Fives: Lights’ 5 Favourite Comic Book Characters

This week, alt-pop artist Lights returns with her fourth album; ‘Skin&Earth’. From her synthpop beginnings, this new record highlights her musical growth. ‘Savage’ is a sultry, raucous number with a fuzzy guitar riff. ‘New Fears’ highlights Lights’ vocal prowess through its atmospheric, ballad-like tone, with ‘Giants’ suitably carrying itself with a monsterous hook.

However, ‘Skin&Earth’ isn’t just your normal record. Lights considers it a project and has used her creative nous to write and illustrate an accompanying comic book series. Launched this past May, the monthly chapter develops an immersive world that links directly to the songs on ‘Skin&Earth’.

“I feel my whole life has lead up to a project like this,” says the red-headed Canadian. “It’s a complete convergence of everything I love – music, comics, post-apocalyptic romance, crystals, wine and powerful ladies, all perfectly entwined.”

With a longtime passion for comic books, we asked Lights to choose her five favourite comic book characters.

Wonder Woman

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. She’s been the female power staple of comics since 1941. She is brave, honourable and passionate. She fights with integrity for justice, and for the people. She’s what we all wish we were.

Alana (from Saga)

She is a badass mother who literally has no idea what she is doing. She’s a bit goofy, has such a good sense of humour, but also loses her mind and freaks out sometimes. She’s 100% relatable as a mother and a regular woman stumbling through a massive and confusing and dangerous universe called life. This is one of the only comics I’ve cried in!

Effie (from Descender)

She’s not a main character from the book but I was drawn to her because she is really working to find her place in the universe. She finds her heart split between two races, so as she tries to transition into something else. She is finding herself even more of an outcast. She’s got commitment issues in certain areas, but evidently goes all in in other areas. She’s also the best computer programmer in the solar system!

Persephone (from WICDIV)

Persephone started as a fangirl and ended up a demigod, so needless to say she’s got a lot to figure out and goddamn she’s trying!

Rose (from Y: The Last Man)

Though she wasn’t necessarily a main character in this story, she left an impression on me. Her attitude and her eye patch really set me off, plus she is a detonation specialist.

‘Skin&Earth’ by Lights is released on 22nd September on Warner Bros. Records.

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Photo Credit: Matt Barnes


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