Influences: Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

With over a 100 songs to their name, you’d think it’d be difficult to know where to start with Birmingham’s Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam. However, they would probably suggest you start off with ‘Blackout Cowboy’. Released today, it sees the quintet display their admiration for US college radio albeit with aRead More →

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Playlist: MøL’s Favourite Scandinavian Bands

Denmark’s Møl release their outstanding debut album, ‘Jord’, this week.

Møl follow a long line of bands to emerge from the Scandinavian region, some of which have shaped their brand of blackened metallic shoegaze. Ahead of the release of ‘Jord’, we asked Møl to compile a playlist of their favourite Scandinavian bands.Read More →

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Released This Week (06/04/2018)

When we said that April was a busy month for releases, we weren’t joking. Just look at the list of today’s releases below. From major returns from the likes of The Wonder Years, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and Underoath to homegrown releases from Bleed From Within, Palm Reader, Halo Tora, Coldbones and Luke Rainsford, there is a tonneRead More →

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Wess Meets West

Playlist: Wess Meets West’s Post-Rock Bands You Need to Know

Over the past 13 years, New Haven, Connecticut’s Wess Meets West have gradually fine-tuned their brand of post-rock, incorporating electronica elements amongst ambient guitars and textured percussion. Their third studio full-length, ‘A Light Within The Fracture’ is released this week and continues the quartet’s trend of producing ambitious-yet-stunning, instrumental post-rock.Read More →

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Playlist: Sick Joy’s 90s Rock Favourites

On their debut EP, ‘Amateurs’, Brighton via Newcastle trio Sick Joy blend 90s grunge rock guitars with a modern day slickness. Songs such as ‘Senses’ and the previously Already Heard premiered ‘Smiling Shame’ are carried a raw, melodic undertone. Undoubtedly, the three-piece aren’t afraid to hide their influences with hintsRead More →

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