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Charly Bliss
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American indie power-pop band Charly Bliss has always been a group that prides itself on having fun. However, the cycle around 2019’s ‘Young Enough’ left them burnt out, partly due to their perfectionist approach. Therefore it’s no surprise when it came to writing their upcoming third album, ‘Forever’, they steadily pieced it together in their own time.  With vocalist Eva Hendricks living in Australia, and her bandmates, Sam Hendricks, Spencer Fox and Dan Shure, back in the States, its twelve tracks are threaded together with a blend of insomnia and young love.

This is showcased in the album’s lead single, ‘Nineteen’. Opening with a steady piano and Eva’s impassioned vocals, the track gradually blossoms with distant drums and atmospheric keys. The inclusion of a succulent saxophone brings richness to the glistening ballad.

Admittedly, ‘Nineteen’ is a departure from the guitar-heavy power-pop of Charly Bliss‘ early work, yet it’s considerably an organic evolution. Eva’s words have always had a sense of vulnerability, bringing lyrical sincerity to Charly Bliss‘ pop sensibilities. On ‘Nineteen’ this exposed narrative is pushed to the forefront, allowing Eva to hone in on the theme of young heartbreak,” she said on the track. “I’ll always be fascinated by love and relationships that don’t quite work and bring tsunamis of heartbreak. The further away I am from it, the kind of love that bashes you against the rocks just as often as it carries you over waves of manic joy, the easier it is to see the full scope of it. First love is crazy,”

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Here are the full details of ‘Forever’ by Charly Bliss

Chalry Blss Forever
1. Tragic
2. Calling You Out
3. Back There Now
4. Nineteen
5. In Your Bed
6. I’m Not Dead
7. How Do You Do It
8. I Don’t Know Anything
9. Here Comes The Darkness
10. Waiting For You
11. Easy To Love You
12. Last First Kiss

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‘Forever’ by Charly Bliss is released on August 16th on Lucky Number.

Find Charly Bliss on: Facebook | X (Formerly Twitter) | Instagram | TikTok | Spotify | Apple Music | | Website | Bandcamp

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