#NewMusicFriday: May 3rd 2024

#NewMusicFriday: May 3rd 2024

The first #NewMusicFriday of the month sees another wealth of albums and EP’s released.

For starters, Frank Turner delivers his 10th album, ‘Undefeated’. After a few less-than-well-received outings, Turner aims to show determination while maintaining his punk-fueled singer-songwriter persona. Likewise, P.O.D. aim to prove doubters wrong with ‘Veritas’. While there is little evolution from their tried-and-tested blend of rap-rock, alt-metal, and reggae rock, songs like ‘Afraid To Die’ and ‘Lies We Tell Ourselves’  have another heftiness to satisfy you. Elsewhere, Into It. Over It. share a collection of tracks recorded and released over the past three years.

When it comes to emerging acts, this week sees the likes of Marisa And The Moths, French pop-rockers OAKMAN, Edinburgh indie/alt-rock Daytime TV, and favourable Newcastle indie-punks Fast Blood all deliver new releases. While ‘Cold World’ by Death Lens isn’t one to be ignored.

There are also releases from Mammoth PenguinsWheelThe Karma EffectGirls In Synthesis, and more.

Into it Over It

Into It. Over It. – Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020 – 2023)

Pulling together songs from numerous splits, along with three new cuts, ‘Interesting Decisions’ sees Into It. Over It. make a welcomed return. With a revamped line-up, this is far from a hodgepodge of cuts from splits, one-offs, etc.

For starters, there’s the comforting cadence of Evan Weiss’ voice. Ever the reliable storyteller, songs like ‘A Trip Around The Sun’ and‘My Goddamn Subconscious’ quickly offer a familiarity to Weiss’ introspective, thoughtful songwriting. However, with the addition of guitarist Joe George, drummer Adam Beck, and bassist Matthew Frank, they’ve collectively expanded IIOI‘s pallet of sounds.

Whether that be the dizzying fretboard playing on ‘The Focus. The Compass. The Contract In Hand.’, the loose bounce of ‘My Goddamn Subconscious’, or the colourful dry percussion of ‘The Car’s Still Running Out Front’, there’s a unity between the quartet. It allows IIOI to add intriguing layers that go beyond Weiss’ tried-and-tested indie/emo formula. Take ‘The Captain Setting Course From Where We Met’ for example, George’s guitar goes from ringing harmonies to math-rock-like pluckiness, all the while Beck’s rapid tapping drums do their best to deter from his bandmate’s dizzying steady pacing. Elsewhere, ‘Bandelier’, one of three new songs (along with ‘A Trip Around The Sun’), is tonally warm and rich, momentarily honing in on soothing harmonies before exploding with a colourful wall of sound.

Even though this isn’t an entirely a set of new Into It. Over It. songs, ‘Interesting Decisions’ is still a worthwhile record. It’s a reminder of Weiss’ songwriting ability and is complemented by an evolving sound. It’s one that thankfully never strays too far from what we’ve come to expect from the project. Littered with subtle, intricate stylistic quips, ‘Interesting Decisions’ confidently documents how IIOI has evolved.

Death Lens 2024
Photo Credit: Robert Nuñez

Death Lens – Cold World

From starting out as a “garage party” band, Death Lens have evolved to stand up for the injustices facing minorities and immigrant communities. It’s no surprise that their Epitaph Records debut, ‘Cold World’, is a fist-pumping collection of punk-angst hardcore.

Straight out of the gate, ‘Fucked Up’ and ‘Disturb The Peace’ explodes with a free-spirited vibrancy, partly due to Bryan Torres’ fitting vocal style. From hearing the opening handful of tracks, there’s really no gimmick to Death Lens, just good modern punk songs delivered with an abundance of energy. ‘Limousine’ injects some post-punk intensity into proceedings with rigid guitars. Whereas ‘Nothing’s Forever’ considerably sounds bigger than it has any right to be, partly thanks to Tony Rangel’s drum work.

Aided by the production work of Brett Romnes (Hot Mulligan, Mom Jeans), tracks like ‘Vacant’ and ‘Memory Hotline’ take advantage sonically. On the latter, it bounces with a fuzzy groove yet never detracts from Torres’ words about missing “the good ol’ days”. ‘Cold World‘s exemplifies this further through Jhon Reyes and Matt Silva’s swirling guitars and Eduardo Contreras’s rumbling bass lines.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of lyrical substance to Death Lens. The aforementioned ‘Limousine’ takes aim at the wealthy and smug politicians. ‘Vacant’ sees Torres fight with sobriety, trying to find a purpose, and ‘Not Enough’ counters with defiance, claiming he’s “not the problem, he’s trying to solve it.”Lo Que Sera’ ends the album on a succulent, ballad-like note with sweeping strings and acoustic guitars, signalling some form of comfort for Torres and the “war inside his head”.

Death Lens‘ self-loathing message doesn’t beat down the musical muscle that ‘Cold World’ provides. Their intent is to tell their story of hardship, and it’s one they achieve to do. It’s backed up by unifying melodies that considerably serve as the album’s anchor, making you come back for repeated listens.

What is out on #NewMusicFriday?

Frank Turner – Undefeated
P.O.D. – Veritas
Into It. Over It. – Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020 – 2023)
The Plot In You – Vol. 2
Marisa And The Moths – What Doesn’t Kill You
Death Lens – Cold World
Oakman – Violent Oblivion
Mammoth Penguins – Here
Daytime TV – Island
Fast Blood – Sunny Blunt
The Lemon Twigs – A Dream Is All We Know
Wheel – Charismatic Leaders
Kelly Jones – Inevitable Incredible
The Karma Effect – Promised Land
Alien Airforce – Give Pigeons The Right Of Way
Girls In Synthesis – Sublimation
Urzah – The Scorching Gaze
Return to Dust – Return to Dust
DeadAudioSaints – To Whom It May Concern…
Imperial Triumphant – Vile Luxury (Redux 1924)
Wolves Don’t Sleep – Fears & Fractures
Agriculture – Living Is East
Contention – Artillery From Heaven
Demo Division – Sunken Skin
Iridium – Mortals
The Last Element – Act I: Find Me In The Shadows
Sails Of Serenity – Eternal Echoes
Spleen – It Can(‘t) Be Worse
Through Arteries – Laughs In Depression
Urzah – The Scorching Gaze
Who They Fear – Sovereign
Raised by Owls – Vol.3: (The Satirical Verses)
Blushing – Sugarcoat
Demo Division – Sunken Skin
The Corps – Fractured Protocol
NOTSM – Only Death Brings Silence

If you think I’ve missed something or have a new album/EP/song to tell us about, tell us about it here.

If you’re looking for the latest tracks focusing on rock, punk, hardcore, metal, emo, and everything in between, then check out our ‘Newish Music’ playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.


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