Like a lot of new bands, it takes time to figure out your sound and for Hello Future the scenario was no different. Having formed in 2012 under a different moniker, a slight line-up change and new direction has led to the quartet to have an exciting future.

Their debut single, ‘Do You Feel Alive’ combines elements of 90s American indie rock with a pop-punk-esque catchy chorus. The end product is a bright and plucky number that is youthful yet sentimental. Although it is still relatively early days for Hello Future, we’re certainly interested to hear what their forthcoming debut EP has in store.

In the mean time we spoke to guitarist/vocalist Liam McGowan to discuss the single, their influences and more.

Already Heard: Hello. Can we have your name and role in Hello Future?
Liam: Hey, My name is Liam McGowan and I play guitar and sing in Hello Future.

AH: From reading your bio, you played together under a previous name with a different sound. What was the motive for the change?
Liam: Well, it wasn’t so much that the sound had change. I mean, it has changed slightly over the year or 2, but that was just purely us as a band finding the sound we wanted to create. There are still elements of our old music in there but we have always been a band who has wanted to create the biggest sound possible. Also with our old bass player leaving and Harry joining the band. The time felt right for a clean slate, so to speak.

AH: So I guess the name ‘Hello Future’ is ideal?
Liam: I never like to put labels on our music, but the name and the sound we have seems to fit well together.

AH: From hearing your debut single, ‘Do You Feel Alive’ there seems to be a slight American indie rock influence. What bands would you name as your influences?
Liam: Haha, yeah we have heard this. It wasn’t our intention to start with but I think our influences have certainly come through in this song. Growing up we all loved and still love bands such as Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, The Used etc.

However, we are influenced by so many bands. Manchester Orchestra, Rolling Stones, The Faces, Biffy Clyro, Oasis, REM. Just to name a few.

AH: Lyrically what is the track about?
Liam: The track is about being at a point in your life where you don’t know what you want or where you are going but not to panic so much. The world is fucked up enough with all the bullshit that goes on. So it is just about being in the moment.

I guess there is a lot of people that can relate to that.

AH: I hear there is an EP in the works. In terms of sound/style, what can we expect from that?
Liam: Yeah, It is pretty much written. However we are always changing things and writing newer and better songs. So when the time comes to record, it could be completely different to what we have ready to go now. As regards to the sound and style, it will be loud and uplifting with hopefully some darker heavy parts.

AH: Even though it’s still early days, what other plans do you have lined up?
Liam: Apart from the single release and EP. We intend to release another single at the start of next year with the EP to follow. We will also be gigging a lot, with our first gig in nearly over a month next week at St Andrews for fresher’s week. And a mini-tour lined up at the end of October start of November around Scotland for 5/6 dates. So keep an eye out.

AH: Any final comments you’d like to share to finish this interview off?
Liam: Harry makes girls cry.

‘Do You Feel Alive’ by Hello Future is available now on Saraseto Records.

Hello Future links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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