Music By Numbers: Hail The Sun

Photo Credit: Michael Rex
Michael Rex
Photo Credit: Michael Rex

For almost a decade, California-based progressive-rock band, Hail The Sun, have continued to push themselves as writers and musicians. On their latest full-length, ‘Mental Knife’, the quartet considerably reach the limit of their capabilities. The end result is a record that delivers in technical prowess and sonic execution.

For vocalist and drummer Donovan Melero, ‘Mental Knife’ allows him tackle the constant need for self-improvement and his obsession with making up for lost time. Songs such as ‘Glass Half Empty’ and ‘Suffocating Syndrome’ sees him acknowledge his own imperfections and providing the strength necessary to work towards correcting them. When combined with Hail The Sun‘s dynamic instrumentation, the results are impressive.

Shane Gann is one of two guitarist who through ‘Mental Knife’ supplies a blend of attack blasts and gorgeous lines that weave effortless. With the record now a few months old and a short run of US shows supporting the inspirational the Fall of Troy, we spoke Shane to discuss music by the numbers.

1 Artist I Couldn’t Live Without…

Radiohead. Their endless experimentation and varied sounds/styles are a constant source of inspiration, and the tones they get on record are eerily perfect.

2 People I Know, That Shaped My Passion For Music…

My Dad. While in middle school and high school, his CD collection became my Intro to Music, and I absorbed it all, gleaning what knowledge and inspiration I could from Alice In Chains to Dan Fogelberg to The Cars to Oingo Boingo.

My Mom. What CDs my dad didn’t have, I got from my mom. It’s from her that I grew to love songwriting powerhouses like The Beatles, Beach Boys, and Billy Joel.

3 Songs I Wish had Written…

Total Eclipse of the Heart
Metallica – Fade to Black
Iron Maiden – The Trooper

4 Bands Everyone Should Hear…

Abandoned Pools
Billy Talent
Steely Dan, but do it without your dad breathing down your neck about it

5 Songs I Love…

Chris Walla – Unsustainable
Green Day – She
The Everly Brothers – Bye Bye Love
Between The Buried and Me – Telos
Nural – Forgive Me

6 Bands I’m Keen To Play With…

Coheed and Cambria
My Chemical Romance
The Dear Hunter
Iron Maiden
Senses Fail

7 Places I’d Love To Play…

South America
Europe (mainland)
Your mom’s house

8 Essential Tour Items…

Air Freshener
Long ass charger cable
Entertainment (video games, or download movies to watch on drives.
Frisbee for when you’re waiting for AAA
Clean socks

9 Words To Describe Your Band…
(also a potential future track listing)

1. Exposed
2. Unboring
3. Uncaged
4. Melodramatic
5. Picante
6. Energize
7. Handsome
8. Unpredictablowtorch
9. Sweat

10 Favourite Albums Of All Time… (Not In Order)

1. Iron & Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog
2. Radiohead – In Rainbows
3. Car Bomb – Meta
4. Billy Talent – I
5. The Velvet Teen – Out of the Fierce Parade
6. AC/DC – High Voltage
7. Abandoned Pools – Armed to the Teeth
8. The Album Leaf – In a Safe Place
9. AFI – All Hallows EP
10. The Mars Volta – Deloused in the Comatorium

‘Mental Knife’ by Hail The Sun is out now on Rude Records / Equal Vision Records.

Hail The Sun links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp


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