Podcast Interview: Brutus

Ever since emerging with their debut album, Brutus’ status has grown to become one of heavy music’s most exciting bands.

We spoke to the band about the overwhelming reaction to ‘Nest’ and the pressure of making a second record.

Jamie Lenman: Fundamentally Mixing It Up

Despite releasing a unique covers album, we learn Jamie Lenman is firmly a traditionalist when it comes to the album format.

Already Heard caught up with him to discuss ‘Shuffle’ in detail.

Dream State: Connecting Through Honesty

With work on their much anticipated debut album complete, we caught up with CJ and Rhys to find out what to expect from it, their close-knit relationship with fans and more.

Interview: Koji

Already Heard writer and Just an Insight Podcast host Tim Birkbeck recently went to the Komedia studio bar in Brighton to catch up with singer/songwriter Koji.


United By Grief: Pijn

Mancunian metallers Pijn have created a family mentality to their music, bringing in contributors as and where they can.

AH’s Tim Birkbeck spoke to drummer Nick Watmough about their debut album, ‘Loss’.


Coming Into Their Own: Normandie

With their second album, ‘White Flag’, Swedish rockers Normandie “writing hopeful rock music with a purpose”.

We spoke to frontman Philip Strand to find out more.


Sylar: Playing By Their Own Rules

“Whether someone likes our songs or not, I love it when people know that its Sylar.”

Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso talks to Already Heard about their new album – ‘Seasons’.


Underøath – Revamped & Functioning

Ahead of making their Reading Festival debut last month, we spoke to Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie and lead singer Spencer Chamberlain about ‘Erase Me’, abandoning their Christian values and more.

Survival Alarm – As Sirens Fall

Following the release of their second EP, As Sirens Fall talks in-depth about its creation, its delay and the ongoing stigma around mental illness.

Voices for Change: In-depth with Great Weights

Great Weights are a band that reflect what society should be like in 2018.

They’re a group pushing for change and making powerful statements while doing so, using their voice to champion those without.

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