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Already Heard Recommends: May 2018

While the festival season is more or less in full swing, that doesn’t mean we’re moving the spotlight away from emerging talent. “Recommends” is our monthly showcase of need-to-know new bands. This month’s edition of “Recommends” consists of hotly tipped metalcore newcomers GroundCulture, technical modern metallers Mask of Judas, 90s-esqueBuy Valium Europe

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Already Heard Recommends: April 2018

With April being overloaded with new music, you could consider our monthly roundup of essential emerging bands being more than important than ever. We’ll let you decide as “Recommends” is on hand to highlight five up-and-coming bands that aren’t to be ignored. This month’s we introduce you to Manchester expansive1000 Valium Cheap

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Already Heard Recommends: March 2018

As Spring fast approaches, our monthly roundup of essential emerging bands is here. Once again “Recommends” serves a handful of promising bands we think shouldn’t be ignored. March’s edition consists of five up-and-coming acts led by the five-star rated metallers Greyhaven. Joining them are Bournemouth-based emo/pop-punk upstarts Wolf Culture, ScottishBuy Indian Valium

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Already Heard Recommends: October 2017

Last month we relaunched our “Recommends” feature under a new format. The combination of bite-sized interviews and highlighting bloody good new bands has had a positive reaction. So much so, that this month’s edition has 10(!) need-to-know bands for you to discover. From rousing rock ‘n’ roll via Canada toValium Online Canada

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Already Heard Recommends: September 2017

Back when we launched Already Heard in 2012, we took great pride in endorsing a whole host of up-and-coming bands through our “Recommends” feature. Unfortunately, over time our focus has moved away from the feature, that is until now. Today, we’re relaunching “Recommends” as a monthly breakdown of worthwhile newBuy Msj Valium Online Uk

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Already Heard Recommends: Gender Roles

From Black Peaks all the way up to Architects, Brighton has already produced some of the most exciting bands in the British rock scene today. Adding this already glowing scene are indie rock-ish three-piece Gender Roles. Last week, they release their debut EP ‘Planet X-Ray’, a hazy, crunchy but highlyBuy Diazepam From Mexico

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Already Heard Recommends: My Only

With a debut EP riddled with personal self-doubt and loss, My Only look to lay down a potentially expansive ground work with ‘This Room & You’. The subject of loss is always carried with a heavy weight yet it has a tendency to create something positive. With their debut EP,Valium Online Europe

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Already Heard Recommends: Puppy

In an age where every band is for some reason or another boxed in a genre, London-based trio Puppy are a slice of fresh air. Formed in late 2014 by vocalist/guitarist Jock Norton and drummer Billy Howard, later joined by bassist Will Michael, Puppy has been gathering momentum for theBuy Valium Cheap Online Uk

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Already Heard Recommends: Hot Damn

Hailing from the Welsh music hotbed that is Newport, South Wales Hot Damn are just one of the many up and coming pop punk bands who are gathering momentum both here in the UK and overseas. Later this month the quintet release a new mini-album entitled ‘Sleep Alone’ through Boston, Massachusetts labelBuy Cheap Valium Uk Online

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Already Heard Recommends: Idlehands

With their debut EP set to be released next month, San Diego’s Idlehands are the latest indie rock hopefuls however the ‘Common Soul’ shows the quintet as a mature, sincere band that takes great care in their craft. Tracks like ‘The Venetian Hour’ are subtly progressive and encompassed by the bandsCheap Valium For Sale

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Already Heard Recommends: This Old Ghost

Based out of Westchester, New York self-proclaimed “folk & roll” quintet This Out Ghost recently released their début full-length, ‘Family Room’ a record that draws inspiration from the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins and Good Old War and blends with warm, comforting melodies. Tracks like ‘Foreign Language’ and ‘Twenty Six’ are fullValium Sales Online Uk

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Already Heard Recommends: Calls Landing

Since forming in 2011, Leeds pop punk/emo band Calls Landing have a handful of releases under their belt and have shared the stage with Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Such Gold and Into It. Over It. The quinetet’s sound is reminiscent of their US compatriots Transit and The Wonder Years; sincere yet livelyValium Prices Online

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Already Heard Logo

Already Heard Recommends: Moose Blood

Canterbury Emo/Pop Punk revivalist Moose Blood have a simple concept; “songs about girls, coffee, knitwear and pop culture references” because that is what exactly their début EP, ‘Moving Home’ is about. In there short time together, the quartet have played alongside Sharks and Apologies, I Have None and have received praise fromBuying Valium Online Legal

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Already Heard Logo

Already Heard Recommends: Hearts & Souls

Here at Already Heard, we have high hopes for Leeds trio Hearts & Souls. Having been included in our list of 50 bands to watch in 2013 and their forthcoming début EP being warmly received late last month, then they are the perfect fit for our “Recommends” feature series. Since their formationBuy Valium Australia

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Already Heard Logo

Already Heard Recommends: ElevenEleven

Since their inception in 2009, Aberdeen Atmospheric Post-Hardcore band ElevenEleven have grown in reputation by playing throughout Scotland, including shows with Lower Than Atlantis, Flood of Red, Heights, The Elijah and Don Broco. However despite the release of their latest EP (‘Life’) last year, it hasn’t been an easy rideOrder Cheap Valium Online

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