Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit you’re wrong. When ‘Lies We Tell Ourselves’, the latest single from P.O.D., arrived in my inbox last week, I expected another blast of hard rap-rock. However, when ‘Lies We Tell Ourselves’ started to play on the #NewishMusic playlist, I had to make sure I was hearing the same band that gave us ‘Youth of the Nation’, ‘Alive’ and ‘Boom’.

Led by Sonny Sandoval’s sincere words, the track is a punchy slice of hard rock with choppy guitars that absolutely thrives in its anthemic chorus. After 30 years together, P.O.D. are clearly capable of surprising us, and proving their doubters wrong.

“As hate is to love, death is to life, lies is to VERITAS (truth). This song resonates the struggle and hope which keeps us from truly believing that the ‘lies within ourselves’ become a reality. Our struggle. Our truth,” says P.O.D. guitarist Marcos Curiel. Whereas Sandoval states “Everybody lies to themselves! Just don’t believe it.”

With bassist Traa Daniels completing the current incarnation of P.O.D., the San Diego have been delivering their range of rap-rock, alt-metal, and reggae rock for over thirty years. ‘Lies We Tell Ourselves’ is the latest offering from their upcoming eleventh album – ‘Veritas’. Due for release on May 3rd, the record promises to see the trio “go back to basics”. This was demonstrated with previous singles ‘Drop’ andAfraid To Die’. Executed with urgency and fire, the former saw a vicious cameo from Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe. Whereas Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer lent her vocal talents on ‘Afraid To Die’.  Additionally‘I Won’t Bow Down’ served as another blast of P.O.D.‘s heaviness.

“This will most likely be one of my favourite P.O.D. records,” says Daniels on ‘Veritas’. “There are some songs on this record that are so different from one another, but still have that P.O.D. So Cal flavour.”

1. Drop (Feat. Randy Blythe)
2. I Got That
3. Afraid to Die (Feat. Tatiana Shmayluk)
4. Dead Right
5. Breaking
6. Lay Me Down (Roo’s Song)
7. I Won’t Bow Down
8. This Is My Life (Feat. Cove Reber)
9. Lies We Tell Ourselves
10. We Are One (Our Struggle)
11. Feeling Strange

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‘Veritas’ by P.O.D. is released on May 3rd, 2024 on Mascot Records.

Find P.O.D. on: Facebook | X (Formerly Twitter) | Instagram | TikTok | Spotify | Apple Music | Website

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