Already Heard Video Premiere: TIRADE – Snakes and Social Ladders

With a sound that combines pop punk hooks and the flourishing alt-rock style of bands such as Lower Than Atlantis and Press To Meco, it is clear Manchester quartet TIRADE have a lot of potential. So much so that when we heard their new single, ‘Snakes and Social Ladders,’ we knew we had to feature the band in some form or another. Thankfully the band were keen too and so we’ve bagged the exclusive first play of the singles music video.

Having formed just over a year ago, TIRADE’s debut EP, ‘If I Told You, I’d Have To Kill You,’ laid down the foundation of what ‘Snakes and Social Ladders’ shows; a riff-laden sound supplemented with occasional pop punk rhythms giving off a glowing urgency in their overall delivery. ‘Snakes and Social Ladders’ is the first taster of the bands second EP, which they’ve been recording with acclaimed producer Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House in Southampton. Whilst the clip sees the four-piece working with Boston Manor’s Henry Cox.

On top of premiering the video for ‘Snakes and Social Ladders,’ we also asked TIRADE some questions about their history, the video and their forthcoming EP.

AH: We’re premiering the video for ‘Snakes and Social Ladders’ which is your first single since last years ‘If I Told You, I’d Have To Kill You’ EP. For new listeners, bring them up to speed on the history of TIRADE?
Tirade: We were really happy when we released our first EP; it was a self-release that was done entirely off of our own back, ‘Snakes and Social Ladders’ is the first thing song from our upcoming EP that we feel shows who we really are as a band.

We formed in October 2014 and rehearsed pretty intensely until we felt we were ready to put on a decent enough show, we then tried to play as many shows as we could before finally getting into the studio and recording our EP.
Around this time we were given the chance to play Burnout Festival in Belgium, and we were humbled to play alongside many amazing upcoming European bands, and it gave us an early insight into what playing abroad is like.

Since then we have gigged and rehearsed even more intensely, building towards releasing something that truly represents our sound, we hope you like it!

AH: As for the track itself, what is it all about?
Tirade: ‘Snakes and Social Ladders’ is about how hard it can be to make a genuine group of friends in a new place where it seems everyone is out to elevate themselves, rather than have a laugh. It’s kind of a letter of resignation from that whole situation, saying that we’d rather just stay in with a trusted group of mates.

AH: The track is also the first taste of your new EP, which you’ve been recording at The Ranch Production House. The studio is known for producing an array of UK bands. How did you find the experience of recording there?
Tirade: AMAZING. It was wonderful working with Neil Kennedy. He is the producer that every band needs, especially those that may not be as confident in a professional studio environment. The whole recording experience was really chill and we had a great time doing it, we can’t wait to get back there in April to record the rest of the EP!

Also a shout out to Daley and Dom the assistant engineers for all of their help, and for giving us a lift to the shops.

AH: How was it working with Henry Cox on the video? It looked like it was a lot of fun to film?
Tirade: It was great! He is really coordinated and definitely knows what he is doing, he made the whole recording process really relaxed and easy, it really felt like he was working alongside us to make something that we would all be proud of; the final product looks amazing! Any bands looking for a video, go hit up Henry, he’s a boss man.

AH: So with the single now out and the EP nearly completed, what’s next for Tirade?
We’ll be releasing our new EP in the summer and getting merchandise ready, we are playing a few festivals and are also really excited to go out on a UK tour with our friends in One Last Run. We are going to be playing as many shows as possible to showcase the new songs, as well as constantly writing and getting ready for our next release… whenever that may be…

‘Snakes and Social Ladders’ by TIRADE is out now.

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