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We are incredibly pleased to stream 'Ugly', the new EP by The Sinking Feeling. Straight out
of Glasgow, the band combine 90s emo with hints of grunge and dual male/female vocals
for a tastier treat on the ears. It’s a huge wave of 90s nostalgia from this Scottish 3 piece.
After taking a break last year, Hevy Fest is back for 2014 and even though it’s downsized
from 3 days to 2, there still loads of awesome bands on offer. With over 40 bands playing
over the 2 days, there’s bound to be some clashes. Already Heard is here to give you 10
must-see bands to see at Hevy Fest next month.
Influenced by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids, Sheffield quartet O Captain have bucket loads of potential of their debut EP is anything to go from. Entitled 'Ghetto Hikes', the bands lyrical sentiment mixed with a stirring indie-pop sensibility quickly won us over. We spoke to bassist Ryan Smith to find out more about the band, their influences, what Sheffield bands we should be listening to and more.
Ww've got reviews and a whole load of live photos from UK Tech Fest 2014.
Having reached over the half way mark, July is a good time to reflect upon the smorgasbord
of great albums that have come out so far this year. Read on to find out what the Already Heard team picked as their favourite releases of the year so far.
After 2 years away, Sonisphere makes it return to the UK. Check out our full coverage of the festival.
In the latest edition of our "Industry Insight" feature, we speak to Jake Round as his label,
Pure Noise Records, celebrates it's 5th anniversary.

Vales Announce UK Tour

Cornwall melodic hardcore group Vales have announced a UK tour in August.

This is the band’s first full UK tour since 2012 and it is in support of their debut album 'Wilt & Rise', released earlier this year on 6131 and FITA Records.

The dates are as follows:

16th Sanctuary Live, Basingstoke*
17th The Hatchet, RNS Fest, Bristol+
18th The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich+
19th The Black Heart, Camden
20th Static Bar, Swansea
21st Sound Control, Manchester
22nd Leeds Festival
24th Reading Festival
* w/ Employed to Serve
+ w/ Maths

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Live Review: Vales, Svalbard and Milk Teeth - The Old Blue Last, London - 22/06/2014

imageWaiting is a concept that we all have to endure, in various ways, places and times. This results in a consistent theme of anticipation. When coupled with patience, the results become completely worth it and paid for as the curtain of surprise drops. It has certainly been a very long time since Cornwall melodic hardcore band Vales have played home shores, almost two years in fact! By the end of this evening however, in this legendary London music venue, the phrase “worth it” rings true.

Beginning this free show are Bristol grungers Milk Teeth. This lot have been slowly but surely attracting ears to their filthily glorious 90s style sound. Tracks such as ‘Grease’ and ‘Forty Six’ prove this in a striking anthemic approach, pulling hooks from flesh and tearing them asunder. New single ‘Vitamins’ displays a perfect contrast of melodic pop and punk fuelled grit, a skill the band are bettering themselves at with every new release they churn out. The co-operation between the serene vocals of Becky Blomfield and the throated snarls by Josh Bannister lead this balance to great effect. If I’m not mistaken, I firmly believe that Milk Teeth, along with a handful of new British bands are doing the 90s style justice, more than their contemporaries in the U.S. are. Don’t believe me? Well, Bannister’s smashed up guitar seems to agree, in a metaphorical manner of speaking. (4/5)

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Gerard Way, La Dispute, We Came As Romans, and Many More Added to Reading and Leeds Festival

The organisers behind the Reading and Leeds Festival have added another 50 acts including Gerard Way (first live global performance), La Dispute, We Came As Romans, Crosses, Muncie Girls, Brutality Will Prevail, Lesser Key, The HELL, Beasts, Masked Intruder, Emily’s Army and Vales.

Reading and Leeds Festival takes place from August 22nd to 24th 2014.

The full line-up can be viewed by clicking read more.

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Milk Teeth Added to Vales’ Free London Show

Bristol grungers Milk Teeth have been announced as the opening act to Vales' upcoming one-off free show at London's Old Blue Last on the 22nd June.

Also playing the show, above them, are fellow Bristol band Svalbard.

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Vales Announce Free London Show

Vales have announced a free one-off show at London’s Old Blue Last on the 22nd June.

Support comes from Svalbard.

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Interview: Vales


Last month the long awaited debut full-length from Cornwall hardcore quartet Vales was finally released, and 'Wilt And Rise' was certainly worth the wait.

The cathartic collection of screamo is filled with pent up emotion being poured throughout the vocal chords of Chlo Edwards and is complimented by the textured guitar work of Ben Sullivan. The end result is an accomplished record that truly backs up the bands potential from their earlier releases.

We recently grabbed a quick word with Ben to find out why the record took so long to see the light of day. Sullivan also discussed the natural evolution of 'Wilt And Rise', working with producer Alex Estrada in LA, and more.

Already Heard: Hello, who am I speaking with and can you please tell us your role(s) in the band?
Ben: Ben Sullivan, I play guitar in Vales.

AH: Since we last spoke at Hevy Festival 2012, the band’s year has been nothing short of eventful. You’ve toured with the likes of My Iron Lung and Birds in Row, and you recorded your debut full length, 'Wilt & Rise' in Los Angeles. How does it feel to finally have the album seeing the light of day?
Ben: It’s a joy to have the album finally in the hands of people who were anxious for it, to have it take its place amongst paper sleeves and shelves and coursing through headphones…it was stuck far too long in a digital nether region.

AH: Originally it was intended for a Summer 2013 release; Is there any reason for the delay?
Ben: As we grow older, and move past the stage where we can function on little income and youthful politics, we encounter life’s obstacles that seem to pounce on us as our lives clock past the marks of 22…23…24 years old. Employment, interpersonal relationships, and dizzying life decisions throw themselves into a complex system that disregards time, friendships and personal economy. Real life got in the way, folks.

AH: The overall sound on ‘Wilt & Rise’ seems to not only build on the ideas found on 'Clarity', but also enhances them. It’s grittier, yet still holds a clinging disparity. Would you describe this as simply a natural evolution or were the ideas intentional? Or would you say it was a combination of both?
Ben: On the topic of the ideas in Wilt & Rise being intentional, I’d say positively that they were not. Vales has never written with a set goal in mind, but rather sought to find a contemporary release and flowing of ideas and structures. As to it being a natural evolution… that’s where the album’s influence can be found. A natural evolution of members finding out more about their instruments, finding out more about the sounds that we wanted to record, and finding out more about ourselves that would also draw parallels with our audience, thereby striking up something people can relate to. A further musical release that has not yet been scheduled will show Vales’ soundscape to have morphed yet again. Write for yourselves, your audience, but never for a script.

AH: Besides the obvious screamo and hardcore influences, some other ingredients can be detected. What other influences helped to develop this record’s sound? And how important/difficult is it for a band in find their originality in a scene such as this?
Ben: I would love for you to elaborate on these other influences. As authors of the music, it’s very hard to become detached from the the very ideas that have been going around in your head for over a year. It’s hard to think what other people will interpret out of your music. I would very much like to know what you hear in ‘Wilt & Rise’. In exchange, I will tell you what I hear.

I hear the collective passion of every single member of every single band we ever played with. Every note that we’ve ever heard on tour, every sore back from a hard floor we’ve ever woken up on, every mile that we have driven. All these factors shape the band like a chisel, picking away until a form is shaped - and from there the form is noted down, recorded, and released, before the chisel gets back to work and changes the form once again. In that temporary holding of form, you can find ‘Wilt & Rise’, and we would like to thank every single person that ever encountered Vales, for it is because of their influence that I speak to you now.

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Album Review: Vales - Wilt & Rise

imageIt’s been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. 'Wilt And Rise’, the debut full-length by Cornish screamo band Vales, has been one of the most hotly anticipated UK hardcore records in recent memory; the circumstances surrounding its delayed release after being recorded last year in Los Angeles are shrouded in mystery. However, even though it has come after the head of steam Vales had built for themselves has (arguably) dissipated, fans of the subsect of emotive hardcore they inhabit will find this to be another milestone in the continual progression of Vales.

The first time I heard this quartet was when a friend was playing their 'Our Enlightenment Is Dead' demo in his kitchen, a record made whilst they were still trading under their former moniker of Veils. I was taken aback by how masterfully they intertwined the worlds of anguished screamo, the textures and dynamics of post-rock and the aggressive, cathartic nature of hardcore, and even 3 years after that initial moment of discovery, there are still moments on this record that can encourage one’s jaw to become detached from one’s face. For instance, the double whammy of 'Branches' and 'White Horse', preceded by album-partitioning instrumental track 'Katrina' is highly unlikely to be bettered by a run of tracks on any hardcore album released in 2014. The tracks released prior to this record, 'Dead Wood'  and 'Scripted' are the opening gambit of ‘Wilt And Rise’, and even though in their own right they may have lacked the relentless inventiveness many hold Vales dear for, they make perfect sense in the context of the record; in the words of guitarist Ben Sullivan, they act as excerpts of “an anthology of the time the band has had together”.

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Released This Week (17/02/2014)

This weeks sees releases from the likes of We Are The In Crowd, Bayside, Issues, Vales, Above The Underground and more.

My Favorite Runner - Crossroads
I Killed the Prom Queen - Beloved
We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids (Already Heard review)
Bayside - Cult (Already Heard review)
Above The Underground - Sonder
Manhattan Coast - This One’s For You (Already Heard review)
Centiment - Streets of Rage
Vales - Wilt and Rise
Issues - Issues (Already Heard review)
Anthony Green - Young Legs

Vales Stream ‘Wilt & Rise’

Next week Vales release their new album, 'Wilt & Rise' through 6131 Records.

However the Cornwell quartet are streaming the record in full, and can be heard by clicking read more.

Fist In The Air Records will be pressing the album on vinyl in March.

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Vales Reveal Debut Album Details (‘Wilt & Rise’)

The much anticipated debut full-length from Cornwell’s Vales will be called 'Wilt & Rise' and is set to finally be released digitally on 18th February through 6131 Records.

Fist In The Air Records will be pressing the album on vinyl in March.

1. Dead Wood
2. Scripted
3. Open Arms
4. Survival
5. Katrina
6. Branches
7. White Horse
8. Respite
9. Wildfire
10. Waterfalls

Two songs from the record including a new track, 'Dead Wood' can be streamed by clicking read more.

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New Vales Song Free For Download (‘Scripted’)


Cornwall’s Vales have previewed the first song from their debut album on bandcamp. The album is due out this summer on 6131 Records.

‘Scripted’ is available to stream by clicking read more or download from Bandcamp now.

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Live Review: Birds In Row, Bastions, Vales and MINE - The Old Blue Last, London - 16/12/2012

imageOutside of the more, shall we say, “Shoreditch-friendly” events the Old Blue Last plays host to, the Pink Mist collective have created a buzz around their wonderfully crafted events, so much so that on a Sunday night in December, by the time that first band MINE take to the stage, rumour has it that it’s already got to a one-in, one-out status. For the gathered throng, the four-piece, still in their single figures of gigs, set up the evening’s entertainment nicely.

Lead vocalist Chris Barling is familiar to this audience for his former outfit, doomy hardcore band Hang The Bastard. This band aren’t a million miles removed from HTB but are more like an older, sophisticated cousin than an emulating little brother - the hard, uncompromising style is still present, but this is a more progressive stance, utilising the pedalboard to impressive effect, as swathes of guitar wash over the awestruck gathering. Building on an impressive showing on this year’s self-titled EP, MINE is a name to watch out for. (4/5)

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New Vales Music Video (‘Caves (Anxiety)’)

Cornwell’s Vales have had an extraordinary 2012, with the release of 'Clarity' and an outstanding set at the Hevy Festival the quartet have now released the music video for 'Caves (Anxiety)' which can be viewed by clicking read more.

Vales are set to record a full-length album with with producer Alex Estrada (Touché Amoré, Joyce Manor) in February.

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Birds In Row UK Shows with Vales and Bastions

Birds In Row will play three UK shows alongside Vales and Bastions in December.

14th The Croft, Bristol
15th The King Alfred Pub, Southampton
16th The Old Blue Last ,London

Feature: Southsea Fest 2012 - 10 Must-See Bands

Traditionally September would mark the end of festival season but, with the emergence of Southsea Fest and WTFest! The South Coast can enjoy another month of live music and brilliant party atmospheres. This weekend see’s Albert Road in Southsea become a true melting pot of music with 14 stages, many constructed where you’d least expect it. With so much on offer it’s too easy to only catch 10 to 15 minutes of somethings and nothing of others so a plan is necessary. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Well not to worry, because here’s a few recommendations… 

Cycle Schmeichel
Cycle Schmeichel are a two piece who formed in 2009 whose rare live shows have gained them a slightly cultish following. They play a noisy brand of indie/punk/emo and their graphics are always lovely. 

Where and When: The Fat Fox, 12.40

El Morgan
El Morgan plays country influenced folk with a captivating amount of honesty. Having caught her playing the gatehouse at Wtfest earlier this month I can confidently say that she can make even the most open environment feel intimate.  El is also one quarter of Livers And Lungs.

Where and When: One Eyed Dog, 14.05

Rex Domino
Rex Domino is the hip hop/poetry side project of Portsmouth’s Huw Olesker. Mixing social commentary with varied beats, Huw brings a youthful edge to the proceedings and gets people thinking with his street smart lyrics and sarcasm.

Where and When: magick bean cafe, 15.45

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