#Newish Music Playlist Update (26/02/2024)

Like discovering new music? Want over 55 freshly released tracks to kickstart your week? We’ve got you sorted with #Newish Music Playlist Update!

It’s been another busy week with an abundance of new songs ranging from unearthed rock gems (thanks to Linkin Park) to sultry alt-rock, to impassioned emo to thrilling melodic metal, and everything in between.

Here’s a summary of what you can find on this week’s #Newish Music Playlist Update

  • Linkin Park have unearthed a track called ‘Friendly Fire’. Recorded during the sessions for ‘One More Light’ in 2017, it’ll be included in a singles collection titled ‘Papercuts’, released on April 12th.
  •  NWOBHM legends Judas Priest are among those who drip-feed forthcoming releases with a new track. Sum 41BaysideFrank TurnerERRAMastiff, Aerial Salad, and Perpetua have also previewed new material.
  • Aussie pop-punks Between You & Me, Microwave, Merseyside alt-rockers The Mysterines, symphonic metallers Apocalyptica, along with Swim Deep, Take Offense, Murder Club, Shrapnel, and Daytime TV announced new releases by sharing fresh tracks.
  • When it comes to standalone singles, you can hear new music from The Wonder Years, Canadian rocker LØLØ, death metal specialists Gatecreeper, Irish indie rockers Cardinals, along with Reece Young, and For When You Can’t Breathe.

Here’s the full list of additions:

Linkin Park – ‘Friendly Fire’
Sum 41 – ‘Waiting On A Twist Of Fate’
The Wonder Years – ‘Year of the Vulture’
Judas Priest – ‘The Serpent And The King’
Between You & Me – ‘In The Middle’
Microwave – ‘Bored of Being Sad’
Bayside – ‘The Devils’
Frank Turner – ‘Girl From The Record Shop’
Shoreline – ‘Darius’
The Word Alive – ‘Rise (Redux)’
Darkest Hour – ‘One With The Void’
ERRA – ‘Blue Reverie’
Lil Lotus – ‘Blame Me For Everything (Acoustic)’
LØLØ – ‘poser’
I Don’t Know How They Found Me – ‘Downside’
The Struts – ‘Heaven’s Got Nothing On You’
Gen and the Degenerates – ‘Girls’
The Mysterines – ‘Stray’
Swim Deep – ‘How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas?’
Barely Civil – ‘Not Fine’
Mastiff – ‘Void’
Gatecreeper – ‘Caught In The Treads’
Amaranthe – ‘The Catalyst’
Alcest – ‘L’Envol’
Apocalyptica – ‘The Four Horsemen’
TheCityIsOurs – ‘In The Dark’
Brave Liason – ‘Swallowed’
Shrapnel – ‘Amber Screams’
ten56. – ‘Good Morning’
Zetra – ‘Burn’
Aerial Salad – ‘Tied To Pieces Of Paper’
Lowlives – ‘Loser’
Major Moment – ‘VICTIM’
Attendant – ‘Patriot Parade’
Dose of Adolescence – ‘I’m Rad, You’re Rad, It’s Been Fun’
Black Smoke Trigger – ‘Proof Of Life’
The Cruel Knives – ‘Itchy Trigger Finger’
Murder Club – ‘Shots?!’
Daytime TV – ‘Fear’
Perpetua – ‘The Hell It Brings’
Take Offense – ‘Greetings From Below’
BODEGA – ‘City Is Taken’
Cardinals – ‘Unreal’
Reece Young – ‘LOW’
Drahla – ‘Second Rhythm’
RELIQA – ‘Terminal’
Couch Slut – ‘Ode to Jimbo’
For When You Can’t Breathe – ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Friends
Grumpster – ‘Wither’
Atomic Life – ‘Hit Me First’
Blossom – ‘Warm Stay’
Glimmer – ‘Buried’ / ‘Daydream’
Waterlines – ‘BRACE.’
Trashed Ambulance – ‘Kentwood’
Chief State – ‘Living Out A Lie’
F.O.D. – ‘Living In A Mad Mad World’
Seven Cities Dead – ‘Take This To My Grave’
Seán R. McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows – Hairband
Pollyanna Blue – Strong Enough

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