Interview: Deez Nuts

With their latest album, ‘Word Is Bond’ out this week, Deez Nuts are embarking on a busy few months and are currently touring the UK and Europe bringing their brand of urban hardcore and punk to the masses. They’re being joined by Stick To Your Guns during the run which includes 3 UK dates. The most important date of those 3 is the UK leg of the European-wide Impericon Fest.

It takes place this Monday (May 4th) at the Academy in Manchester and plays host to some of biggest and best names in underground metal and hardcore. Joining Deez Nuts for the all-dayer are headliners Suicide Silence, The Ghost Inside, and Whitechapel.

As the Aussie band prepare to arrive in Manchester, Already Heard spoke to Deez Nuts about their past Impericon Fest experiences, what fans can expect from their set, comparisons to weekend festivals and more.

AH: You’re playing Impericon Festival this year, have you played at the festival before?
Deez Nuts: Certainly have, played all the Impericon Fests last year and before it was a traveling fest and was just once a year we played it many times.

AH: How important do you think that it is these days for well known brands such as Impericon to be supporting music, especially in the form of festivals?
DN: Very important. At the end of the day if all the artists on Impericon up and left, the company would collapse. It’s important to support the artists who support them, but at the same token it’s mutually beneficial – it’s in everyone’s best interest. Also it’s dope for kids to see a diverse line up from Impericon’s catalogue.

AH: This is one of the few travelling festivals, if not the only, in both the UK and Europe; what are your thoughts on travelling festivals? Do you see it as a path that other festivals may start to follow in the next few years?
DN: I think it’s a great idea in theory, but I wouldn’t want to see this happen too much more. Traveling festivals are great if you’re on them. But if you’re not yet a big enough band to play on them, or you played last year and can’t this year, it’s almost impossible to play anywhere near the festivals that time of year. I would hate to see bands miss out on getting to tour or play certain places and times of year because they can’t compete with a monopoly.

AH: How do you think it will compare to weekend festivals that are hosted in the one location?
It’s a completely different vibe, if you picture a campout weekender type festival and say… Never Say Die, it’s somewhere in the middle of the two.

AH: There’s a different line-up at each of the 7 cities, which one(s) are you appearing at?
DN: All the best ones.

AH: For those attending the festival who may not have seen you live before, what can they expect from your performance?
DN: You can expect for best mates having the time of their lives over a few drinks. And also playing some songs if we get around to it. But for real though we’ll be playing a bunch of shit off our new album ‘Word Is Bond’ and we’re excited so make sure you plan it in to your busy schedule.. check us out!

AH: Are there any bands on the line-up that you’ve played shows with before and you’re looking forward to sharing a stage with again?
DN: In all honest almost every band on every bill of Impericon this year is our boys who we’ve toured with in great length, so it’s gonna be a huge party for sure. On and off stage haha.

AH: Are there any new bands that you’re hoping to check out?
DN: I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around The Ghost Inside… Might check them out.

AH: Finally, what does Impericon Festival mean to you?
DN: It means it’s time to answer questions like “what does Impericon Festival mean to you?” Once again!

’Word Is Bond’ by Deez Nuts is out now on Century Media Records.

Deez Nuts links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Impericon Fest UK 2015 takes place at Manchester Academy on Monday May 4th. Further information can be found here.


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