Album Review: Worthy Victims – Worthy Victims EP

imageWith their EP being released to little fanfare and their first show not until August, it seems that Worthy Victims have sprung out of nowhere. However if the Brighton based punk band’s first effort is anything to go by, this little known outfit will be firmly on the map before 2013 draws to an end.

Their self-titled EP is five tracks of storming, aggressive punk, Worthy Victims have a retro sound, and wouldn’t be out of place amongst the Rebellion Festival line up. Their 80’s punk vibe is strangely refreshing to hear and this nine minute EP is a sure-fire winner.

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The first four tracks are rapid slices of short, shouty bangers, with each song blending almost seamlessly into the next. Opener ‘It’s Kicking Off’ almost sounds like two tracks, with an excellent call-and-response segment around the halfway mark.

The absolute highlight of this EP however is final track ‘Black Skies’; with a metal influenced intro, this track takes a slightly slowed-down approach compared to the others and shows that amongst the shouting and chaos, Worthy Victims are also skilled musicians.

Currently free to download, there’s absolutely no reason not to pick up this hidden gem. Fun and frantic, if Worthy Victims can bring this energy to their life performance then we can expect huge things from them. Watch this space.


Worthy Victims’ by Worthy Victims is out now via Bandcamp.

Worthy Victims links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Jay Sullivan


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