#Newish Music Playlist Update (29/01/2024)

You should know the drill by now, right? If you don’t let us fill you in. Already Heard‘s #NewishMusic Playlist, is just what you think it is – a curated playlist of the latest music to come from rock, metal, punk, hardcore, emo, and everything in between.

This week we’ve got another big update with over 70 tracks being loaded up to the playlist.

Amongst the highlights, there is:

  • Bad Omens teaming up with Poppy on ‘V.A.N.’.
  • Northlane returning with ‘Miasma’
  • Between You & Me putting their own spin on that Smash Mouth classic.
  • Alpha WolfLaura Jane Grace, Jazmin Bean, Blackout Problems, GlittererMother MotherFLOYAThe Chisel, and sleepmakeswaves are just some of the names previewing forthcoming releases with new tracks.

Here’s the full list of additions:

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Self Love’
Northlane – ‘Miasma’ (feat. Winston McCall)
Poppy and Bad Omens – ‘V.A.N.’
Neck Deep – ‘Dumbstruck Dumbf**k’
Judas Priest – ‘Crown of Horns’
Alpha Wolf – ‘Sucks 2 Suck’ feat. Ice-T
Militarie Gun – My Friends Are Having A Hard Time ft. Manchester Orchestra
Laura Jane Grace – ‘Birds Talk Too’
Bayside – ‘Castaway’
Ghost Altas – ‘Panorama Daydream’
The Home Team – ‘Brag’
Hanabie – ‘OTAKU Lovely Densetsu’
Blackout Problems – ‘Stash’
Between You & Me – ‘All Star’ (triple j Like A Version)
The Plot In You – ‘Closure’
Maggie Lindemann – ‘hostage’
Jazmin Bean – ‘You Know What You’ve Done’
Sugar Horse – ‘Sleep Paralysis Demon’
Glitterer – ‘The Same Ordinary’
Profiler – ‘Operator’
Carpark – ‘Happy On Mars’
Mannequin Death Squad – ‘Everybody’s Movin”
sleepmakeswaves – ‘Super Realm Park’
Mother Mother – ‘Nobody Escapes’
Floya – ‘Lights Out’
Swarm6ix – ‘Lipstick’
Exist Immortal – ‘Play Pretend’
Half Me – ‘Quitter Talk’
Divided – ‘Cinder’
Tenside – ‘Pretty Lonesome’
Nonexister – ‘Where Does Your Mind Go’
Amongst Liars – ‘Alibi’
The Chisel – ‘Bloodsucker’
Scott Stapp – ‘Deadman’s Trigger’
DEFECTS – ‘Lockdown’
Kris Barras Band – ‘Landslide’ (piano version)
Oakman – ‘Proper Attitude’
Athletics – ‘When to Run’
Attendant – ‘Chimera’
Doro – ‘The Four Horsemen’
Ministry – ‘B.D.E.’
CNTS – ‘Smart Mouth’
DOOL – ‘Hermagorgon’
The Gems – ‘Fruits Of My Labor’
Lives Lost – ‘Champagne’
Waves in Autumn – ‘Wintergaze’
Comastatic – ‘Como’
Alleviate – ‘Trying to Survive’
Eyes Wide Open – ‘Watch You Bleed’
Words of Farewell – ‘Stories To Forget’
The Throwaway Scene – Bury Me’
InDevth – ‘Nothing Left’
Missiles – ‘Dead Summer Moon’
Drunk Mums – ‘Livin’ At Night’
Pillow Queens – ‘Gone’
The Menstrual Cramps – ‘Abortion’
Venus Grrrls – ‘Divine’
The Oozes – ‘Ultrasound’
Rory Ryan – ‘Contently Miserable’
Utopia – ‘Shame’
Samsara – ‘Piece of Me’
Standards – ‘Cosmos’
The Promised End – ‘Everything Is War’
Cadet Carter – ‘Let It Go’
Black Smoke Trigger – ‘Perfect Torture’
Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – ‘Take The Long Way’
Scooped Up – ‘Joyride’
Bristol To Memory – ‘Hello Anxious’
Freehowling – ‘Far Beyond The Rain’
MKNLY & Gold Steps – ‘The Terminal’
Blowfuse – ‘Wish’
’92 – ‘Above The Law’


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