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Album Review: Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Small Changes We Hardly Notice

The genres emo and post rock have always had one thing in common, they form the perfect soundtrack to one’s personal reflection. Combine the two together successfully and they give birth to something truly spectacular. Norwegian band, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, follow this equation with very little effort on their newest EP ‘Small Changes We Hardly Notice’, a beautifully crafted piece of therapeutic harmony.

The flow of this record utilises quiet humble soothing vocals with wonderfully simple guitar melodies that are lifted by an ambient atmosphere giving off a graceful grandeur. Little niches appear in each song which help to make this record progressively interesting throughout its duration; the scaling trumpet on ‘All I Remember Is Punk Rock’, the floaty dissonant backing vocals on ‘Hearts & Consequence’, or the emotive searing of the motions by the violins found on ‘Swim Team Philosopher’ are all prime examples of this innovativeness. This sound wouldn’t be complete without the slow steady drumbeat, the smooth and restrained grumbling bass and the shimmering ambiance that lull you further into a timid sense of calm.

This is a record that accomplishes everything that it sets out to do; it gives the usual post rock feel of standing on a hillside and reflecting on your life but instead of being awake and alert on such high ground, it gradually secures you and lulls you into a deep sleep that is both a soothing and relaxing therapy that filters out any troubles that maybe engulfing your whole entire life.

In conclusion, ‘Small Changes We Hardly Notice’ is a fantastic introduction to the foundations and core of this emo post rock hybrid from Oslo, Norway to the unfamiliar. If you’re looking for something to help get rid of anxious sleep patterns or long daunting car journeys, then let this band’s aura flow through your ear canal and cling onto your nerves and arteries for dear life.


‘Small Changes We Hardly NoticeYouth Pictures of Florence Henderson is out now through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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