Sylar: Playing By Their Own Rules

“Whether someone likes our songs or not, I love it when people know that its Sylar.”

Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso talks to Already Heard about their new album – ‘Seasons’.


Underøath – Revamped & Functioning

Ahead of making their Reading Festival debut last month, we spoke to Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie and lead singer Spencer Chamberlain about ‘Erase Me’, abandoning their Christian values and more.


SWMRS – Awakened Ambition

“We want to catch people off guard”

As SWMRS returned to the UK at Reading Festival, Ffion Riordan-Jones spoke to Cole and Max Becker about ‘Berkeley’s On Fire’ and more.

Staying Pissed – Like Pacific

“I feel like ‘In Spite Of Me’ is a really accurate representation of us through music.”

Toronto’s Like Pacific aren’t affected by “second album syndrome” as guitarist Greg Hall tells us.


Evolving Identity – WSTR

With their second album, ‘Identity Crisis’, WSTR have found their feet.

We spoke to the band to find out more.


Rooted in Repulsion – Sinsaenum

“With Sinsaenum, I want it to be raw and dirty and disgusting”

Frédéric Leclercq discusses the making of Sinsaenum’s second album, ‘Repulsion for Humanity’, and how he wants to take death metal back to its origins.

Slam Dunk Bites: Templeton Pek

After a decade of playing with a host of names from punk rock’s elite, Templeton Pek are set to make their full Slam Dunk debut.

Slam Dunk Bites: Dream State

South Wales quintet Dream State are set to go from strength to strength as they prepare for a very busy summer with a new EP in their arsenal.

Slam Dunk Bites: Chapel

Indie-pop newcomers Chapel are set to make their Slam Dunk Fest debut later this month. We spoke to them to find out.

Slam Dunk Bites: WOES

With a new EP, Scottish quartet WOES look to add to Slam Dunk Festival’s pop-punk history.

Survival Alarm – As Sirens Fall

Following the release of their second EP, As Sirens Fall talks in-depth about its creation, its delay and the ongoing stigma around mental illness.

Voices for Change: In-depth with Great Weights

Great Weights are a band that reflect what society should be like in 2018.

They’re a group pushing for change and making powerful statements while doing so, using their voice to champion those without.

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