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Music By Numbers: Asylums

Returning with their sophomore album, ‘Alien Human Emotions,’ Southend quartet Asylums serve up a cocktail of fuzzed-up rock and melancholy indie rock. Tied together by the band’s lyrically wise commentary on the disintegrating social and political landscape. Through smart songwriting, they take on topics such as discontent towards social mediaBuy Indian Valium

Read More »

Music By Numbers: Ondt Blod

This week, we’re talking to Norwegian melodic hardcore band, Ondt Blod (literal translation of ‘Bad Blood’). Singing entirely in their native tongue, the band are set to release their second album, ’Natur’ on this Friday (March 9th). Skilfully blending together elements of hardcore, punk, and metal, Ondt Blod are aBuy Msj Valium Online Uk

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Music By Numbers: Long Distance Calling

This week, German rockers Long Distance Calling return with their fourth full-length album – ‘Boundless’. Having experimented with a vocalist on their past two albums, ‘Boundless’, sees them return to their instrumental roots. As always, it sees the quartet of bassist Jan Hoffmann, guitarist Dave Jordan, drummer Janosch Rathmer, andBuy Msj Valium Online Uk

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Music By Numbers: George Gadd

Nottingham singer-songwriter, George Gadd, is becoming more accustomed to being a solo artist. Although he hasn’t abandoned being the frontman for post-hardcore/emo upstarts Little Bribes, in recent months Gadd has put more focus on his solo project. In January, he released an EP titled ‘Better Shape’ followed by supporting theBuy Diazepam From Mexico

Read More »

Music By Numbers: Anna’s Anchor

Since launching Anna’s Anchor in 2014, Limerick native Marty Ryan has clocked in a hefty amount of miles, travelling by land, air and sea to play shows throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe and America. When he’s not been on the road or on a boat or plane, he’s beenValium Online Europe

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