Album Review: We Are Forever – To Be Alive


Indianapolis pop-rockers We Are Forever are releasing their first full-length album ‘To Be Alive’. These youngsters impressively won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands this year to perform at Warped Tour in America, and this new record is certainly the cherry to top it all off.

The new record is an upbeat punk-pop enthusiastic hit, adding a fresh new dynamic to the usual American pop-punk style. The group’s style reminds me of a theatrical musical display, full of energy with powerful backing vocals and superb high-notes.

It certainly won’t be for everyone, but the group will find fandom with teenage girls that’s for sure. To sum it all up ‘To Be Alive’ could be a soundtrack for a Disney musical; it’s theatrical, soppy, cheesy, and features typical heartbreaking lyrics. However, you can’t deny the band’s talent, technically, they are superb and instrumentally, they’re fantastic.

‘Fighting For You’ is the favourite tune, featuring melodic acoustic riffs and sweet heart-wrenching lyrics, for example “Looking back when we held hands in the rain, oh we thought we could last through anything, and now we’re breaking down, watching sunsets in different rooms”. The track is a superb uplifting song which will lightly tug on those heart strings, starring electrifying riffs, wonderful vocals and a brilliant breakdown.

We Are Forever have already released the lead single for the record called ‘Everything You Are’, which is a fast-paced rocky track featuring heavy drums, electrifying riffs and a punchy melody. The chorus is a superb upbeat pop sing-along, with harmonious vocals that are completely captivating.

The other recommend hit to give a listen to is ’Goodbye My Hero’. It’s another hard-hitting tune with slow soft riffs and soulful vocals. The song is an emotional whirlwind with powerfully touching lyrics and has a superb instrumental breakdown that is magnificently enchanting; you will want to listen to it over and over.

We Are Forever have created a superb first album that is sure to launch their musical career. It may be a tad like marmite, but if emotional pop-rock is your cup of tea you will love it. Musically and vocally this album is an absolute triumph; these youngsters are sure to have teenage girls swooning all over America and here in the UK.


‘To Be Alive’ by We Are Forever is out on the 3rd September.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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