Welcome to the Whimsical World of Black Futures

Photo Credit: Rob Blackham /
Photo Credit: Rob Blackham /

With their Reading set containing inflatable unicorns with a dystopian flare, meeting Black Futures was an equally unique experience where I got a mere glimpse into of their mysterious world. On the surface, the duo are an amalgamation of industrial electro, but with their Expedition Club in tow (a club of followers sporting white hazmat suits, sunglasses and face masks), they appear to offer so much more than just the explosive music they produce.

As the Club playfully scurried around the press tent, Black Futures’ presence couldn’t be ignored. I was welcomed into the circle, it became clear that they thrived off of the sense of inclusion, “Now we have met you, this moment is now infinite. You are now welcomed into the club”, as the duo smiled at each other and the faceless members remained in silence.

After their debut single of ‘Karma Ya Dig?!’ in 2017, their own-brand of innovative rock has been startling all corners of the globe as they have toured extensively, from Tokyo to Joshua Tree. When discussing what inspires their set, they stayed elusive, “We shared some energy that can be pretty beautiful. I was in awe,” where it can be confirmed the crowd were simultaneously awe of them.  They showcased thrilling futurism underpinned by fuzz driven guitar as paired with expansive synth illustrated their contemporary style.

The community that Black Futures create is one of visual impact, where rooted at the core of the collective is the ability to embrace escapism, “It’s for the people who want to get lost, who want to look out into the world a little more and experience life to the maximum,” they tell us. With new music on the horizon, their inspiration is unsurprisingly as boundless as expected, ranging from “Everything in existence, all of it,” to “We like stars, we love flowers; a lot of flowers.”

In the whirlwind five minutes of invitation into the world of Black Futures, their musical quest remains an enigma. The intrigue that surrounds Black Futures is extremely alluring. It appears that they persist in not outwardly, divulging where they hope their journey may take them, but the desire for those who do wonder, to join their voyage into the future.

‘Expedition 001’ EP by Black Futures is set for limited vinyl release on 5th October.

Black Futures links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Words by Ffion Riordan-Jones (@FfionAbigail_)


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