lacking and not quite as good, which is fine, I find most records have a few filler tracks on them, but spread out between the good tracks they don’t seem to stand out so much. The final track ‘Feel It Again’ isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, it just ends rather abruptly and leaves you wanting something more. In the form of an EP this works much better but this being a  full length I found it a bit disappointing.

‘Material Me’ stands as a testament to Tillian Pearson’s songwriting skills, he has crafted a great pop record that I honestly was not expecting, considering I am not a fan of any of his previous bands. With that I’d have to recommend it to anyone, fans of Pearson’s previous bands will no doubt be fans and those like myself who haven’t enjoyed much of that scenes output. Overall it is just a record with good pop songs that get stuck in your head, it doesn’t require much thinking either which means its perfectly fine to throw on whilst doing some work, or just lazying around. A good first offering from Tillian? I’d say so.


‘Material Me’ by Tilian is out now on Vital Records.

Tilian links: Facebook

Words by Ryan Clayton


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