About Already Heard

Already Heard is a UK-based alternative music website which offered the latest news, reviews, features, videos, exclusives and more.

The site is currently run by Sêan Reid. Before going on hiatus in September 2019, the site was run by a dedicated and honest group of music fans based all over the United Kingdom, who was passionate about promoting the very best in rock, punk, hardcore, pop-punk, emo, indie, metal and much more.

In May 2023, Already Heard returned with Sêan Reid taking complete control of the site.

From its formation in April 2012, Already Heard’s audience continued to grow monthly, both in terms of views, page visits and social media followers.

By producing engaging, original content on a daily basis, Already Heard quickly became one of the most respected and fastest-growing websites in the alternative music scene.

Demographic Info:

18 – 24: 25.74%
25 – 34: 45.39%
35 – 44: 17.53%
45 – 54: 7.91%
55 – 64: 2.55%
65+: 0.89%

Male: 78.2% | Female: 21.8%

Country: (Top 10)
United Kingdom: 46.52%
United States: 28.75%
Canada: 2.70%
Germany: 2.22%
Australia: 2.12%
South Korea: 1.26%
Philippines: 1.15%
France: 1.01%
Japan: 0.99%
Netherlands: 0.84%

Data from 1st January, 2017 to 28th November, 2018.

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