#Newish Music Update (25/03/2024)

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The past seven days have once again seen our #Newish Music Update be loaded up with an abundance of fresh tracks.

Some of the highlights over the past seven days include:

  • Pearl JamAaron West and The Roaring Twenties, The Ghost Inside, Say Anything, One Step Closer, Cloud NothingsP.O.D.CassyetteFriday Pilots Club, Indoor Pets, Aerial Salad, and Take Offense are among the names who have previewed forthcoming releases with new tracks.
  • The Story So FarPallbearerJaws The Shark, and earthtone9, shared plans for new albums by dropping new tracks.
  • Heavy Florida five-piece Wage War, hardcore bruisers Kublai Khan TX, French mob The Amsterdam Red Light District, genre-bending post-hardcore mainstays Thousand Below, and UK progressive metal band Esoterica all returned with standalone singles.
  • Up-and-coming names Suasion, Venus GrrrlsSwarm6ixViolet Dusk, and Magazine Beach showcased their potential by delivering new tracks.

Here’s the full list of additions:

The Story So Far – ‘Letterman’
Pearl Jam – ‘Running’
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties – ‘Whiplash’
The Dirty Nil – ‘Am I The Menace?’
Hot Mulligan – ‘Stickers of Brian’
The Ghost Inside – ‘Split’
Say Anything – ‘I, Vibrator’
One Step Closer – ‘Giant’s Despair’
Cassyette – ‘When She Told Me’
Wage War – ‘Magnetic’
Kublai Khan TX – ‘Low Tech’
Cloud Nothings – ‘I’d Get Along’
Cassyette – ‘When She Told Me’
Belmont – ‘Dark Paradise’
P.O.D. – ‘Lies We Tell Ourselves’
Weatherstate – ‘Burnout’
earthtone9 – ‘Oceanic Drift’
Pallbearer – ‘Where The Light Fades’
The Home Team – ‘hell’
Letters Sent Home – ‘Final Battle’
Interlaker – ‘Wishes’
Daughtry – ‘Pieces’
Blackbriar – ‘Moonflower’
Jaws The Shark – ‘California’
Amongst Liars – ‘You Are Not a Slave’
Awake The Dreamer – ‘Broken Home’
Athletics – ‘Where To Hide’
Indoor Pets – ‘Dopamine Girls’
Venus Grrrls – ‘Bloodsick’
Aerial Salad – ‘Chances’
A. Swayze & The Ghosts – ‘Cool Cucumber’
Magazine Beach – ‘Vacuum’ / ‘Turnaround’
Suasion – ‘Enemy’
The Amsterdam Red Light District – ‘Black Smoke’
Friday Pilots Club – ‘We Don’t Wanna Talk’
Thousand Below -‘SHAKE’
SOCK – ‘Porch Club’
Battlesnake – ‘Alpha & Omega’
Esoterica – ‘Firefly’
Black Smoke Trigger – ‘K.M.T.L.’
Visions of Atlantis – ‘Armada’
So Totally – ‘Doz Roses’
Bodega – ‘Cultural Consumer III’
The Pleasure Dome – ‘The Duke Part II (Friends and Enemies)’
Swarm6ix – ‘TOX(sick)’
Violet Dusk – ‘Live Again’
Chief State – ‘Metaphors’
Atomic Life – ‘Incense and Aires’
Couch Slut – ‘The Donkey’
Take Offense – ‘Assassination’
Illusence – ‘Regrets’
Old Neon – ‘Keep Your Misery’
Unleash The Archers – ‘Ghosts In The Mist’
Daiistar – ‘Clear


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