If you’ve seen the video for their latest single (’T.O.W.I.C.S’), its clear that Nottingham math-rockers We Are Carnivores don’t take themselves too seriously. However their latest EP, ‘Tex-Mexiconomy’ shouldn’t be written off as some kind of comedy release. It proves to be an energetic mix of twisting riffs and catchy hooks that emphasises the bands lyrical wit. For example the aforementioned ’T.O.W.I.C.S’ takes on UK reality shows and how it takes over peoples lives and how more important issues are ignored. Whilst ‘Are We Allowed To Just Live’ showcases a more aggressive approach with vocalist Harry Christopher singing about the social divide.

We recently caught up with We Are Carnivores, who as you can see, were in good spirits and were more than willing to discuss the EP, UK reality TV shows, and more. Well sort of…

Already Heard: For starters, can you introduce yourself and your role in We Are Carnivores?
Harry: Hi my name’s Dave and I’m a bit of a jack of all Dave’s. During the day I am just your regular Dick Dave but by night I am Dick Dave Dangerman; protecting the people from danger and basically just making sure no one is worried.

Beu: All I’d say is if you were worried about it, my advice would be to just not worry about it. I’m not worried so don’t worry about it.

James: Who is Starters and why are they worried about my role in We Are Carnivores? If I had any advice it would be to just not worry about it.

Gow: Hi my name’s Dave and to be honest I’m not really worried about it.

AH: Let’s kick off with an easy one; talk us through the history of WAC so far?
WAC: We kicked it all off in Hull, it was 1 – 0 to us, brilliant, why was anybody worried? We’ve played some shows, jammed some jams and now we have some tidy jams in Nottingham, so it’s 2 – 0 if anything.

AH: Moving on to your recently previewed your new EP with a track called ’T.O.W.I.C.S’ – what is the song about?
WAC: T.O.W.I.C.S is about being immersed in mainstream pop culture and guzzling down whatever is served up, missing out on all kinds of important stuff that those smarmy political elite are bodging about without anyone noticing (TTIP). We all know and hear about Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea but what we really want to know is why is anyone worried about it?

AH: The single mentions UK reality shows Geordie shore and Made in Chelsea – are you fans of these type of shows?

Oh big time, we love MIC, TOWIE and Geordie Shore. Really gutted for Charlotte, can’t believe what that heartless Gary did to her he is just a monster and has no soul. She will be so much better off without him anyway and we hope she reads this and feels better. WE’RE WITH YOU, CHARLOTTE.

As I mentioned earlier, the song is from your new ‘Tex-Mexiconomy’ EP – what can new and old fans expect from the EP?
WAC: Our new old fans can expect some racy youth music with extra pizazz. We’ve thrown in plenty of foot-tapping rhythm and finger-clicking lines to get your new hip jiving like it’s 1945.

AH: Why should Already Heard readers go and listen to ‘Tex-Mexiconomy’?
WAC: ‘Cause they’ve not already heard it HIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMIRITE??? Nah but fo’ real though it’s a total banger full of bangers and even Woll Smoth con’t fot those chonz on hos tony moff.

AH: From seeing the video and looking at your Facebook page, you seem like a band that don’t take yourself too seriously?
WAC: Well you couldn’t be further from the truth there, Already. We take ourselves super duper serious like Bono and Bob Geldof talking serious things down serious street.

AH: You’re currently gearing up for a run of shows alongside Weatherstate – how would you describe a typical We Are Carnivores show?
WAC: We’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately to keep our minds extra crème fraîche, so a typical show at the moment is bursting full of deece vibes to keep everyone vibed. If you are thinking of coming to a show make sure you bring a yoga mat and your most deece vibes.

AH: Any plans for more shows following the EP release on November 10th?
WAC: Pretty much going to call it a day after this EP as we’re super confident its going to keep our bank accounts ticking over for awhile. We’re not worried about it.

AH: Lets talk about your hometown – Nottingham. It’s a city that is known for its rock history with plenty of venues for up and coming bands to play. What do you make of the current music scene in Nottingham?
WAC: The scene in Nottingham is extra ripped and sweet right now with some deece vibes, but mostly Nottingham is known for Robin Hood. Robin did a great job defeating that evil Alan Rickman back in the day and even got Sean Connery pretty chuffed about it. Sean Connery is a pretty big deal so I think everyone can appreciate just how much that means. We’ve got a lot of time for that.

AH: Any bands you think our readers should know about?
WAC: We’ve got a lot of time for the chaps in The Colour Line, ACODA and Midday Committee; all jizztastic bands full of the best blokes we have met.

AH: And lastly, to finish off, do you have any final comments to share with our readers?
WAC: Yeah, just don’t worry about it.

‘Tex-Mexiconomy’ EP by We Are Carnivores is out now.

We Are Carnivores links: Facebook|Twitter|YouTube|Soundcloud

Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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