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Fives: Movements’ 5 Favourite Albums Produced by Will Yip

This Friday, Orange County alt-rockers Movements will be releasing their debut full-length. Entitled ‘Feel Something’, it sees the quartet produce an intricate record revolving around introspective lyricism, explosive and emotive choruses. Songs such as ‘Daylily’, ‘Colorblind’ and ‘Deadly Dull’ are threaded together by a timeless psychological and spiritual bond, providingValium Sales Online Uk

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Fives: Huxtable’s 5 Favourite Scottish Venues

They might only be a two-piece but Jordan Yates and Mark William Brown AKA Huxtable know how to make a statement. On their new EP, ‘Change Shape Future’, the Scottish alt-rockers deliver an adrenaline-fulled, riff-heavy onslaught with melodic hooks in equal measure. The Kilmarnock duo are longtime friends, having comeValium Prices Online

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Fives: Lights’ 5 Favourite Comic Book Characters

This week, alt-pop artist Lights returns with her fourth album; ‘Skin&Earth’. From her synthpop beginnings, this new record highlights her musical growth. ‘Savage’ is a sultry, raucous number with a fuzzy guitar riff. ‘New Fears’ highlights Lights’ vocal prowess through its atmospheric, ballad-like tone, with ‘Giants’ suitably carrying itself withBuy Diazepam Online Canada

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