#Newish Music Playlist Update (04/03/2024)

NewishMusic 04/03/2024

It’s safe to say that the past week has been very busy with over 70 tracks being added to our  #Newish Music Playlist. There’s simply too much to highlight.

Here’s the full list of additions:

twenty one pilots – ‘Overcompensate’
Knocked Loose – ‘Blinding Faith’
Bob Vylan – ‘Makes Me Violent’
Alien Ant Farm – ‘Fade’
Set It Off – ‘Fake Ass Friends’
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties – ‘Alone At St Luke’s’
Born of Osiris – ‘Mind Short Circuiting’
Lake Malice – ‘Eternal December’
Ho99o9 – ‘A Machine Of’
Thornhill – ‘Obsession’
Hell Is For Heroes – ‘If Your Heart Will Answer’
Fangclub – ‘Attention’
Himalayas – ‘V.O.V’
One Step Closer – ‘Leap Years’
LostAlone – ‘All At Once’
Kid Kapichi – ‘Zombie Nation’
Kid Brunswick – ‘Collide’
Halflives – ‘jealous.’
Martha – ‘A Praise Chorus’ / ‘Crush’
unpeople – ‘waste’
Phem and Waterparks – ‘Cheerleader’
Belmont – ‘All Bite’
Cage The Elephant – ‘Out Loud’
Les Savy Fav – ‘Guzzle Blood’
Venues – ‘Godspeed, Goodbye’
CLT DRP – ‘Until You Showed Me’
Cloud Nothings – ‘Running Through The Campus’
Attila – ‘Timebomb’
Slaughter To Prevail – ‘Conflict’
ENSLAVED – ‘Congelia’ (ft. Jo Quail)
Defocus – ‘don’t let it hurt me’
Blind Channel – ‘XOXO’
INDEVTH – ‘Drowning’
Oakman – ‘I Wish Myself To Be Happier’
Charming Liars – ‘Where I End & You Begin’
Another Now – ‘HEX’
Dead Pony – ‘Rainbows’
Cory Wells – ‘Natural Disaster’
Avralize – ‘Overdose’
Aniimalia – ‘Puppeteer’
Noisy – ‘All of U’
Hunter Oliveri – ‘Stranger’
ACCEPT – ‘Humanoid’
Cabal – ‘If I Hang, Let Me Swing (John Cxnnor Rework)’
Danko Jones – ‘Waiting For You’
The K’s – ‘Black And Blue’
Wild Spelks – ‘Take It From A Friend’
Alien Airforce – ‘Good Luck World (I Think You’re Going To Need It)’
Burn Down Eden – ‘Reap The Apocalypse’
R.A.I.D – ‘Aftermath’
Chris Shiflett – ‘Cowboy Song’
Wheel – ‘Empire’
The Moor – ‘This River Spoke’
Pelican – ‘Adrift’ / ‘Tending The Embers’
Blockade – ‘Better Off Without’
Gold Steps – ‘Missing Out’
Fates Messenger – ‘Scars’ / Bonechapel’
Los Saints – ‘Faded’
Ghost Work – ‘Erase The Morning’
Soraia – ‘Bang Them Bones’
Dylan Disaster and the Revelry – ‘Nothingness’
Ghost Mode – ‘Euphoria’
Alberta Cross – ‘Watch Me Fall Down’
DOOL – ‘Venus in Flames’
Beyond Extinction – ‘Reverse Life Support’
Limbonauts – ‘Come 2 Where U R’
CNTS – ‘I Won’t Work For You’
Smooth Brain – ‘good 4 u’


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