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Feature: “If I…” with Lions Lions’ Joshua Herzer

Boston Massachusetts’ Lions Lions have shared the stage with the likes of Comeback Kid, For Today, We Came As Romance, and Sleeping With Sirens and their latest release 'To Carve Our Names' is a relentless Post-Hardcore record that delivers huge riffs and choruses. The band also includes former members of Vanna, A Loss For Words and Therefore I Am.

On 'To Carve Our Names' songs like 'The Undertow' and 'White Flag' shows the band range the latter being a fast-paced, aggressive number with the former being a punchy, melodic track that fits the bands style well. 

Frontman Joshua Herzer recently spoke to Already Heard to take part in our "If I…" feature which sees bands telling us which song they would re-record, what band they would like to see back together, their fantasy festival lineup and more.

If I could re-record one song it would be…
Joshua Herzer: Diving Bells and Cinderblocks”. It’s a Lions Lions song from the album “Direction”. It’s from before I was in the band, but it’s always been one of my favorite songs by the band. I would love to sing this song.

If I could re-live one tour/show it would be…
Joshua: The “To Carve Our Names” CD release show at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. All the bands that played were friends of ours and the overall atmosphere was surreal. One of my favorite shows ever.

If I had the chance to play one venue it would be…
Joshua: I’ve been fortunate enough to play a lot of really cool venues, but I’d have to say The Knitting Factory in Reno, NV. I grew up in Reno, and the venue opened around the same time I moved to New England. It would be awesome to go back and play there.

If I could play with one band it would be…
Joshua: Glassjaw. They’re my all time favorite band, and I haven’t had a chance to see them live. That would be a dream come true.

If I could play with any person living or dead it would be…
Joshua: Michael Jackson. The best there ever was.

If I could bring back any band that have split up, it would be…
Joshua: As Tall as Lions or Acceptance. There’s not enough music like theirs around anymore. Plus I never got to see either of them live.

If I wasn’t playing music, I would be…
Joshua: A struggling writer. I love writing, but I never finish anything I set.

If I could play a different genre it would be…
Joshua: Jazzy acoustic stuff. I’ve been writing a lot of that kind of thing, hopefully it could see the light of day, at some point.

If I could have written any song it would be…
Joshua: "Call Me Maybe", so I could have a one BILLION dollars.

If I could have written any album it would be…
Joshua: "Between the Heart and Synapse" by The Receiving End of Sirens. It’s a masterpiece of Post Hardcore goodness. A damn near perfect album.

If I could headline any festival, it would be…
Joshua: Vans Warped Tour or Projekt Revolution.

If I could organise my own festival, the bands playing would be…
Joshua: Glassjaw, Thrice, TREOS, Thursday, Bruno Mars, Usher, The Used, The Chariot, The Reign of Kindo, Vanna, A Loss for Words, Such Gold, Longshot and every other band that’s good.

If I could play any other instrument, it would be…
Joshua: Piano. I can play a little bit, but not nearly enough.

If I could give one piece of advice to a new band, it would be…
Joshua: It’s ok to be inspired by/learn things from other bands. Just don’t copy them. And do whatever the hell you want! (That last part sort of negates the previous advice, but still, do whatever you want). 

'To Carve Our Name' by Lions Lions is available now on Hollywood Waste.

Lions Lions links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Youtube

Words by Sean Reid

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