Attendant Announce Debut Album (‘State of Disarray’)

Photo Credit: Dave Parker

Genre-bending alt-rockers Attendant have revealed details of their debut album. The London-based trio will release ‘State of Disarray’. The ambitious 10-track collection is described as “a rock soap opera set in a collapsing society.” 

Attendant vocalist Andy Walker expands on the record’s concept, explaining “it begins with an invitation into the dysfunctional community and ends in nuclear Armageddon. Each song is a subplot, featuring a cast of mostly unpleasant people. The lyrics lampoon these characters in protest at the societal ills they represent.”

Joined by drummer Guy Davis (formerly of Reuben) and bassist Sean Shreeve, Walker takes inspiration from a range of media beyond alt-rock, including commercial pop, film scores, video game soundtracks, and TV adverts. The result of this is a set of satirical tales filled with lyrical wit and strong hooks.

Attendant - State of Disarray

1. State of Disarray
2. Patriot Parade
3. Chimera
4. I, Luddite
5. Blackball
6. Margarita and the Kiss of Death
7. Schadenfreude
8. Earworm
9. The Last Act
10. Mortal Coil

Hear Attendant’s New Single – ‘Patriot Parade’

As a preview of what’s to come from ‘State of Disarray’Attendant have shared a new track called ‘Patriot Parade’.

Blending elements of punk, alternative rock and brit-pop, the bass-led track plods along steadily, gradually leading to a radiant, melodic payoff.

For Attendant, it exemplifies their musical growth. “We started out in 2020 as kind of a grunge band, but Patriot Parade sees us breaking out of genre labels and generally taking ourselves less seriously. We’re making the kind of music we want to make. It’s much more fun that way”, explains Walker.


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