#Newish Music Playlist Update (12/02/2024)

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Our #Newish Music Playlist continues to thrive with an abundance of fresh tracks being added every week.

This week we’ve loaded almost 60 tracks to the playlist. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The likes of The Ghost InsideCapstanSlayer‘s Kerry KingRoyal Republic, Belmont, and Cold Years announced upcoming albums by sharing new tracks.
  • FeederFrank Turner, Incubus, Crawlers, Timelost, Marisa And The MothsCory Wells, and El Moono, all continued to preview impending releases.
  • Vital teen sensation Harper prepares for her Download Festival debut with ‘I Hope You Choke’.
  • Intriguing Doom Trap artist Mimi Barks prepares for a busy year as she shared ‘FSU’, the first track from her upcoming debut album (‘This Is Doom Trap’).
  • For those wanting something heavy, there are tracks from In FlamesLike Moths to Flames, Kill The Lights, Imminence, Poolside at the Flamingo, OCEANS, and AVRALIZE.

Here’s the full list of additions:

The Ghost Inside – ‘Wash It Away’
Feeder – ‘Lost In the Wilderness’
Frank Turner – ‘Do One’
Incubus – ‘Echo’ (re-imagined)
Imminence – ‘Continuum’
Kerry King – ‘Idle Hands’
In Flames – ‘Become One’
Telltale – ‘EDDY’
Capstan – ‘Misery Scene’
The Struts – ‘How Can I Love You (Without Breaking Your Heart)’
Crawlers – ‘Golden Bridge’
Royal Republic – ‘Lovecop’
Marisa And The Moths – ‘Sad’
Timelost – ‘Wet J’
Harper – ‘I Hope You Choke’
Eidola – ‘No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper’
Kill The Lights – ‘Sleep With The Devil’
OCEANS – ‘Slaves To The Feed’
The Wind Covenant – ‘Beyond The Mortal Sight’
AVRALIZE – ‘Higher’
Higher Power – ‘Absolute Bloom’
Mimi Barks – ‘FSU’
Like Moths to Flames – ‘Angels Weep’ / ‘Paradigm Trigger’
Bloom – ‘Siren Song’
Belmont – ‘Liminal’
Cold Years – ‘Roll With It’
Enslaved – ‘Forest Dweller (feat. Jo Quail) [Alternate Version]’
Gouge Away – ‘Dallas’
Les Savy Fav – ‘Legendary Tippers’
El Moono – ‘The Charm’
BO NINGEN – ‘The Climbing’
Ace Frehley – ‘Walkin’ On The Moon’
Cory Wells – ‘Hopeless’
CLOBBER – ‘Council Estate of Mind’
crushed – ‘milksugar (DJ Python Remix)’
Poolside at the Flamingo – ‘Accabadora’
The Lemon Twigs – ‘They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place’
Imperial Wax – ‘No Control’
Melvins – ‘Working the Ditch’
Pissed Jeans – ‘Sixty-T’wo Thousand Dollars in Debt’
Battlesnake – ‘Motorsteeple’
The Wytches – ‘Unsure’
thrown – ‘Backfire’
Ways. – ‘World Worn Out’
The Rolling People – ‘I’ll Be There’
Amigo the Devil – ‘Once Upon a Time at Texaco pt. 1’
My Dying Bride – ‘Thornwyck Hymn’
Cuties – ‘Often’
Cobra Man – ‘Bad Feeling’
Artificial Language – ‘Skinwalker’
The Lovely Eggs – ‘My Mood Wave’
Fire Sale – ‘The Albatross’
Clozure – ‘The Devil Effect’
Odds of an Afterthought – ‘Whispers in the Wind’
Dean Wallace & The Black Flames – ‘Jack The Ripper’
So Totally – ‘Distinct Star’
Totally Slow – ‘Future Burns’


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