Fives: All Get Out’s 5 Favourite Every Time I Die Songs

Ever since their formation, All Get Out have crafted a flair for writing stirring indie rock songs with a sentimental emotional core. Their latest album, ‘No Bouquet’, continues their trend of writing memorable melodies alongside versatile musicianship from frontman Nathan Hussey and guitarist Kyle Samuel. Throughout the record, songs such as ‘God Damn’, ‘First Contact’, and ‘Namesake’ allow the duo to brilliantly execute a soft/loud dynamic. Undoubtedly, All Get Out specialise in creating luscious, emotive songs that worm their way into your subconsciousness.

Ahead of the full UK release of ‘No Bouquet’ this Friday, we asked All Get Out‘s Nathan Hussey to put together a “Fives” playlist on a band he admires – Every Time I Die. Considerably different to his own band, Buffalo, New York’s ETID have become key players in the hardcore punk scene with an almost faultless discography in their arsenal.

I just saw ETID in Chicago and they played 20 plus songs keeping the set list in chronological order, so I’m going to do the same. It’s tough to find a deep cut when they’re all hits.


I’m fairly certain this will forever be a pinnacle of the live show. It’s absolutely brutal and everyone can sing along. They’re excellent at writing songs that include the crowd live. It never gets old and you gotta love it when Keith goes straight into the crowd for the last chorus. Big fat breakdowns were huge when this song came out and they took the whole damn cake.

The New Black

These knuckleheads put out ‘Hot Damn’ and then came back around with the sassiest song I’ve ever heard. Great melody and one hell of a hook. I always admired how they would sneak in something like big singing vocals and then pull it right back into familiarity.

No Son of Mine

This was my intro to the band, so the opening riff to me is iconic and will grab my attention at any time of day. It’s a hell of a song and even more of a monster opener to an album. It sets the entire record up for success and it just rides high the whole play through.

Fear and Trembling

I’m skipping some records here with career-defining songs so I can focus on ‘Low Teens’. The intro is absolutely terrifying. The room mics and barely turned on guitar is straight up haunting. They ease into it too so you know exactly what’s coming but even with that heads up it still drops right into your chest. Lyrically, this album is nothing shy of amazing.


Speaking of lyrics… this song rips me in two. I mean just go read along. I’d gather you never been as honest with yourself as he is in this song. On top of that. you’ve got a perfect company in the delivery of the vocals. I love the top of the register cracks and I might have teared up once or twice. Ugh, it’s unbelievable. Forever a fanboy.

‘No Bouquet’ by All Get Out is released on 30th November on Rude Records.

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