#NewMusicFriday (March 8th 2024)

#newishmusic March 8th

March rolls on with this week’s #NewMusicFriday is led by the return of Judas Priest. Their nineteenth full-length, ‘Invincible Shield’, seemingly shows that despite going at it for the best part of 50 years, they’ve not lost a step in their ageing heavy metal bones.

Elsewhere, Mayday Parade delivers a set of lo-fi variations of fan favourites, and internet misfit NOAHFINNCE aims to branch out with their debut album. and Nothing celebrates the 10th anniversary of ‘Guilty of Everything‘.

Today’s other noteworthy releases come from alt-pop/rock singer Maggie Lindemann, Scottish atmospheric trio Midas Fall, and transatlantic metallers Kill The Lights. While German duo Floya (ex ALAZKA and Time, The Valuator) debut with ‘Yume’, a record that blends the anthemic rock of U2 with the glossy pop-rock of The 1975.

Finally, post-hardcore band Too Close To Touch honours the memory of late vocalist Keaton Pierce with their last album – ‘For Keeps’.


NOAHFINNCE – Growing Up On The Internet

From posting covers on YouTube, finding comfort in online communities, to transitioning into an emerging rock star, the title of NOAHFINNCE‘s debut full-length is certainly fitting. Having previously comfortably revelled in a pop-punk mould, this 11-track outing allows him to show more of his personality.

Although he still stylistically sits alongside Yungbluds and MGKs of the world, NOAHFINNCE (Noah Finn Adams) is far from a carbon copy. Throughout there are subtle musical twists, varying in results, that paint Adams as someone willing to push themselves. ‘I Know Better’ flirts with a gritty punk sound that is never quite realised, although Adams’ snarling distorted vocals are delivered with conviction. ‘Alexithymia’ leans into the straight-up catchy pop-punk mould, only to be broken up by a quirky restaurant menu skit (anyone for “self-doubt trout”?) Whereas ‘Kinda Love It’ is a swirling, fuzzy ball of hyperactivity.

Primarily, Noah’s strong point is his ability to deliver boisterous hooks. Tracks such as ‘Scumbag’ (with its irritating “ooh ohh”s), the arena emo-rock of ‘Subtitles’, and the infectious ‘3 Day Headache’ exemplify this.

Diagnosed with ADHD and autism combined with his sexuality as a queer transgender man, NOAHFINNCE and ‘Growing Up On The Internet’ is an honest insight into a young (but relevant) artist trying to find his place and purpose, not just as a musician but as a person. His diagnosis, and experiences with transphobia and mental health, give Adams a sense of authenticity, which can often be clouded by the vibrant sounds he offers. Nevertheless, having garnered an audience, both online and offline, ‘Growing Up On The Internet’ just about plants a few seeds for NOAHFINNCE to grow.

Midas Fall
Photo Credit: Stephen Alexander

Midas Fall – Cold Waves Divide Us

On their fifth album, ‘Cold Waves Divide Us’, Scottish post-rock/alt metallers Midas Fall become a trio with Michael Hamilton joining founding members Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn. Collectively they’ve produced a majestic album that ebbs and flows with grace.

Hamilton’s presence, primarily on bass, instantly pays off with the foreboding opening of ‘In the Morning We’ll Be Someone Else’. Heaton’s towering voice soars against escalating guitars and low-end drums. It segues into the textured richness of ‘I Am Wrong’.

 ‘Salt’ floats with radiance, leaning into the trio’s post-rock tendencies with comfort. When paired with ‘In This Avalanche’, the fragility of Midas Fall‘s music comes to the forefront. Distant, yet impactful, drums complement the sweeping strings and Heaton’s gorgeous vocals. Moments like these are countered by the urgency of ‘Point of Diminishing Return’.

However, Midas Fall‘s flair for taking a spacious approach is what makes ‘Cold Waves Divide Us’ a captivating album. Whether that’s on the serene minimalism of ‘Atrophy’ or ‘Little Wooden Boxes’, or the ability to gently draw you in, before delivering an atmospheric wall of noise like on the title track. Sure, it’s dramatic and requires patience yet if you give it, you’ll soon allow the record to cloud you in fragile comfort.

What is out on #NewMusicFriday?

Judas Priest – Invincible Shield
Mayday Parade – Mayday Parade Lofi
NOAHFINNCE – Growing Up On The Internet
Nothing – Guilty Of Everything (10th anniversary) (Bandcamp)
Maggie Lindemann – HEADSPLIT
Midas Fall – Cold Waves Divide Us
Floya – Yume
Kill The Lights – Death Melodies
Too Close To Touch – For Keeps
The Nightmares – From Above (Remix EP)
Ghost Work – Light a Candle for the Lonely
The Wind Covenant – Hiraeth
Kelevra – Oneiric
Drunk Mums – Beer Baby
Nick Johnston – Child of Bliss
No Worth Of Man – What’s Your Damage?
Myrath – Karma
Makari – Wave Machine
Kollapse – AR
Before The Dawn – Archaic Flame
Charles Moothart – Black Holes Don’t Choke
A Blur Within – Distance From Self
Ancient Teeth – Humanizer
Bite The Hand Brutal By Design
Breathe Carolina – Rain Drops
EverChanger – Exterminatus
Grayscale Season – Feel Something New
Love Rarely – Lonely People
Parkwood – Blue Devil
Sienna Skies Only Change Is Permanent
TKTWA – Eukaryotic
Xhale – First Breath
The End Machine – The Quantum Phase

If you think I’ve missed something or have a new album/EP/song to tell us about, tell us about it here.

If you’re looking for the latest tracks focusing on rock, punk, hardcore, metal, emo, and everything in between, then check out our ‘Newish Music’ playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.


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