United By Grief: Pijn

Mancunian metallers Pijn have created a family mentality to their music, bringing in contributors as and where they can.

AH’s Tim Birkbeck spoke to drummer Nick Watmough about their debut album, ‘Loss’.Read More →

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Growing Beyond the Canopies – Trash Boat

“I tend to just question my responsibilities and my decisions” Being the frontman of a band can be a difficult task. More often than not, you’re the centre of attention. The responsibility can put a weight on your shoulders. Add to that life away from your band and it canRead More →

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2000trees Festival’s 7 in 7 – The Xcerts

Although the UK festival is full of great gatherings, one of our personal favourites is the 2000trees Festival. With a history of putting the spotlight on bands from the underground alternative music scene, 2018 is no different. Taking place at Upcote Farm, near Cheltenham, 2000trees is jam-packed with impressive names.Read More →

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